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October 29, 2006


John Evans

It is going to be about a very unpopular war that was based on lies. A Rubber Stamp Congress that refuses to Provide any Oversight. The Immigration Problem that could easily be fixed with stiff Employer Penalties Strictly Enforced. We are being pitted against the Cheapest Labor they Can Find. Our own companies are using networks to advertise Jobs to foriegn workers while they are laying off good paying manufacturing jobs and sending them elswhere.

John Evans

The Secret Letter From Iraq
A Marine's letter home, with its frank description of life in "Dante's inferno," has been circulating through generals' in-boxes. We publish it here with the author's approval,8599,1543658,00.html


I predict Talent will win by a claire. HA!



Go Claire!

Go Cleaver!

Talent is Bush-lite!


Did you catch the above and below the fold lead story in this mornings Star? A tear jerker of a story about some blind gal trying to become self-sufficient and all that crap. Just like the Star, to tug at the soccer moms in the burbs heart strings. Oh, I'm blind, please don't tell Rush! Next Sunday? I'm sure we'll see some crippled kid who Gov. Blunt, or some other bad republican, has taken her little crutch's away from. Baa Waaaa Waa. Why can't the poor and lame please stay out of sight? Why does the Star keep running profiles of these lesser people? You and I know that this is just a democratic ploy to get us to feel sorry for them, and then to have to pay more taxes for them. Just like them to go to You-Tube 1.3 million times to see MJ Fox, bleeding hearts. I'm glad I go to a church that doesn't allow none of "them" to attend. My preacher Jimmy told us right is right, and dems are wrong, none of that Jesus stuff about love thy neighbor, unless he lives in a 500K house.

You gotta love the irony of a bunch of Bushbots now wanting a paper trail:

Old Drum

Dickeylee, thank you for your post.

The Church of Supply-side Jesus does exist and it is not just a figment of Al Franken's comic genius. By the way, does the Church of Supply-side Jesus use another testment of Christ, the Book of Midas, that talks about how the rich are really God's chosen and working folk need to recognize that the crumbs we get from God's annointed rich are our reward for making sure the rich get richer?


A sobering number. In fiscal year 2000, our national debt was just under 20 Trillion dollars. in fiscal year 2006, which ended September 30th, it's now 42 trillion. That's $143,900.00 for every man, woman, and child in America.
Republicans used to known as the level-headed bankers, the church treasurer, but no more.
Remember Cheney, and the deficits don't matter? And guess who's holding our IOU's? China, that's who. Guess who's building 4 aircraft carriers now as we speak? We keep playing North Korea off as some loony cult, but do you think that China would let them build a bomb if they didn't want them too? Who's sitting back and watching us spill our blood and treasure in the middle-east while cashing that Wal-Mart check every month?
These Republicans are dooming us. Dooming us to the poor house, our chain being yanked by China. Rattle rattle George, rattle rattle. Your master is calling.
42 Trillion. Face it Bush is an idiot, and Talent voted with him 94% of the time.

I can't wait until February and March when I can elect John Fairfield to be my mayor!

political moderate

It is amazing that Jim Talent has any supporters in Missouri.
St Louis, where Jim lives, is regarded as the most dangerous city in America according to the FBI. What has Jim Talent done about this?

Before anyone says Meth, don't.

That legislation was pure window dressing so he could at least present something to the voters this fall. It hasn't and it won't reach into the core issues of crime and criminality that is rampant in his own community.

Jim Talent serves on the Armed Forces Committee. Where's the oversight of the Iraqi War. Today we learn the number of missing United States weapons is in the thousands. Thousands.

Our soldiers are being gunned down, yet Jim Talent can't even attend the committee meetings.


Missouri deserves a Senator who at least cares about our cities and cares about our soldiers.
Jim Talent repeatedly has PROVEN he doesn't!!!

Missouri deserves a Senator who at least cares about our cities and cares about our soldiers.

And it appears we already have one. I don't see the Veterans backing Claire?


okay PM, what has Claire done to lower crime in St. Louis?

And on a different slant, why didn't she at least look into some of the corruption in her own back yard (Jackson County) as Prosecutor or State Auditor for the last 12 years? If she can't even hold a toad like Katheryn accountable, what makes you think she has a shot at holding Bush and the Reupublicans accountable?

Because Claire is a rubber stamp John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, & Teddy Kennedy is why.

Even the FBI hasn't managed to nail Shields:

Documents Show Shields Target Of Federal Bribery Probe

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Jackson County Executive Katheryn Shields was the target of a federal bribery investigation -- the same probe that handed down an indictment for lobbyist Bill Waris, KMBC's Micheal Mahoney reported.

Since 2004, Shields has been the target of an FBI corruption probe, according to a set of motions filed for Waris, who is accused of lying to a federal grand jury about the Shields deal.

The deal centers around fund-raiser Cathy Nugent being offered a $12,000 contract for the Fort Osage Museum if her husband, Dan, dropped his bid to get on the county Sports Authority.

But an FBI agent working the case alleged Waris impeded the federal probe of Shields by changing his version of what happened.

"If he would have admitted that's what happened, like he did in our interview, we would have gone forward, possibly, with bribery charges against Katheryn Shields," FBI agent Robert Schafer said in court documents.

Other documents filed for Waris claims he never actually heard Shields offer the Nugents a deal. One part of his testimony reads, "You know, I cannot honestly say I heard that." But Waris added that he thought it was implied.

At another point, Waris told investigators that he never thought of it as a bribe because Nugent had no chance to get on the Sports Authority. Shields preferred former mayor Dick Berkley because his reputation and contacts would be helpful in the approaching Bi-State campaign.

Waris' lawyer said that information and part of Waris' testimony was not in the prosecutor's summary, apparently because it was not considered pertinent. Waris' lawyer wants all the charges to be dismissed.

Mahoney said he tried to reach Shields for a comment about the court documents, but his phone calls were not returned.



The FBI wasn't able to nail Sheilds because people like Waris lied for her. What brought on that FBI investigation in the first place? Was it an inquiry by the County Prosecutor? Why couldn't Clair do that when she was in the position? Was it incompetence or apathy? Or does it go a little deeper? I will give Claire credit though, like the thread earlier in the week, she is Teflon, nothing stick to her. A little like John Gotti, hmmmmmm.

I wish we could elect Michael Steele from Maryland. He hit a home run on the debate on Meet the Press yesterday.

Claire has blown this thing... how can we be almost a week away from the election and she hasn't pulled away from Talent. In an election where almost every other Republican incumbant is in trouble, Jim is TIED! I will vote for Claire, but I have a really BAD feeling about her chances now.

anon at 8:13, are you planning to adopt one of those 400,000 frozen embryos, as Michael Steele urged?

"If destroying embryos is murder, why can't the right wing and President George W. Bush, who used his first veto ever to withhold federal funds for stem-cell research, go after yuppies pursuing in vitro fertilization techniques that discard embryos by the thousands? Because they would be crushed at the ballot box. It's safer to pick on sick people." – Margaret Carlson

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