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December 12, 2006



I read the book, its nothing but an attack of Christianity and Big business-typical smarmy liberal drivel. Whats wrong with Thomas Frank?


I read the book and thought it gave pretty accurate explanations on why JoCo and the rest of the state kept doing nutty things. I grew up in JoCo and saw many of the nutjobs Frank talks about first hand. They were nutty then and continue to try to set the nut bar higher and higher. I'm not sure its quite time for a revision of the book- I think there were signs of rationality last election but there are still a lot of happy squirrels running around with the nuts.


I've never understood what the people of Kansas are complaining about. After the "Christian Coalition" was routed at the polls Nationally, they made an announcement. That was their intention to go after low level, local elections where fewer people vote. That is exactly what they did.

As long as the majority doesn't bother to vote in the "minor" elections, the people who do will have way more power than they deserve.


by "Frank has kept of low profile," does this reporter mean he has tried to contact Frank?

Or is he just making snarky blog comments?

A reporter for a major metropolitan news organization would be expected to try and contact the topic of his post.


What's the matter with Kansas? I give you the Republican Party's placing Phill (what the hell is a court room) Kline as DA in Johnson County.


That would be Phill (3 wins at the Supreme Court, editor of the KU law review, 7 years at Blackwell Sanders, state legislator and Kansas Attorney General)Kline to you Mr. Bigoted Nobody.


Basically, no matter how you spell it, Phill comes out "hack" through and through.

Corey Mohn

I am sure Mark would say that the state is still moving forward despite what happened with Mr. Kline last night in Lenexa. There are a number of signs that things are moderating. (Look no further than the Kansas School Board, the Governor's office, the AG office, etc.). Rome (or in this case, Topeka) was not built in a day.


Uhhh..... Your analogy to Rome Is actually pretty good, since it's far more known for its cultural decline as a civilization than its construction. Certainly it can also be argued that there is less wrong with the Republican Party given Parkinson's change of registration.

What falls flat is the assertion that Kline is somehow a "hack". Perhaps you could post your stunning record of achievement so that we could compare the two.

Ed Smiley

I am still waiting for Frank to list the supposed right-wing economic policies that Kansas has enacted by duping the social conservatives to support tax cuts etc.

There is no list.

Frank's entire thesis is flawed and he did nothing in his book to actually support his assertions.


From the summary above it is clear that Mr. Kline made good grades in law school, worked in a large law firm, prevailed in Supreme Court cases, has served as a legislator and as state Attorney General. It is not clear that good grades, Supreme Court cases or a large law firm prepare him for the work of a prosecutor; certainly being a legislator has nothing to do with prosecution responsibiities; and, the voters have just rejected his performance as Attorney General. Some actual experience in the specific work area involved would be qualification. Is there any?

Not if you go by the last head wacko the State Board of Education hired.


Why is every idea or phuilosophy which suggests that personal responsibility and social conservatism suddenly wacko? Maybe mainstream secularization has now turned the tide so that the majority of our population do not believe that human engineering is not right (yes, the next step, now that you are convinced that abortion should be freely available, and embryos that are conceived in a test tube are not human beings, and that embryonic stem cell research is necessary even though the promise of using placental and other stem cell sources is greater, is for government sponsored human engineering). Please read Orwell's book 1984 before you respond.

What is wacko is that we have lost the concept of respect for a human spirit (soul is an alternative word. If we were an advanced society we would temper our scientific achievements with our spiritual needs. We have not and secularists will not ever answer the question: What were we before the "Big Bang" and what caused the "Big Bang".

Sorry for the rambling but these issues underpin the social conservative ideology and those who call that wacko are shallow individuals.


Thank you for recognizing all of Phill's experience, but I'm not sure why you would exclude all of that experience. Being the DA is about being a leader in addition to being an attorney and Kline is both. I think, given his track record, it's clear that he can present a case. In addition, his office did the very same thing at the state level.

