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January 16, 2007



Politically speaking, I don't think this was that much of reach for Brownback. If his goal is now to get the GOP nom he needs to separate himself from the pack--that means breaking with McCain.

I also don't see him as being that loyal a foot soldier. He very early and strongly objected to Harriet Meirs for the SC nom. That was a bigger blow to junior than this was.

Ed Friedemann

Wrong is wrong and that never changes. Sam Brownback finally woke-up to reality. Now if we can get the rest of congress to reinstate their loyalty to America, we'll have our Constitution back.

All except Joe Lieberman, who should move to Israel and be with his friends, those Zionist Likud sickos and take that WSJ rag along with him...

It has no standing in our Democracy other than an arrogant enemy.


Ed - How many days have you been off your meds now? The zionist thing in every post is getting really old.

Iraq reaches out to Iran - with or without US

The Iraqi government is moving to solidify relations with Iran, even as the United States turns up the rhetorical heat and bolsters its military forces to confront Tehran's influence in Iraq.

Iraq's foreign minister, responding to a U.S. raid on an Iranian office in Irbil in northern Iraq last week, said Monday that the government intended to transform similar Iranian agencies into consulates. The minister, Hoshyar Zebari, also said the government planned to negotiate more border entry points with Iran.

The U.S. military is still holding five Iranians detained in Thursday's raid. Army Gen. George W. Casey Jr., the commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, said records seized in the raid and statements made by the detainees showed that at least some of them worked for Iran's intelligence service.

"I don't think there is any disagreement on the fact that these folks that we have captured are foreign intelligence agents in this country, working with Iraqis to destabilize Iraq and target coalition forces that are here at Iraq's request," Casey said Monday.

Zalmay Khalilzad, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, added, "We are going after their networks in Iraq."

Iraqis, who have echoed Tehran's calls for the U.S. to release the five men, say the three-way standoff that has ensued reveals more about American meddling in Iraqi affairs than about Iranian influence.

"We, as Iraqis, have our own interest," Zebari said in an interview with The Times. "We are bound by geographic destiny to live with" Iran, adding that the Iraqi government wanted "to engage them constructively."

Zebari's comments reinforced the growing differences between the Iraqi government's approach and that of the Bush administration, which has rejected calls by the nonpartisan Iraq Study Group to open talks with Iran and Syria.


Iraq's Kurds share a storied history with the Revolutionary Guard, fighting side by side against former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein in the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war.,0,5719172.story?track=mostviewed-homepage

Ed Friedemann

"Ed - How many days have you been off your meds now?"

The Zionists have always been able to operate with stealth, as few American understand that grave threat they represent. One could say "Bush" was getting old, being mentioned everyday, but because of the dire threat he represents, he is mentioned mostly behind excuses.

The MSM does not cover the Zionists daily atrocities or Atomic threats, so this Jerk's belittleling is to be expected.

These jerks use "meds" "Tinfoil" "Black helicopters" "Hitler" "anti-Semitism" Racism anything to downgrade the importance of exposing the source of trouble-making in the Middle East.

Trouble-making which had the power the raise gasoline to 3 dollars a gallon...and has threatened to lead to Atomic warfare.

Wiping-out our oil supply would crash our economy.

If Sam wasn't running for president, he would be supporting the surge. But now that he realizes the majority of the American people do not support more troops, he has jumped onto the 'which stance will get me more votes' bandwagon.

Run, Sam, RUN! Your campaign will be the most entertaining to watch.

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