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November 07, 2006


proud dem

Bye bye Phill. You were trounced, just as I expected.

Hello privacy. Nice to see you again.

Mike Paradise

A blow to the protection of our children (from child rapists), and protection of ALL Kansas citizens.


Goodbye Kline, you had your chance didn't you?


What a crying shame! Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!


perhaps if he didnt spell his name with two "Ls" he might have had a chance. that's such a mark foley thing.


See ya! Maybe he can get a job in some high school harassing kids making out in the halls & monitoring who checks out Kafka or Henry James from the library


kline wont be hired even as a hall monitor now.


Don't write any epitaphs for ol' Double-L just yet.

Remember all those 1960s Dracula movies with Christopher Lee? The Prince of Darkness always finds a way to come back for the next sequel . . . .

Mike Shaw

Folks, the results are in. Political opportunist Paul wins again. Congratulations KS Demos. You can have our scrubs.

After that comment, I'll go to some good old bitter ranting. The Kansas Democratic Party has absolutely no identity of its' own. Nancy Boyda is the only true blue Demo in the state.

Dennis Moore votes with the extreme left all the time, yet refuses to stand up for liberal values. If I was a liberal, I'd be disgusted, yet none will hold him accountable.

Paul Morrison - A Republican all his life, yet when politically expedient, he switches aisles. He doesn't believe what liberals believe. In fact, he has believed the exact opposite for his entire life. If all you care about is winning elections rather than advancing an ideology, you can have our turncoats anytime.

Sebelius/Parkinson - Kathleen Sebelius is an absolute do-nothing Governor who has advanced NO liberal policies. She has not managed to stand up for anything at all, in fact. She then chooses to pick a Republican who had no future in his own party (not because he's a moderate, because he's a bad candidate) as her running mate.

Again, if Kansas Demos want to follow Sebelius/Morrison/Parkinson/Moore as their fearless leaders, they can gladly do so. I would much rather lose elections than compromise my ideology to do so. We now have the distinction of having a do nothing Governor and Congressman re-elected with a snake of an attorney general in office. I'll take a fractured Republican party than a Democratic Party that lacks soul, substance, or conviction.


Oh I cannot help adding some snarky gloating to the debate. The Rethuglicans did not do so well ha! ha! And that thug Kline, Mr. Plastic with his Plastic signs, then the Kline people do not even bother to steal political signs, they just throw them on the ground. A former grade school teacher of Kline's told me he was creepy even in grade school.
Of course I cannot wait for the investigation of Kline for releasing private medical records. Kline deserves a Felony conviction-let us see who whould be investigating Kline? Hmm..Oh maybe Paul Morrison! He actually knows how to plead a case in a courtroom. How many tens of thousands did Kline spend for legal coaching (tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars.) Kline is a moron as well as a Fascist.

Jim Sullinger quoting Paul Morrison: "a victory for people who want a real lawman in this position.”

What do Wyatt Earp and Paul Morrison have in common?

They both were "Cowboy" lawmen who knew a thing or two about Dodge City. Let's see, they both spent some time there. Sounds like someone wanted to be Wyatt Earp when he grew up. This is the 21st century, we'll see if Wild West tactics work in modern times.


Yeah, but he was still elected, so what does that make the people of Kansas?

You seem to know the answer, so enlighten us.

Not Left

"He votes with the extreme left but doesn't support liberal causes".

Isn't the "extreme left" Liberal. I bet it is...

Isn't Moore a cenrist democrat. Isn't Kansas NOW a blue state? Talk about a voter revolution: From "What's the matter with Kansas" in 2004, to "Throw the Bums Out" today.
(Jim Ryun thanks George Bush!)

Wow, a contradiction. Fuzzy thinking from the right. Imagine THAT...more from the GOP agenda: demonize liberal Americans while they send their kids to public schools, (liberal idea), take a weekend off, (liberal idea) or collect social security, (that Roosevelt was Satan!) while working for the conservatives.

Kline you better get Tiller b4 you leave protect our children!


Call out for Virgil and Morgan Earp. stop.

Meet me in Tombstone (Topeka) stop.

Urgent business at the OK corral. stop.

Doc Holiday (Tiller) is in trouble, needs our assistance. stop.

Wyatt Earp

Mike Shaw

Not Left -

No, Moore is not a centrist Democrat. Not even close. My all measurable standards and non-partisan ratings, Moore is one of the most liberal members in the United States Congress. He votes with Pelosi nearly 90% of the time.

However, when election season rolls around, Moore refuses to acknowledge the fact that he believes in left-leaning causes. If he votes a certain way, why parade himself as something else. Oh, that's right, because he cares more about being re-elected than standing up for his beliefs. If that's the sort of representation Kansas liberals want, I suppose they can have it. I'll take representatives that lose rather than compromise the beliefs they have to win.


Mr. Shaw, Left, liberal, compromise...blah blah blah. Get some new talking points yours are boring.
Let us not forget your SOUL-religious hyprocrisy. What would Jesus do? Everything you do not. What do you you do in your holy churches? Speak in "Tongues"? Practice child molesting? Raise money for PhiLL?
SUBSTANCE? Cocaine for Bush. Crystal Meth for Haggard. Toxic Air, Water and Land for the rest of us. Oh do not forget toxic viruses in our food. What substances.
CONVICTIONS-Lots of them, Foley, Delay, Ney, Duke Cunningham, Bush's impeachment, Enron, and there is always PhiLL Kline's conviction for releasing private medical records.
It has nothing to do with your sick idelogy, but everything to do with how you are just a corporation puppet.


Wyatt, got your message. stop.

Virgil's still emailing O'Reilly. stop.

Told him to quit emailing, it's over. stop.

Be there as soon as he's done. stop.

We'll need clean underwear. stop.

Tell Doc, Virgil got carpal tunnel. stop.



Wyatt, Morgan again. stop.

Virgil won't quit. stop.

Says he wants to be No. 1 deputy. stop.

If not, he's spillin' the beans. stop.

Please advise. stop.



Morgan, got your message. stop.

Dad gum it, Virgil. stop.

Morgan, I've got experience here. stop.

Take Virgil's computer away from him. stop.

Mercy, Doc says no. stop.

Just hit abort, it'll crash. stop.



Paul Morrison will do a great job for the people of Kansas. He was very gracious in his victory remarks (much more gracious than I would have been had I been the victim of the smarmy smear tactics of the Kline campaign).

The Zipper

Mike-----you must be confused! The democrats are supposed to be ashamed of their winning candidates because they aren't really liberals? I guess you listen to Rush Limbaugh all the time who doesn't belive in moderates

Teller of  truth

so what! a fall down drunk defeats a religious wing-nut


@Mike Shaw: "I'll take representatives that lose"

That's what you got, bubba. But you sure don't seem happy about it.

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