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November 01, 2006








Govt. Tells Singles No Sex Till You're 30

WASHINGTON, Oct. 31, 2006 — If you're single and in your 20s, the federal government wants you to steer clear of sex.

That's the new guidance for states under the Department of Health and Human Services' $50 million Abstinence Education Program.


"Whatever happened to conservatives that were against big government," Wagoner asks. "If this isn't a waste of taxpayer dollars, what is?"

US’ $50 million abstinence fund for 29-year-olds

WASHINGTON: The US government is putting $50 million on the line to try to get unmarried people as old as 29 not to have sex.

Guidelines for this year’s programme, known as Title V, include new wording about the populations that are the focus of abstinence education. The age range cited is 12 through 29 years old.

Joel Lackey

To see that the balance of power is too far right all you have to do is take a good look at the job market.Because of policy over-whelmingly in favor of big business and union busting legislation we have an ever transient work force. The administration likes to brag about the soaring stock market and low un-employment but these jobs are mostly low paying and the benefits are laughable and 99% of these folks are not getting up and reading their stock portfolios. The far right ideology is not doing anything for the families except loading them up with their phony family values rhetoric.


I think personally the question for tomorrow is unfair. The adult child of a member of congress or the POTUS should not be EXPECTED to serve in the miltary.

I submitted the question, "is water boarding torture?" I wonder if it will make the cut--will Talent say that is a "no-brainer"?

Ed Friedemann

Dave is having "fun" with us. { or } Dave has decided to have fun with us. Dave has "decided" which. Dave is now a "Decider." I decided that. Care to decide?

Ed Friedemann


You are now a "Decider."


Funny how articles like Bob Luder's (Star 10/31, C-4) seem to magically appear just before something important, such as the vote in Johnson County on the ridiculous soccer complex. It reminds of those weepy, tear-jerkers about Derrick Thomas that appeared last year around the time of the vote for the latest inductees into the NFL Hall of Fame. We all know that Derrick Thomas was an irresponsible serial impregnator and murderer with no moral compass whatsoever, and has no place in any hall of fame. He will be denied induction again this year. My sense is that those columns are plants, and I feel the same about Luder's.

We can correctly define "soccer moms" as (mostly) white, unemployed trophy wives with too much time on their hands, and who think it is important to fill their kid's lives with as much busy-busy activity as possible so as to be able to brag to their like-minded female units at the tanning salon...or shopping mall...or mindless dinner party. They conveniently forget about letting their kids be kids, as this doesn't fit into the oh-so-tres-chic Johnson County life of non-stop "involvement," conspicuous consumption, material gain, rampant consumerism, and vicarious living through their child's life.

Stated simply, these women are nothing more than outlets for their husband's money, and they spend their time driving hither and yon in their tacky SUV's doing this or that and thinking they are making a contribution. That there are so many of these bottle blonde, too tan, too thin walking ciphers may contribute to the conventional wisdom that their "vote" carries weight. Nothing could be further from the truth.

These people are all about themselves and have absolutely no grasp on the real issues of real life, specifically how to craft in their child a responsible citizen. They are light years past that themselves. Let's hope that enough of these nincompoops will be in the nail parlor on November 7th to insure that this stupid, ego-filled scam (from the Wizards) goes down to a resounding defeat.

Danke Cheney

I guess Claire thinks independents don't have common sense. Her most recent ad has her brother taking responsibilty for not paying the taxes on that residence and attacking Talent for bringing it to lite.

Common Sense tells you the TAX BILL goes to the OWNER(CLAIRE) who is responsible for paying it. Ok she negotiated with her brother to pay it? What about the second and the third bill where it states the previous years taxes are deliquent? SHE STILL IS THE OWNER AND RECIEVE'S THAT BILL. There is no EXCUSE that she did NOT know. Keep blowing smoke Claire common sense rules your logic out for independents who think for themselves.

Ed Friedemann

George W. Bush has now killed more American soldiers than Osama Bin Laden killed New Yorkers in the 9/11 attack.

