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January 31, 2007


Gentle Ben

We need to eliminate the tolls not rip the citizens of Kansas off for any more.

We already have an income tax, almost a 10% sales tax, a property tax that bizarrely includes cars and a gas tax that drives me over to Missouri to fill up.

And what do we get for that? An attorney general who thinks that mass murder is above the law, a sleazy, conflict filled supreme court that usurps the power of the legislature, and way, way, way too many government employees who think they have a lifetime interest in their jobs.

Fire 50% of the current state employees and then we'll talk.

Do you even read your posts? You need to chill.

Are you saying you need a govt. job G Bizarro??? If we fire half, that might match your ego.


Raise taxes to finance $700 million in new spending while the state is $4 billion in debt.... yep, sounds like VP timber to me.

Gentle Ben

Does anyone notice that there's a high correlation between not even creating a screen name and the complete absence of an intelligent response. notice the two non-entities above. Notice that neither one is capable of constructing a cogent argument. Non-entity = idiot.


Fire 50% of the current state employees and then we'll talk

I have to disagree Ben. Now had you said 75% of the administrative slots created in the last 10 years, you'd be right into the meat of the problem.


Typical and spend, tax and spend. It never occurs to them (or any politician to be fair) to look for efficiencies to meet their obligations.

No worries though, the sheeple, I mean moderates, will go along and the fuss will die down soon enough.

I think it is really funny that someone would have a complaint because someone didn't put their anon name in the little box. Kinda anal really.

oooooo, non-entity, that's so, so cruel.


"Typical and spend, tax and spend."

I'm not liberal, but this argument makes me laugh. Tax and spend is WAY better than borrow and spend. Well, let me think about that. I don't have any kids, so it won't be my kids that pay for it. BORROW AND SPEND, BORROW AND SPEND!!


hey, if we just let the Universities crumble to dust we'll save even more money. LOL

Why is there no mention of why the legislature hasn't funded maintainence on the existing structures in the university system? Only jabs at the Queen for presenting a soloution.


I prefer borrow and sprend to tax and spend. I borrow money in order to manage my finances. I don't go to my employer for money every time I need something. Somehow I don't think that would fly. It only flies in the upside down, pass the buck world of bureaucrats and politicians.

With borrowing, the debt must be repaid. Raising taxes is like "loaning" money to your kids, you don't expect to see it again. It also may or may not be spent in the way promised to obtain the funds.

"I don't have any kids, so it won't be my kids that pay for it."

I love it when liberals don't have kids. One less fool at the protest or asking for government assistance. But if you think future generations won't have debt you're naive. Debt is a part of a healthy economy. Then again, I wouldn't expect a socialist to understand economics.


RWC, how do you see yourself fit to paint me as a socialist and a liberal? I can assure you, I am neither. I'm simply pointing out how spewing crap from the right to counteract the crap from the left makes us in the middle dodge a lot of crap.

Stick to your right-wing talking points, and let politicians from both sides rob all of us blind. I suggest reading Lou Dobbs' book called "War on the Middle Class." While you're reading it, remind yourself that a lifelong Republican wrote the book.


"how do you see yourself fit to paint me as a socialist and a liberal?"

It's not much of a leap jc. If you think it's proper to equalize eveyones station in life through taxation, you are a socialist. If it makes you feel better, cloak yourself in the "moderate" moniker. However, it's been my experience that people that label themselves "moderate" either don't have the courage to call themselves liberal or are too busy watching American Idol to educate themselves on the issues, in order to know where they stand.


RWC, I have to stop acknowledging you, because you're simply an idiot. Apparently my sarcastic post was too much for you to handle, so you decided to start attacking what you think I am. Unfortunately, our world has too many people like you in it.


Kansasdog, the "Queen" has been "Queen" for four years, running up debt at a rate of $1 billion per year. I think it's about time she take responsibility, don't you? Isn't that what leaders do rather than pointing the finger at someone else?


Suit yourself jc. Check the right hand margin, there'a a list of left wing echo chambers where you may feel more at home.

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