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November 29, 2006


This is the most rediculous thing that I have ever heard. Have these people been to a city with a smoking ban? Everybody is outside smoking. Take a short trip to lawrence on any Friday or Sat. night and you wil see everyone on the sidewalks lighting up. If you want to have a non-smoking restaurant or bar, then advertise a non-smoking restaurant or bar. However don't take rights away from some to give to others, this is America and nobody elses rights are more important than anybody elses.


Having a smoking section in an enclosed public space is a bit like having a peeing section in a public swimming pool.


Thank God someone is worried about second hand smoke that kills.

Rowland who cares about his views! He was a bad city councilman, let him know run JCSA into the ground!


FINALLY! The City Council is willing to step up and actually do something that the majority of citizens support and all citizens NEED. We don't allow people to throw asbestos dust into the air willy nilly, why should be jeopardize thousands of people's health and lives in the name of the "freedom" to smoke. Those smokers that are opposed to this wrongly view their smoking habit as an alienable "right." This is good for KC, good for tourism, good for our health. Hopefully, the City Council will have it take effect sooner rather than later. If it's worth passing there is no sense in waiting more than a year to enact it.

political moderate

I have to agree with those that favor the smoking ban.
We do not need to delay this important public health solution any longer.
I favor a complete ban on smoking.

We need the smoking ban. Consider people who have to work in smoky places--their health is at stake. Once every ten days a person dies of second-hand smoke in Kansas City. If people want to hurt/kill themselves--fine, but we smokers don't have a right to hurt others. Plus, insurance rates will go down if smoking is controlled/lessened. Sometimes governments need to do what's RIGHT...NOW.

I agree - we need a smoking ban. But why do casinos, and casinos alone, get an exemption? If you're going to hand out passes, I think bars or nightclubs should get an exemption, too. If you don't want exemptions, and I don't, don't give them to ANYBODY. Big gaming shouldn't get special favors.

Since everyone is so gung ho on banning smoking in public places, I think that a law should be passed that bans the sale of cigarettes in any city that bans smoking in public places.

Since smoking is so terrible, (although legal) I think it would be a true show of sincerity by our City Council members to ban the sale of these terrible cigarettes.

Oh, my they won't do that....

Think of all the money that the city would loose (lost sales tax revenue). They would have to find another way to fund our Hazmat Program.

Cigaretts are legal.

Let's talk about the amount of money liquor costs the state and city. In fact, any study will tell u that Alcohol related medical care costs much much more to society than smoking related medical care.

Either ban smoking - PERIOD - or let the market take care of the problem.

PS I am a smoker, it is a nasty stupid habit that I wish I never started. I tell every kid who asks me about smoking not to start, or they will spend the rest of their life trying to quit.


ban schman. i will smoke where i want when i want. try to catch me.


All that smokin' explains a lot about cmarsh...


"I favor a complete ban on smoking."

PM, if you don't give me my nicotine and caffiene I would be a real schizo. Say something off the wall like that again and I may not like you so much.


tobacco is a legal product available to adults for their pleasure to be used where permissable. the second-hand smoke "crisis" is a crafty pack of lies perpetrated on the public in the name of real science; when in reality it is the epitome of junk science. anyone that knows a whit about the physical properties of smoke and the manner in which it disperses itself, realizes there is no danger whatsoever to second-hand smoke. the ambient air we ALL breathe holds more risks. the health nuts, of course, would have you think otherwise. anti-smoking zealots are nothing more than overwrought busibodies with more time on their hands than brains in their heads. like the religious right, they delight in sticking their noses where they don't belong and are not welcome. ban or not, those of us that enjoy the use of tobacco will continue to smoke where we want to. as i said before...try to catch us.


I agree, there should be no exemptions for casinos. If Kansas City is going to ban smoking in bars and resturants, the ban should be total and casinos should not be exempted from the ban.


Whattaya know? cmarsh is a conspiracy nut! You're right...all of this is a grand plan to inconvenience YOU. Dang, it...I didn't think he could do it but he did. He figured it all out. Darn! That cmarsh is SO slick...

I guess we're left with taking away his guns and legalizing protections for gays holding hands, kissing in public and marrying one another.


