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November 09, 2006



With these folks supporting him, Kline's political career is OVER!!!

/you won't be missed Phill


Regardless of how you feel on the abortion issue, it's true that all Phil Kline was doing was enforcing existing KS law. It shocks me that many in KS obviously prefer to let sexual predators go free.

It wasn't about letting sexual predators go free. It was about PhiLL prying in to private medical records.


Bingo. Trolling for information wasn't the way to go about it. Why not push the crime stoppers line or run PSAs "reminding" folks it's a crime?


Say good-bye to the old Attorney General. Say hello to the newly elected Abortion General!

somewhere in the middle

g o o d b y e and good riddance!!!

If you folks that want to force your personal beliefs on everybody else, go whine to your LAWMAKERS!!!

Paul Morrison will do just fine except that he won't be anybody's puppet.

John Conaghan

George Tiller, the Puppeteer, held the pursestrings to Morrison's victory and now he holds the strings to Paul "the Puppet" Morrison, Abortion General.


Wow, I will tell you what? Some of you folks have a really interesting perspective on things. "George Tiller, the Puppeteer, held the pursestrings to Morrison's victory..." Do you REALLY believe that or do you think the good folks of Kansas were not smart enough to elect an attorney with many years of procecutorial experience instead of a political hack?

Oh wait, that is what actually happened. It was the extreme of the party that appointed the political hack with absolutely ZERO procecutorial (not to mention jury) experience. And the last time I checked my map, Wichita and George Tiller were nowhere near JoCo. I guess it wouldn't surprise me if the next shrewd move the party would be to try and annex it though. After all, "Phill is a good man". I do not doubt that, but I do doubt he will be a good DA.

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