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November 06, 2006



Peeping Phill thinks its funny to make jokes about viewing people's private medical records. When those records end up in the hands of a smarmy, two-bit cable television personality, he terms complaints about that invasion of privacy "frivolous."

Those records weren't in Kline's possession for so much as a week before they ended up in the hands of the Faux News Network -- the exact "worst nightmare" scenario predicted by people who see Kline as too much of a political opportunist -- and two little of a professional attorney -- to hold the office of Kansas Attorney General. This is exactly why Phill Must Go.

Way to go O'reilly for bringing America's attention to this dispicable CRIMINAL activity. Way to go Phil Kline for doing your job in investigating ILLEGAL activity!

Shame on you Kansas City Star for siding with Tiller The Baby Killer!


Leaking isn't investigating. This is NOT how to conduct a criminal investigation.


Love how Kline says he"just can't figure out how Bill O'Reilly got those records" and then suggests the clinic gave them to Bill O.? Why would the clinic give records to Bill O., that supposedly show criminal activity? That doesn't make any sense.
What does make sense is this. Kline gets the records, Klines sees dropping poll numbers, Kline give Bill O the records, so he can go on National TV and have Bill call him a hero, and call for his re-election.
That darned sneaky Phillllll. I always forget how many L's he's using this week.


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