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December 11, 2006


political moderate

Yea...okay...we've celebrated...we've complained...
Can we now move on to an interesting issue???

Thomas Frank

Another gust of wind to fan the flame of national ridicule of the state of Kansas. Thanks Precinct Committeepersons !!

Kirk Isenhour

The Republican party of Johnson County just drove the nail into their coffin. Unbelievable! A DA with NO litigation experience.


Mike Shaw

Honestly, I'm going to have to break ranks with my conservative brethren on this one.

I love Phill Kline. He deserved to be re-elected over turncoate Morrison. He is a good man with a lot to offer Kansas. That said, he was a horrible choice for District Attorney.

In the county leadership, we now have a washed up two time loser for a District Attorney (who will likely lose when the seats up for election) and a former State Representative (Scott Schwab) who got waxed by a no-name also ran in his last election. Neither of these two men has any, I repeat ANY, viable shot at winning elected office in the future. Rather than take a progressive leap forward, we JOCO Republicans have rather decided to bury ourselves with two scrubs at the top of the ticket.

When there are no electable and ready candidates to run for 3rd District or any other higher office in two years, don't come crying to me.

This is a sad day for justice in Johnson County.

This whole process reeks. Why does the POLITICAL PARTY choose the replacement, rather than the governing body of the county? Notice how it's being handled in Jackson County.
This is very scary. VERY scary. Kline said earlier tonight, "there are definitely illegal things being done in the clinics in Johnson County".

Sheesh. Hey, lawyers, there's gonna be lots of jobs opening in the JoCo DA office. I don't think any of the good ones will stay and work for this idiot.

Helen Stephens

Phill Kline lost big in Johnson County and now the Republican Party elects him as DA. Phill Kline is now a hasbeen, but he's a DA with no trial experience. I suppose now he'll go after local abortion records and think he's really doing something. Not only did Johnson County lose tonight, but the Jo Co Republican Party lost all respect and responsibility.


Frankly I think he is a wrong choice in general, I think he is excellent choice in the since of political pay-back. I thought it was funny during the campaign when he intimated that Morrison was soft on crime. One thing that I will bet on will be that he won't personally try as many cases as Morrison. Fugg-it, He can't do too much damage.....the judges will keep his office in line.


You mean the KC Star didn't get their choice? You mean the GOP party didn't do what the Red Star wanted? What's next, Republicans picking their own presidential candidate? For Heaven's sake, at least we have a few more years before the rapture --the day we do what the Star wants we should just turn in our party id's and fade away.

somewhere in the middle

ughhhh.... I feel so much safer, now that ideology will prevail instead of the LAW.


He's John Ashcroft 2.0 - remember how well THAT went?

I hear housing prices in Missouri shot way up on this news. ;)


Beyond any shadow of doubt, the Republican Party in Johnson County has totally lost it's collective mind. Phil Kline as our the Johnson County District Attorney?

It would appear that the party is over and folks have had entirely too much holy water to drink. (and if that metaphore is offensive to some, I am sorry, but it isn't remotely as offensive as this appointment is!)

Do you have any idea how offensive this act will be to the residents of Johnson County.

This is local politics, not only at its worse, but perhaps at its most dangerous.

GEB (former republican precinct committeeman.)


It's not all that amazing that there are enough evangelical right-wingers to have bothered to run as precinct committee-people to elect Kline D.A. What's amazing is that they're willing to take the JoCo Republican Party down with them.

What's amazing is how an intellectual lightweight such as Phill (the extra L is for "liar") Kline is their champion.

Expect an exodus of good attorneys from the JoCo DA's office. They'll be replaced by religious litmus tests to the point that the only crime in JoCo will be legal reproductive services and topless dancing.

You know, the *important* crimes.


Take heart howling moonbats! Eugenics will survive and thrive in Wichita. Your mole (Steve Howe) did well, and McClatchy will get to keep the money for the aditorial campaign. Planned Parenthood will not need to increase parking for out of state, late term brain scrambles, and Tiller the Killer will continue to serve America by allowing you to execute your future generations. Who knows, he may even need to add an additional smoke stack for more ovens at the on sight crematorium!
Tourism dollars will flood to Wichita, as there is nothing like seeing the sights after scrambling the brains of your just born child, in the name of your rights!
Tis a time of celebration for almost everyone. You just have to seek the silver lining.

If this doesn't give GOP moderates a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, I don't think anything will. Hopefully they can now let go of the obsolete notion that they have ANY power or effectiveness in what used to be their own party. In the meantime, JoCo Democrats, most of them as moderate as the "RINOs", would be happy to welcome these disenfranchised patriots into their fold.

Phill Kline's temporary rest stop on his retrograde career path may be the best thing ever to happen to bring moderates of both parties together under one roof.

Not only will Kline not be reelected as JoCo DA, he won't even serve the full two years. He will be recalled by JoCo voters when the dismissals for speedy trial and reversals for prosecutorial error start pouring in.


Reminds me of a joke... what's the difference between a charging rhinoceros and a right-wing ideologue?

You can reason with the rhino.

Nice job, GOP. Really. Super job.


It has now become obvious and irrefutable that the species known as "Johnson County Republican Moderate" is on the verge of extinction. This is the proverbial Last Straw.

The JoCo GOP has made its choice. It has turned its back on the community leaders who have built, over the last several decades, one of the best communities in the nation for people to live and work. It is now the captive plaything of a gang of sex-obsessed religious zealots who put a higher priority on making sure Phill Kline has a paycheck and a platform than they do on law enforcement.

The Johnson County Republican Party is now the home for people who make noise instead of progress, who prefer to tear down instead of build. Those who value excellent schools, safe streets, strong infrastructure and a high quality of life must now look to the Democratic Party, which has been revitalized by a GOP organization intent on driving away all those who do not embrace the ideological purity of its "leadership" -- a gaggle of pretenders without a shred of political, civic or cultural accomplishments to call their own.


Thank you Kansas. Even Missouri repubs are afraid to stick their heads out after seeing how you handle matters.

My guess is that Kline doesn't want the job and won't do the job. This was all revenge. Neocons are good at that.

Rob Hodgkinson

Republican upset with the party?

The Libertarian Party is active in Jo Co and a great place for you to look into for change.

Our next local meeting is Tuesday December 19th

Contact me for more info!

Help Us - Help You - make this state and county better!!

Rob Hodgkinson
Chair - LPKS

Johnson County Democrats

Thanks from all of us for this early Christmas present! It was almost too much to wish for!

Johnson County Republicans

Glad you liked it, but that isn't your present. Now grab your ankles and smile.

Two items in today's Star made me sad: the death of Bart Cohen and the selection of Phill Klein.

Yup, become a Libertarian and be even LESS relevant than a moderate Republican ;-)

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