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January 31, 2007


Do you think he gave Bush a free copy of the book?

When will Bill O'Leilly start ranting about the Bush's new French chef?!

I just read on another blog that DeAnn Smith upholds the highest journalistic standards...Are you kidding me. The story above isn't even worthy of a high schooler. All but about 10% of the story is mean spirited conjecture, rumor and innuendo. Maybe she can pull her next "news story" from Jay Leno's opening monologue. PATHETIC!

Political Moderate

DeAnn....C'mon, there has to be better stuff than this to report.
Sniff, Sniff Sniff...sniff around and find out where Sam Graves has been hiding since before the election... He certainly hasn't been talking to his, uh, constituents.


Hey PM, I think he's been helping out his wife on Saturdays at their license fee office's across the state. See where they made the Graves a cool 400k last year...

Political Moderate

Aw, dickeylee, I wish you hadn't told me that. Now I'm getting all upset at Sam...AGAIN!!!

Hey 10:04, where is your sense of humor? BTW, this is a B-L-O-G on the I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T-S and not the KC Star's printed newspaper. There is a difference, ya know.

P.S. Keep up the good work DeAnn! For every 1 negative blog, there are many times more supporters out here on your side. Water on a ducks back...

Gentle Ben

Congratulations DeAnn, the biggest idiot on the blog loves you. Mr. Flame Baiter is in the house and on your side, and at 9:09 in the AM even. Could you possibly be prouder.


Yes DeAnn, keep up the good work, and someday, maybe, they will let you write in the big paper!

Of course attacking President Bush is the best and fastest way to get there... but you knew that.


Which liberal blogs are "howling with laughter" about this? I read a lot of them, but I hadn't seen this story until I read it on the Buzzblog.

man people, relax.

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