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December 20, 2006


political moderate

It is so durned refreshing to have a person of character in the position of a state governor.
Phill Kline isn't my fight, but I sure salute your integrity, Governor Sebelius.

You go Kathleen!


What a pig Sibelius is. Liberals have been appointing unelected judges for decades who rule against the wishes of the electorate. Now they don't like the taste of their own medicine.

Patty Donnelly Adams

I am so happy that I moved from Johnson County to Kansas City, Mo. Don't put down roots, Phill. You won't be D.A. for long.


Easy there scottie. She does bring up a good point. Kline did get pummelled in JoCo. But the law does let Kline take the DA position.


I applaud the Governor, but this is more political crap. Kline is not wanted and he knows it but still takes the job. I cannot wait to NOT vote for him again, but what difference would that make?

Mike Shaw

What a bunch of crap. If you read carefully, I opposed the appointment of Phill Kline as District Attorney. I did not, however, support his removal from the office of Attorney General. He did absolutely nothing to warrant such a removal, and I find it absolutely ridiculous that Governor 'do nothing' Sebelius believes it to be her responsibility to stick her nose into this situation. I got news for you Kathleen: the voters of Johnson County did not vote on Phill Kline as D.A. They voted for Attorney General. They're different offices.

The voters of Johnson County did, however, elect precinct committeemen and women to represent them. Those same committee persons believed the election of Phill Kline to be the best decision; thereby, Kathleen, the will of the people was sufficiently represented whether you like it or not.

Although Sebelius obviously disagrees with elected officials taking principled stands (i.e. abortion records), the real problem Kathleen has with Phill is that he actually has accomplished something in office (however unpopular it may be). Man, she is totally worthless.

Funny Phill ought to make plenty of headlines in the next two years.


Good for Kate!

And in a ceremonial way, it's pretty gutsy.

It's the holiday season and she could have simply ignored the issue. Instead she spoke up.

According to the law she couldn't prevent the JoCoGop's action. And a lot of politicians might have just avoided the issue.

But this is unique and special. 65% of JoCo voters rejected Phill (the second L is for "liar") Kline. He became eligible by (albeit, technically "legal") registering to vote in a county where he does not live. And the whole process of Republican committee-critters casting annonymous proxy votes was, technically again, by the book.

The Phill Kline ascension to DA is to politics what the OJ Simpson acquittal was to justice.

No Republican in Johnson County has any business to gripe now if a defendant gets off on a "technicality." The only reason there's a new DA taking office on January 8th is a string of technicalities.

political moderate

Monkeyhawk, you raise an interesting point. I wonder what the supposed, "law and order" republican precinct committee people are going to say when dangerous criminals are released in JoCo because of prosecutorial error?
I bet they blame Kathleen...

Reginald Thornton

Pot, kettle.

Kettle, pot.

Now that introductions are out of the way...


I can not believe he is our DA! This past election was really the first time I voted for democrats and to see that he is now our DA is just wrong.



Good posts.

I love how Sebelius has so many people snowed. She's really quite good or you're quite gullible.

But I will say this: She's definitely the hottest governor in the US.


If you lose an election, you should not be allowed to work for government again?

In what twisted reality does she live in.

Glad I don't live in KS anymore.

I suppose John Kerry can't run for president again since the will of the american people said he was not fit to hold that office 2 years ago. JoCo voters are so irrational.

Why the fuss over who is the DA in JoCo? How hard could it be to prosecute the "tough" cases the DA's office regularly see- purse snatchers. JoCo in 2004- murders (0), rapes (0), assaults (22). KC in 2004- murders (126), rapes (295), assaults (4,121). What the heck does the DA do there in JoCo anyway?

A total non-story.


This isn't really my fight but I do have one comment. For everyone that thinks this will be the end of the Republican party in Johnson County, think again. The Democrats in Jackson County have been openly corrupt for decades and have a stranglehold on Jackson County. So don't think that a little hitch like this will bring them down.


How interesting. Governor Sebelius has taken an oath of office to uphold the laws of the state of Kansas. Yet she doesn't approve a "lawful" appointment.

What an 180 degree turn. This same governor, these past two year, has chided Republicans for wanting to put restrictions on the Kansas Supreme Court in regard to Education funding. She basically laughed at them for "not liking that Kansas Law allows the courts to weigh in on education funding."

Governer Sebelius is disappointing. For I now see that she has learned to speak out of both sides of her mouth. She has finally passed Politics 101

Give her the diploma. But live with it, for its the LAW.

Herbert Yates

Be honest, this is all politics. Kate is 100 percent political, as are here henchmen in Topeka.

Mark in SEK

I have news for the foreign ain't her choice. The law says that the JoCo Republicans get to choose, not her. So now that woman from Ohio is above the law???


This is from the Governor who wants Kansas to pay for illegal aliens education at KU and K State while my Kansas born American Citizen children have to pay full tuition.
I am not wild about Kline but he is far better in this position than Sibelius is at hers.


"The voters of Johnson County did, however, elect precinct committeemen and women to represent them. Those same committee persons believed the election of Phill Kline to be the best decision; thereby, Kathleen, the will of the people was sufficiently represented whether you like it or not."

No, the "voters of Johnson County" did NOT elect the people who picked Phill Kline to be JoCo DA. These were REPUBLICAN committee people who don't even do a good job of representing Republicans let alone everyone in JoCo. The will of the people certainly was not sufficiently represented.

The selection of Kline to be DA was a slap in the face to JoCo voters by the radical rightists who have hijacked the GOP and the GOP will continue to pay a heavy price for it.


You can tell Republicans are really, really smart. Like *really* smart.



Fred Ziffel

I do not think Sebelius has been that great of a Governor, but her comments are right on about Phill Kline, these right-wingers are as much of a threat to our great nation as are the terrorists, shame on them. Too bad we cannot send them packing south of the border.


"The law says that the JoCo Republicans get to choose, not her. "

Yes. And as the Governor says in her letter Kline will become with or without her approval. However she does not have to rubber stamp an appointment she neither made nor approves of.

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