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November 29, 2006



The exchange between the Prez and Webb reminds me of a couple lines from the movie "Tombstone":

Wyatt Earp: How are you?
Doc Holliday: I'm dying, how are you?

Ed Friedemann

Bush's insanity need no longer be funded, nor should it be. Our troops need to come home now from his madness.

The death and destruction that Bush and Israel is causing is real. And needs to stop now.

The game of "terror" needs to stop. And if it takes cutting-off funding for this lunacy, so be it.


Here's something I would like to know. If collectively Congress were to somehow vote or pass legislation to bring our troops home, would the "decider" have a say? Even as "Commander-In-Chief?"

I know that only Congress can declare war. Can Congress end it without having to get a lunatic to sign on?

Bush's petty, petulant and utterly arrogant retort to Webb was inexcusable but utterly predictable. He is a childish jerk, plain and simple. I wonder if he'll help President Pelosi pick out drapes for the oval office as he he's packing his belongings next summer. HAHAHA!!

Any bets on how long before Spongebob Tsqaurepants chimes in to either defend his boy Dubya or attack Webb for having the nerve to accept Bush's invitation to attend the meeting?


"I know that only Congress can declare war."

I think Dick Cheney would disagree with that statement. Bush is where he is at of his own doing, but Cheney is a HUGE piece of the problem that is Iraq.


Webbb is still a clown


If Webb's a clown, tsquare, then what's that make you?


hey did anyone know this factoid? THAT MOST BLOGERS ON THIS PAGE ARE OR WILLBE FURTURE FELLONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HEY DEAANE KARLA WILCOX SAYS HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WILCOXWON .AND THANKS TO YOU AND TOASTIS GOOD WORK...........


Just a harmless Architect who's Mom taught him 'if you can't say something nice...'

What day is the party Larry?


tcircle, where exactly did Webb insult Bush? Bush took a sincere statement that Webb wishes his son were home and got snippy.


When’s the party Larry?

We can invite Michael J. Fox and dance!


Wow, you conservatives really get your rocks off making fun of crippled people, dontcha?


Jesus, tsquare, I'm honestly not sure who's got less class, you or Bush? Are you in a race to the bottom? Is Karl Rove beckoning you, saying "Come on in, the water's great"?


crippled people?

Not at all. Political operatives, you bet you.

And let’s remember, Fox said, he’s not a victim.

Now I know you on the left want everyone to be a victim, but still.




Actually, Spongebob Tsquarepants we only want YOU to be a victim. THAT was feakin' funny!!

Jim Webb historically spends most of his afternoons away from his job and writing his novels. Let's see how successful he can be at the job of US Senator and continue writing novels. He ran for the wrong reason: to get even.


Well, tea-circle, would you bring southergirl as your date?


No, he'd bring cmarshalldavis.

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