Since you are back on, I gave you a little info on your question on the open thread yesterday. Since I agree with you on almost, hum, nothing, it suprises me that we may actually see eye to eye on that issue.


We probably agree on things more often than we think, craig. I am convinced our 'leaders' use things like religion, political labels and essentially hollow wedge issues to divide us...or more accurately, unite us against one another.

Your response on the other thread was enlightening and highly interesting. I know that throughout history people and whole societies have faced great conflict when newly discovered realities of the physical world around them have clashed with previously conventional religious dogma. It's a bit akin to the conversations I used to have with classmates in first grade about Santa Claus (I had doubts or at least very perplexing questions about him as early as age three). I remember adding up how long it would take for him to deliver presents to all the kids just on my street...then to all the streets in Minot, North Dakota (where we lived at the time) and then the whole state of North Dakota and determining that didn't add up.

You are correct about our populace being essentially ignorant in so many ways.


What the heck was that mumbo jumbo about Santa Clause? He will be here in about 25 days.

Minot? Are you an Air Force brat?

And I definetly agree with your first paragraph.

exiled kansan

Soon we illegalize smoking, add it to the "war on drugs" and spend a few billion every year trying to prevent it. Any guesses what crisis will be used next to remove our freedom?

I find it interesting that the US revolutionaries went to war for freedom from the King of England. The king could never have been able to tax, regulate, and stifle civil liberties as much as we have done ourselves. DOWN WITH LIBERTY...MOB RULE!


In a sense yes...father was a career military man. Twenty years US Navy and eighteen or so more as a Civil Servant GS11/GS12 with the Air Force. It was assumed growing up that each of us would at least serve a hitch in the armed forces. By the time my siblings and I were done we had all but the Marines covered. Being a Navy man, Dad would have disowned us for that! Ten years ago, I would have been all for my kids following that tradition...but not now.

Minot winters were actually worse than the ones in the UP of Michigan!!

My brother is up there now. To tell you how dumb he is, he retired and is still living up there.
BTW, thanks to all your family for their service. And yes if he asked me, I would allow my 17 year old son to enlist. But that will be his decision.


Last one was mine.

BTW, isn't Santa's house within walking distance from Minot?


Santa Claus doesn't work in the same space-time continuum that most of us do so you can't think of time as we know it when it comes to what Santa can do.

Protractor's pretty close. Nothing against your brother, but I cannot imagine why anyone would choose to stay in Minot. The winters are just too brutal. As far as walking to Santa's House, Keweenaw County Michigan (as far north as you can go in the U.P.) was even closer. By January, you had five feet of packed snow on the ground and the streets were essentially like canals with five foot banks on either side. One day, my older sister and I were walking home from the bus stop. Four or five deer leaped over our heads from bank to bank but because they jumped so far I didn't see them land. "Are those Santa's reindeer?" I asked. From my vanatage point it looked like each one had simply lifted off into the air and kept right on going. "Yes...they're practicing" my big sis responded. Pretty cool memory...even for someone who still had serious questions about Santa at the time.


Letter to the KCMO City council sent today:

Dear Council:

Thank you for the action you took yesterday on the nonsensical smoking ban, especially to those of you that voted to send it back to the Finance Committee. My question now is what sort of input will this committee have as to future actions on the issue? I would look forward to a response from any of you on that query.

In reading today's Kansas City Star column by Lynn Horsley, I am encouraged by the statements of Ms. Nace and Ms. Cooper, and repulsed by the position of Charles Eddy. Who is he to decide how much public testimony should be heard? One has to wonder whether Eddy has some sort of covert reward coming from someone, organization, or group, if he succeeds in jamming this ill-advised proposal down our throats. We'll certainly remember this when the mayoral race heats up next year.

I am with Ms. Cooper in letting the issue be presented to the voters. It is clear that there have been many, many voters who have spoken out on the issue, so why not let every single one of them have their say? Let's make a Bi-State issue out of it!

Self-absorbed, narrow-minded, nosy, busybody zealots like Donald Potts, et. al., continue to present their litany of junk science, and sky-is-falling reasoning, now with thuggish threats of an election added. Those of us that are opposed to the ban are licking our lips at that chance. In the face of this proposal failing again, one can expect the level and volume of rhetoric from he and his ilk to increase dramatically.

Ms. Cooper is right....what's the hurry?

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