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January 16, 2007


Certainly speaks for where they each place themselves in the area of importance.

A self imposed hierarchy.


"Shields did not receive such an endorsement but was equally praised by Thompson who referred to the former Jackson County executive as his close friend and sister."

At least "close friend and sister" has a better ring to it than "unindicted co-conspirator."

Where was Mike Sanders... the self-annointed "friend of the African Americans?" Oh I guess eastern Jackson County guys don't celebrate MLK Day.

Tom Pendergast was in the back pew.

I missed this years ceremony. Did Shields once again announce her solidarity with minorities based on her ill treatment by the FBI?

Drew Murphy

What's up with Fuzzy Thompson crowning Brooks mayor at public function?

Sanders did the right thing by not going. Thompson is nothing more than another whore looking to get paid in the name of progress.

Where's the ACLU when we need it? Clearly we have a pastor endorsing a political candidate from the pulpit. We need to pull the tax-exempt status of St. Stephen Baptist Church! Wait, I forgot about the hypocrisy... It's OK for a black pastor to endorse democrats in the inner city, but Jerry Johnston discussing (not endorsing) candidates at First Family Church in Overland Park draws the scrutiny of the liberals and the ACLU.


Just another case in point, where a religious figure is using the pulpit for politican purposes. Again, you wouldn't see a white pastor endorse a white candidate because the ACLU and other self serving organizations would say that their civil rights were being violated. Its a double standard, you can do it but when I try to do it,it's called civil rights violation.

I was pleased to see both area Latino elected officals attended the event. Both County Legislator (1st at large) Teresa Garza and State Representative (37th District) Mike Talboy were front and center.

Bill Dennis

The anti-ACLU commenters show their stupidity. Show me where the ACLU has done anything about Jerry Johnston? The ACLU sues governments to protect our civil rights. They don't sue individuals.

OK, if not the ACLU, how about the MAINstream Coalition? Same group of liberal hypocrites, just a different name.

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