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November 02, 2006


Ouch. He was supposed to be safe and now he's going down? Talk about a reversal and a Democratic breeze.

Alright Nancy! I think people are realizing that being Democrat in Kansas is being in the mainstream. Being Republican in Kansas is jumping off the deep end on the right side of the pool. Anywhere else in the country those Dems would be Moderate Republican candidates. It's about time Kansas realized that votin party lines doesn't make sense there.


"being Democrat in Kansas is being in the mainstram"

No hardly. Being Democrat in KS probably means you're from Overland Park. Kinda like being a Jayhawk during football season. You're too embarassed to claim KU until the ball turns round and bounces on a wooden floor.

Run, Jim, Run.


check this out:


I appreciate your enthusiasm, relentlessness and push on making sure everyone has seen the video of Claire being under investigation for the meth've done your part...but I think I speak for the majority here when I say please stop now.

Tommy, don't you realize, cominghome is actually Jeff Roe?


Sounds like a movie "Saving Congressman Ryun".


I just wish POTUS would spend this much effort on Iraq and other real problems our country faces.


There are two kinds of ex-athletes who run for office, irrespective of party labels or ideology: Jocks trading on name recognition (see "Swann, Lynn") and those with real intellectual depth and genuine engagement on issues and policy (see "Kemp, Jack").

Mr. Ryan, I've met Jack Kemp, I've interviewed Jack Kemp and I have read articles authored by Jack Kemp. And you, sir, are no Jack Kemp.


Just the fact the President is coming to make his pitch for Ryun underscores how much trouble the Republicans are in. Combined with Dennis Moore not even having a competitive race, maybe Kansas is a new bell-weather state.


Why Should You Support Jim Ryun?
Looking Out for Kansas, Jim Ryun:
Worked with our military installations and surrounding communities to prepare for BRAC which resulted in 10,000 new military jobs for Kansas, improving our economy by $500 million a year.
Led the fight for the $1,000 child tax credit, voting to give the average Kansas family $2,000 a year in tax relief.
Wrote the legislation that will establish the Freedom’s Frontier Heritage Area to commemorate Kansas’ important role in the Civil War.
Secured direct investment of federal dollars in communities across Kansas. Topeka received help alleviating the red water problem, replacing the Topeka Boulevard Bridge, building the Quincy Street bus transfer station, and renovating the Great Overland Station.
Worked with community leaders to keep Goodyear and BNSF up and running in Topeka and with Payless Shoes on critical trade issues.
Worked with the Brown Foundation leaders in Topeka and passed legislation creating the Brown v. Board Commission which has drawn national attention to the 50th anniversary of this landmark Supreme Court ruling.
Ensured Veterans in Parsons, and all of Southeast Kansas, now have easier access to routine health care after the opening of the Community Based Outreach Clinic.
Secured transportation investments in Southeast Kansas on Highway 69, with a trolley in Fort Scott, and with buses and vans for SEKCAP.
Secured transportation funding for K-18 and Highway 59.
Worked with PSU to secure funding for its state of the art Technology Center and this spring Jim was pleased to participate in the ground breaking for the new National Guard armory.
Worked with Kansas State University to secure millions of dollars in research funding for defense and agriculture, as well as technology investments to expand its distance learning program to rural Kansas.
Wrote legislation to encourage financial institutions to work with guard and reservists who are facing financial difficulties because of their deployment, to maintain high standards in legal immigration, to stop the Supreme Court from using foreign laws to make decisions, and to promote hearing health coverage in Medicare.
Passed an amendment to support the work of law enforcement as they go after Internet child predators.
Passed an amendment to protect our Oath of Citizenship.
Passed an amendment that calls for nuclear detectors which can be placed in cargo containers that are coming to our ports.


Boyda Inserts Fake Voter Guide in Your Local Newspaper

Nancy Boyda sent 150,000 voter guides to the Second District. It was full of misleading information. Here are a few examples for you to consider.

Boyda’s Lack of Research on Jim Ryun’s Immigration Record

In her zeal to attack Jim Ryun, Boyda asks where Jim Ryun has been for the last 10 years on immigration, particularly after 9/11. While Nancy Boyda has only lived in the Second Congressional District for about two years, Jim Ryun has always been a proponent of stronger immigration laws.

Here's a look at Jim Ryun's record:
HR 4437 The Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005. Jim Ryun co-sponsored it and the House passed it in December of 2005.

The House has taken the lead on immigration reform. H.R. 4437 improves border security and enforces current immigration laws.

Highlights of H.R. 4437

Border Security - Add 700 miles of fence on the border, and authorize state and local authorities to make arrests under anti-human smuggling provisions. Local border authorities can also make agreements with the Department of Homenand Security to enforce border/immigration law.