Are we going backwards? Is George killing American soldiers to payback Bin Laden?

I have decided that "staying the course" has some serious flaws, in reason, purpose, mathematics, warfare, judgement, and Freudian principles.

Now George says that if he stops killing US soldiers, the "terrorists" will have won.

Is George saying that the Iraqis will bring their civil war over here, if we leave them alone to fight each other there?

I thought that the Palestinians were the "terrorists" for trying to save their homes, farms, families and land.

Will the Palestinians win Iraq if we leave, by default?

Does George listen in while you're talking to your girlfriend? To see if it's really your girlfriend or the disguised voice of Osama?

Does Dick Cheney carry lunch to Osama at their "undisclosed location?" Does food fall out of the side of Cheney's mouth while he's talking to Osama?

Be a "decider."

Don't you loonie libs wish everything was so black and white?

Q: What happens if we leave Iraq now?

A: Al-queda and nuts like Iran WILL control the majority of the world's oil supply. You say so what and then complain about $3.00 gas? How about Al-queda telling the US your CUT-OFF from our oil now until you quit supporting Israel or any country we don't like and until you support Islam you will not recieve any oil. How about $50.00 a gallon now since the supply is cut off? WHAT IS YOUR SOLUTION DEMOCRATS?

Ed Friedemann


Put you into a sack, along with some rocks. Row to the middle of the lake.......Drop the sack overboard.

Using a stopwatch, see how long it takes you to swim back to the shore.

Have a big beach towel waiting to keep you warm and dry you off. Then carry you to where you can vote for George W. Bush........"The Great Decider"


When we were waiting for the Iraqis to "stand up" two years ago we had 130,000 troops in Iraq. There were ZERO trained iraqi troops (regardless of the Bush campaign lies). Now there are 130,000 fully trained Iraqi troops and we have almost 150,000 troops in Iraq. Despite the doubling of "trained" troops (ours and theirs) Iraq is more violent now than it was then.

I don't know how anyone can straight faced claim the Bush "strategy" is working.

The Republican dominated Congress has basically said, "Yes, Daddy" to anything Bush wanted. If there is no oversight, the Congress has no purpose. Just let jhim rule by fiat. Whats the difference between that and a rubber stamp Congress?

jenniferm: I would think that the children of Congresspeople and Presidnets would feel they owe MORE to this country than us "little people". After all, the country has sure been awfully nice to them.

From the children and grandchildren of the FOunding Fathers serving in our early wars to one of FDR's children going ashore on D Day, to one of Wiliam "Bull" Halsey's sons being shot down and lost in the Pacific, that is the way it used to be.

Now the children of the rich and powerful are somehow "above" serving our nation. Maybe that is what is wrong with our government.


check this out:


If we are going to continue to have a rubber stamp Congress, then we don't really need Congress at all. Just have Bush rule by fiat. That is the de facto result when Congress refuses to fulfill it's oversight responsibilities.

If you are going to vote for a rubber stamp, why bother voting at all?


Claire McCaskill is what we need in a country filled with political bickering, partisan warfare, and a lack of understanding what America really wants. We need compassion, understanding, and a ruthless devotion to finding real solutions to some of our countries real problems. Lets not keep Rumsfeld, Bush, Talent, and the rest of Texas, I mean the White House, in charge of where our country is headed. We need a country that represents freedom and equality, not monopoly and tyranny. Claire McCaskill should have all of our votes and help lead us, and our country, in a new, positive, direction. Or, I suppose, we could just go buy another Hummer, scream bloody murder when it comes to paying $3 at the pump and go start a World War with Iran, North Korea, China, and Russia. I still prefer freedom, equality, education, healthcare and everything else that only the democratic people non beholden to stockholders seem to care about.


The Nazi Republicans are going down HARD on 11/7. Talent is an idiot just like Junior (a.k.a., Bush II). He and his father created this Iraqi mess and thousands of Americans are DEAD due to them! They both should rot in Hell.

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