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November 29, 2006


Adm. Happy Horatio Hornhonker

What's Pat gonna do with the old water bags he's been lifting?

Joe Buckstrap

Pat Roberts built a firewall around George W. Bush's WH criminality ... and he did this repeatedly. Make no mistake: Pat Roberts made a mockery of his oath of office and the oversight role of Congress and it has cost Americans' lives.


I agree we need to get rid of Bond and Blunt. As a fellow Missourian I try every time Bond comes up for election. I would also like to get rid of Blunt's kid who just happens to be our governor. I'm not in Daddy Blunt's district so I can't vote against him. We did get rid of Sen. Talent though.


Kansas voters could do all Americans a favor and vote out Pat Roberts AND Sam Brownback in their next elections. Brownback may seem like a conservative but his loyalty ultimately is the Republican Party and whatever rich corporations happen to by paying him for "services". Let's not forget that Brownback was involved in getting the FDA to force a beef producer in Arkansas City, KS (his own constituency) to keep them from testing EVERY cow for mad-cow disease. At their own expense. All the big CorpoBeef companies are too interested in executive bonuses than to care about spreading mad cow disease. Geez, Japan would have LOVED to pay top-dollar for that beef (and not boycott ALL U.S. beef). I'd pay extra for that beef, myself. Now that's "looking out for your constituents"! AND what kind of "free market" policy is that? What a hypocrite.

Thank God the Bu$h-lovin'/enablin'/shillin' Jim Talent was sent packing...

Rick W

Roberts is the exact opposite of what a chairman should be. He was weak, partisan, secretive, and dishonest. Congress and the country will not miss his service as chairman. Good riddence !

John Evans

This is what these criminals are all about.

We Are All Tortures Now!

The U.S. Government has engaged in "Extraordinary Rendition", an unlawful practice in which numerous persons have been illegally detained and secretly flown to third countries, where they have suffered additional human rights abuses including torture and enforced disappearance.

These prisoners have been transported through many countries with the knowledge of their governments. By permitting the use its territory, these countries are in effect endorsing torture of the most vile nature in what the U.S. call its "war on terror".

This video provides some evidence of the type of torture engaged in by by our allies. As citizens of the U.S. each of us is responsible for the actions of our government. We are complicit in the torture, distance from the tools used to inflict pain in no way reduces our part in these disgusting acts of barbarity.


This video contains graphic images and audio of torture and should only be viewed by a mature audience.

This is only a small part of what the word "torture" means


Before he goes, he's going to reveal the where abouts of Capt Spicer, isn't he?

Michael Ritter

Mr. Roberts will be embarassed by what Rocky turns up and he also has a Rogain-less ego.


I'd be kinda surprised if Roberts runs for re-election. He's getting up there in years. I would guess Jerry Moran runs for his seat. I don't know who would run for the Dems.

I wonder if Brownback would resign his seat too - for a Presidential run. Follow Bob Dole's lead Sam! Wouldn't Governor Sebelius get to appoint his replacement, or would it be the Kansas GOP? I'd love to see us purge ourselves of both of our Senators.


If Brownback runs for the Senate again, I'm placing money on Sebeluis to run against him. Now that would be a race.

Dennis Moore would also be a tough candidate if he has higher goals beyond his House seat.


After a full day this article being on the site, you'd like to think that someone at the Star would fix Stearnsy's error of bias. It's bad enough the Star chooses to keep an obviously pro-Republican scribe like him on their payroll, but you'd think they'd at least think they'd bother to give a little oversight to his reportage.


"It's bad enough the Star chooses to keep an obviously pro-Republican scribe like him on their payroll,"

It is actually amazing to me that a liberal rag like the Star would keep any pro-Republican scribe on their payroll, maybe just an attempt to show balance.


Craig, there's very little "liberal" about the Star, unless you mean its editorial page ... where it's supposed to express an opinion. You do know the difference between reporting and opinion, right?


I agree with Craig and I do know this difference between reporting and opinion. Bias is shown in many ways including by what stories are pursued and who is sought for quotes and information.

That being said I see absolutely no bias in the article above. Perhaps your complaint is that the author chose to use a quote from the subject responding to the accusations rather than sticking with the Democrat Party talking points.


Shrugging, the issue is with the use of the word "Democrat." It's not the "Democrat Party," that's Republican speak. It's the "Democratic Party." And that's not a matter of talking points, it's a matter of accurate journalism. Rockefeller isn't a "Democrat senator," he's a "Democratic senator." Like it or lump it, Stearns article as it stands now is biased, just like his long running litany of warm and fuzzy pro-GOP stories.


"Craig, there's very little "liberal" about the Star"

What planet are you from? When I want a break from reality I will come join you there.
See shrugging's comments above to mirror my opinion.


So what if Stearns article is biased? One out of how many writers for the Star happens to lean a little Republican. And as big of a deal as you are making out of the leaving out of -ic, you would think that Stearns called you out to a duel, and insulted your mother. Good God, get over it.


I don't read the editorial page anymore than I read Letters to the Editor. I'm not sure why anyone cares about either. All this whining about liberal or conservative stories is pretty meaningless to me. I choose what I read. For someone to assume that a written article that leans right or left cannot be obvious to the reader and therefore be dismissed or believed is offensive to me. I think people are much smarter than you give them credit for.


Good point jen, now can you get you brother Larry to see it that way?


Looks like someone fixed Stearns' slanted copy. Thank you whoever you are.


Wait, it's still not fixed. Nevermind. And the reason it's wrong is because the use of "Democrat" like this is an insult ginned up by Republicans. It is just as biased as if the article refered to Roberts as a "rightwing kook." It's admittedly more subtle, but no less pejorative.


Once again Larry, get a grip.


Yes, Larry get a grip. Boy the left can sure dish it out - but are so "sensitive". Too much time spent on a therapists couch getting in touch with their pain or whatever.


He'll long be famous for reviving oversight's original meaning.


Were "partisan barbs" the only criticisms of his chairmanship that registered in KC?

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