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November 17, 2006



It's nice to see George Bush finally made it to Vietman. 35 years too late, but hey, at least no one can say he never went.


"In Vietnam, President Bush says Vietnam is nothing like Iraq."

That's right. Bush knows how to get out of Vietnam.

Ms. McFadden-Weaver is something else. What denomination ordained her?It doesn't look like it was one that required passing a test in Greek, Hebrew or English. She appears to have difficulty with language.

Her current problems relate directly to her inability to read simple instructions on ethics, filing required reports, mis-representing her intentions on the large house in Lee's Summit, etc.


Wrong link on the McFadden story.

kc media watchdog

In your first entry - only one of you links goes to the story it references. The others go to a subscription page and non-related stories. Please fix.


Here's the link:
It's definitely worth a read - very entertaining as long as you don't spend too much time thinking about the level of corruption which exists on the city council. McFadden Weaver claims she "didn't know" she had to report those expenditures. PAH-LESE give people some credit and come up with a better lie than that!!

McFadden-Weaver acts like a character out of the old comics. Is she for real?

Disgusted Taxpayer

Oh she's all too real. I am astounded that this continues. If anyone is interested in studying the so-called culture of corruption he/she need look no farther than our own city hall.

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