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November 03, 2006


Love Uncle Bills. The best pancakes in St. Louis. Go Claire!


I heard ACORN planned her itinerary.

In Montana, visit by Bush has lost its magic

BILLINGS, Montana: If there is one thing the White House can usually count on when President George W. Bush campaigns in small, Republican- leaning cities like this one, it is friendly wall-to-wall news coverage of his arrival. And his visit here did make the front page of The Billings Gazette.

But news of his impending arrival Thursday took second billing in the paper. It ran below the fold and under a package of articles about the return of a local sailor's body from Iraq, accompanied by a photograph of the flag-draped coffin at Billings Logan International Airport.

Bush's visit certainly was the subject of local talk radio. But it was mixed with grim talk of newspaper endorsements for the Democratic candidate for Senate here, Jon Tester, leading a local conservative radio host to tell a dejected caller he doubted endorsements were any more influential than "visits of luminaries or stars or political mucky-mucks coming in from the national scene."

During the last two elections, the fumes of Air Force One worked like political magic dust for the candidates lucky enough to score visits from Bush.

Hope Claire brings this up:

Bush threat to world peace

British voters see US President Bush as a greater threat to world peace than either the North Korean leader or the Iranian president, according to a poll.

The international survey by ICM for the Guardian newspaper in Britain and publications and newspapers in Israel, Canada and Mexico, exposes high levels of distrust in US policy.

In Britain 69% of those questioned believed US policy had made the world less safe since 2001, with only 7% thinking action in Iraq and Afghanistan had increased global security.

Results also showed opinion against the Iraq war has hardened strongly since a similar survey before the US presidential election in 2004.

In Britain 71% of voters said the invasion was unjustified, a view shared by 89% of Mexicans and 73% of Canadians.

The poll also ranked President Bush with some of his bitterest enemies as a cause of global anxiety.

The US leader is outranked by Osama Bin Laden in all four countries, but the results are close in Britain, where 87% of those questioned think the al Qaida leader is a great or moderate danger to peace compared to 75% who think the same of President Bush.

The US president is also seen as a more dangerous man than Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, President of Iran, who 62% of voters think is a risk, the North Korean leader Kim Jong Il (69%) and the leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah (65%).

Only 10% of British voters think President Bush poses no danger at all.

President Bush will come to Nebraska on Sunday to try to help Republicans save an endangered House seat they’ve held for 48 years....

The presidential visit was arranged in the wake of polling last week showing Scott Kleeb moving within reach of the first Democratic congressional victory in western and central Nebraska since 1958.

Did Chevie Case spend 24 hours crusing around St. Louis in his Vacation movie? It wasn't a very pleasant experience.


Isn't StL the most dangerous city in America?

Claire with the Waffle House drunks at 2:45 a.m. while they satisfy their munchies after smoking some doobies -- a perfect fit!

Bush's Cocaine Problem

First he refused to confirm or deny it. Later he would say only that "when I was young and irresponsible, I was young and irresponsible." Next he said that the issue wasn't relevant. Then he said that he wouldn't address "rumors." Then he said that he could pass a standard security check dating back seven years. Finally, he said that he could've passed the security check in his father's White House -- fifteen years. Though he had to think before specifying whether he could've passed it then or now. Now, no matter what he says, the issue seems destined to dog him until the day he comes clean.

Cocaine? Is that why he refused to take the Texas Air National Guard (TANG) physical in 1972???

John Evans

His Daddy Runs the World Drug Market. They don't call him "Poppy" for nothing.

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