I think it's unfortunate that when someone is a Christian that there ae people that assume that somehow they have no talent, aren't bright, etc. But then again that same mentality has always been around making the same assumptions about Jews and people of color. It's also unfortunate that this newspaper panders to such people in its columns and what it does and does ot print as news.

How hilarious that people would assume that some low level bureaucrat would be better suited for the position than someone wha had been a leader all his life, but that's the nature of predjudice.


"How hilarious that people would assume that some low level bureaucrat would be better suited for the position...."

As distinguished from a HIGH level bureaucrat who announces his intentions for the office of County Prosecutor are the same specifics that have been rejected by the voters in his position as Attorney General.

Civil cases are not the same as criminal cases; argument to a Supreme Court is not the same as convincing a jury and complying with a judge; and, being smart doesn't give the same skills as being experienced. And I find nothing about the situation even mildly amusing, much less hilarious.


"If we were an advanced society we would temper our scientific achievements with our spiritual needs. We have not and secularists will not ever answer the question: What were we before the "Big Bang" and what caused the "Big Bang"."

I disagree. Why should we temper our scientific achievements at all? Not everyone believes as you do, and I don't paint everyone of your beliefs as "wacko". But it makes an easier argument for you, so you run with it. As far as the "big bang" theory--I would answer your questions with, I could care less. If you personally think I'm going to hell because of my opinion, well, I'm okay with that.


Jenniferm--I like your answer. Those of us gathered where the flames are the brightest will at least have more interesting company!


"I find nothing about the situation even mildly amusing, much less hilarious."

I suspect not. Those who are as clearly prejudiced as you demonstrate in these posts will find no argument convincing, no level of competency adequate. Kline is a person of faith and therefore clearly not worthy of your consideration as a human being, much less as an elected official.


Not sure why everyone dislikes Phill Kline.

* I heard that he has no experience...
but my research shows he does, and has been quite successful - Even at the U.S. Supreme Court level.
Much of what is popularly posted "Kline cases" were about Kline - against Kline. I haven't proofed ALL of them, but what I have found is that he has successfully defended each of them.

* I heard that he has no support other than a small pool of "conservatives" (is that a polical party? - sounds like it should be.)
But I don't understand why most - if not ALL - law enforcement agencies endorsed or outwardly supported Kline. Why are not the enforcers on the streets supporting Morrison?

* I heard that he is jepardizing privacy of medical records.
This was a tough one to research - but what I found is that the 90 (or whatever the count currently is) medical records did'nt go to the AG office directly.
There is a Judge that was appointed to over see the investigation. it was his job to ensure that names, phone #s and addresses were removed - or blacked out.

I don't follow all the slammin and screamin about Kline. I'm currently researching his track record since he took the AG office - if he is a loser, then the track record of the AG office will prove it - This guy is either a politics feeder that pisses people off or he is a guy that gets things done - that too can really tick people off.


I think that the main problem that the people of JOCO are having with the appointment of Mr. Kline is not his faith but the fact that we soundly rejected him this November. I don't want to call names or point fingers, but I would say that the voters are shocked by their precinct members appointing Mr. Kline over an infinitely more qualified candidate.

Hopefully there will not be a mass exodus of good, experienced attorneys from the D.A.'s office like there were from the A.G.'s office when Kline took over, then we'll all pay the price. I just hope that my family stays safe from crime as I don't want to participate in this dog and pony show.

Sam I Am

I realize many people *think* the voters of Johnson County rejected Kline last November.

I think the explanation is not quite so simple. I believe the voters didn't so much reject Phill Kline as they selected a familiar name on the ballot that they've been hearing for what, how many years?

Remember, folks, in politics there is value in name ID. Morrison certainly had name ID in Johnson County.

In my humble opinion, what you saw in JoCo was not a rejection of Phill Kline, but the product of high name ID among voters who don't generally give a crap.

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