Workplace Enforcement - Require employers to use Electronic Employment Verification System to ensure employees are legal, with penalties for those who falsely represent their authority to work. Increase fines, and employers who hire 10 or more illegal immigrants in a year can face fines or imprisonment for up to five years.

No amnesty program

Other Immigration Legislation Jim Ryun Supported Since 2000

HR 418, The REAL ID Act of 2005. Jim Ryun co-sponsored. Became the law of the land.

HR 3525, The Enhanced Border Security and Visa Entry Reform Act of 2002. Jim Ryun voted for it. Became the law of the land.

HR 5005, The Homeland Security Act of 2002. Jim Ryun co-sponsored it. Became the law of the land.

HR 4489, The Immigration and Naturalization Service Data Management and Improvement Act of 2000. Jim Ryun supported it. Became the law of the land.

HR 2927, The Internet False Identification Prevention Act of 2000. Jim Ryun supported it. Became the law of the land.

Boyda Twists Jim Ryun's Words on the So-Called Super Corridor.

Boyda says Ryun called the Texas corridor a myth. That's not true. Jim Ryun called plans for a Super Corridor through Kansas a myth. That position was backed up by the Kansas Secretary of Transportation, Deb Miller - a Democrat. According to Department of Transportation officials, a proposed new highway in Texas is in the planning stages to address traffic congestion. Senator Roberts agrees with Jim Ryun and KDOT as well.

Boyda said Jim Ryun voted twice to build a Super Corridor through Kansas. That's not true. Not only are there no plans to build one in Kansas, but Jim Ryun has one of the strongest records in Congress on border security, immigration and property rights. The two bills he voted for contained improvements in the existing I-35 corridor as well as key investments in Kansas, like the Topeka Boulevard Bridge, K-18, US 69 and US 59. Boyda even admitted she would have voted for the bills.

According to the "Boyda Guide," in order to build a 4,000 mile 10 lane highway it would cost at least $184 billion dollars, but Boyda claims $500 million went to the plan. At that rate of spending, it would take nearly 400 years to build the highway.

Boyda Calls for "Kansas Jobs for Kansas Families." It's Already Happening Under Jim Ryun's Strong Leadership.

Jim Ryun worked hard to help bring the Big Red One back to Fort Riley, which will boost the Kansas economy by $400 million a year. It will bring military and civilian jobs to the post as well as construction and service jobs to the area.

Jim Ryun has worked with community leaders in Topeka to attract and keep jobs here at Target, Goodyear, BNSF Railroad and Payless.

Jim Ryun supported tax relief for families in 2003, including the $1000 per child tax credit and marriage tax penalty relief as well as relief for small businesses and retirement savings. Nancy Boyda called this tax relief "reckless" and a "government splurge." And Boyda said her opposition to the tax relief "pushed me over the edge" in deciding to run for Congress.

However, according to the Kansas Department of Labor, there has been solid economic and job growth since 2003. "For the twelve-month period that ended on July 30, 2006, the state’s unemployment rate averaged 4.7 percent. The average unemployment rate for 2003 was 5.6 percent. Over the last year, just over 127,000 initial claims for unemployment benefits were filed, a 36 percent drop from the 198,000 that were filed in 2003. Since 2003, unemployment benefits paid from the UI Trust Fund has declined more than $132 million. Trust Fund balances have steadily improved over the past three years and have gone from a low of $217 million to a current balance of $614.74 million. It is worth noting that in July 2006 we recorded 1,503,889 people in the state labor force, more people than at any time before. Over the last year, Kansas averaged 1,334,700 jobs, 22,500 more than in 2003. In addition, average wages are climbing. Annual average wages in 2003 stood at $31,485. Since that time the annual average wage has increased to $33,844."

Boyda Claims to Be a Health Care Expert

Nancy Boyda was a chemist for a pharmaceutical company. This does not make her a health care expert. It might make her a prescription drug expert, but not a health care expert.

To prove she is not a health care expert, we encourage you to check out the Wednesday, August 30th Lawrence Journal World article about her comments at a health care forum.

When asked what changes she would make to health care she said, "I would love to stand before you and say I have the answer, but I don’t."

The article continued:

Boyda was clear that the answer to providing all Americans with affordable or free health care shouldn’ t come solely from federal dollars. That kind of program wouldn’t offer people enough choices in health care, she said.

When asked where the funding for universal health care might come from, she responded that there were several solutions, but she wouldn’t approve of any particular one.

"There are all different forms of universal health care," Boyda said.

Does this sound like a health care expert to you?


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