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January 25, 2007


Brian S.

"Interesting," Bush said at one point, "pretty fancy, isn't it?" Yeah our president is a real professional, isn't he?? Nobody says "Pretty fancy, isn't it?"

Doesn't Matter

Only small people like you Brian would dwell on his remark...better things to discuss.

President Bush is the

Doesn't Matter

Only small people like you Brian would dwell on his remark...better things to discuss.

President Bush is the Man!

Reality Check

It's better than his old man marveling at the bar-code scanners at a grocery store. Now THAT was out of touch.

Larry Linder

Not only is our beloved el presidente "the man," he is by his own admission "the decider."


At least he didn't invent the internet.....

Well, Bush didn't say "fabulous"...

"It's been a fabulous year for Laura and me." -- George W. Bush., three months after the World Trade Center towers went down.

"And we'll prevail, because we're a faaabulous nation, and we're a faaabulous nation because we're a nation full of faaabulous people." -- George W. Bush., Atlanta, GA, January 31, 2002

John Boy

He is my hero !!! Viva La Bush !!!


Since when did vocabulary become a pre-requisite for presidency? Decision making abilities and rhetoric are two very different attributes.

John Boy

But I am really hoping John Edwards gets the nod...For sure I would change my vote to Democratic then !!! He is the best one running in either party at this point..


Steve Kraske can't even get a simple news story out without taking a jab at the President (ie Karl Rove/Scooter Libby comment). Of course, the Star feels this commentary is appropriate and adequately describes the purpose of the President's visit enough to put on the front page of the website.

Yeah, Kraske used the word "controversy" rather than "criminal trial". What a jab! Too bad he isn't more accurate in what is going on with Rove, right?

Ms Librarian

Save a TREE......burn a BUSH

Edwards all the way!!! I'm with ya on that one. Who would you like to see for vp? How about Webb?

Thank you 2:32. My thoughts exactly.


I for one appreciate the time spent by these reporters who (say what you want) are actually trying to show us information about the running of our very own government, and the man we elected to be President. Last time I checked, that's not a trivial thing in a democracy. The President and his staff really need to expend more effort on making good decisions -- and explaining them sufficiently to us -- than on meaningless photo ops and crude suggestions that one of our witnesses/reporters get a proctology exam.

It's really sad (and typical) that so many are willing to waste energy shooting the messenger instead of holding our elected leaders accountable.


Edwards is a slimy ambulance chaser.


I think a sophisticated camera that can monitor a patient's eyes for a change in condition IS pretty fancy. I would probably say it out loud too. Does marveling at the latest medical technology with colloqialisms make one unprofessional? I think the President should be judged the way we judge all elected officials...Has he done a good job in office? If the answer is "no", vote for a better President in 2008.


Seriously, some of you just look foolish when you take an innocent comment such as this from President Bush and turn it into a personal attack on him. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to criticize the guy ... this remark isn't one of them.


he is a tool


I wish I had enough money to buy me the white house.

"Fancy, isn't it? Ooh, and look at the pretty lights. And it's shiny too. I wanna be president forever and ever. Daddy, buy me a hospital."


I agree that there are indeed bigger questions to ask about any President:

1. Is our Presidents learning?
2. Can our President help us put food on our family?
3. If someone with Dubya's intellect can ascend to the Presidency, doesn't that mean my wings can take dream too?
4. I know Al Queda never stops thinking of ways to harm Americans and "never do we" as Dubya once said so I'd like to know what he's cooking up next.

This has been tough years, as the President would put it.

Not a Bush Lover

We now know whom the 1% is who still thinks this idiot is doing a good job... I say lets send you guys to an abandoned island and let him rule over you there. For the other 99% of us it's beyond time to start impeaching him!


I am ashamed that my home town of Lees Summit, MO has had two appearances by this president in the last 3 years.


The President was here to talk about the new Health Plan to help individuals afford private health insurance.

Seems the Star cannot have one clean article about the purpose of the visit and break down of the President's plan. They got to slime it up with Liberal talking points that have nothing to do with the visit.

Too bad the Star and you liberal nut jobs are so blinded by your hate to let any positive message get out. Drink your koolade close minded ones.

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