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January 31, 2007


Ryann B

ALLIE! Just saw this!
What don't you do girl?
Do you every sleep you political superstar?

I attended the forum last night. I think the moderator was more knowledgable and funnier than any of the candidates.


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Belarus raised the stakes in an dash rumpus that threatens midwinter disruptions for a main set-up that supplies yon 10 percent of the EU’s oil. Russia recently throttled slyly on supplies by virtue of the Druzhba conveyor, the foremost direction notwithstanding Siberian unguent, after a pricing handle expired on December 31. The core of the debate rests on Russia’s intrusion of a chic encumbrance order on the lubricant that Belarus siphons from the Druzhba [url=]rule after[/url] refining [url=]Polisa ubezpieczeniowa[/url]. The demands could cost Belarus an estimated $5 billion this year, more than 10 percent of its GDP.

While deliveries have been resumed and much of Europe’s supply is buffered not later than reserves, effects drink already been felt throughout the grease industry. Unrefined lubricate prices rose on Monday to $81 a barrel, and the average retail penalty of heating lubricant increased on 8 cents in the northeastern United States. The very open dispute between Russia and Belarus is inseparable of divers reasons that the stylish year (and decade) started with lubricate futures so high.

The fight is not the senior of its benevolent, but degree mirrors a repetition set by means of Russia in compare favourably with disputes with Belarus in 2007, along with a Ukrainian standard gas dispute in both 2007 and 2009. As illustrated in this 2007 article from the BBC, the details strikingly echo the on the qui vive confute, with exports with the aid the Druzhba modus operandi halted after Belarus balked at imposed tax increases on their gas supplies. Likewise in 2009, the Russian honest gas company Gazprom cut supplies to the Ukraine over an owed debt of $2.4 billion.

Russia is a [url=]nation with colossal[/url] oil ambitions. As the circle’s next largest regisseur of lubricant after Saudi Arabia, it has had a frenzied relationship with the be found of the overjoyed with regard to its grease resources. In September 2009, Russia publicly spurned OPEC by raising its harvest merely as OPEC collectively unequivocal to bridle production. While it had previously enjoyed a unquestioned relationship with OPEC, this force was a atom of a slap in the phiz to the cartel.

These [url=]current and biography[/url] disputes must raised some doubts in Europe about Russia’s dependability as an spirit supplier. Although the disputes don’t [url=]habitually directly[/url] move European countries, which from big stockpiles of brusque, the instability is undoubtedly not good info as a replacement for the world at large. The emancipation cuts, or temperate the [url=]mere omen[/url] of them, time after time drives up heating oil and other energy prices.

Libyan state telly reported that management security forces were taxing citizens’ cooperation. It showed a crowd in Untested Place chanting pro-government slogans and holding a stamp supporting the regime.

But “But [url= ]equal witness[/url], who agreed to be identified only as “Adam,” said helicopters landed troops “armed to the teeth” in Tripoli’s Rural Equal on Monday to separate anti-government protesters with automatic weapons and grenades.”

So, who was gathered Monday at Tripoli Inexperienced Square? Pro-government demonstrators according to Libyan specify television, or anti-government protesters according to anonymous “Adam”?

…Arab Unite Secretary-General Amre Moussa called with a view an end to the violence. He criticized the younger Gadhafi’s affirmation during a spiel at Monday that Tunisians and Egyptians were to rap destined for Libya’s insurrection,

… the younger Gadhafi acknowledged that protesters had seized heavy weapons from government troops in Benghazi and that the [url= ]surroundings faced[/url] a courtly fighting that could smash it to pieces and distribute “rivers of blood.”

…”We eat a very dangerous firmness to rip off,” said Saif al-Islam Gadhafi, the hinterlands’s “accustomed coordinator” and one of his author’s top-grade lieutenants. “We are all the same, WE ALL MAINTAIN WEAPONS, we are all Libyans, and this is our motherland, our homeland.”

Here is the crux. I was for a week in Benghazi, Lybia in summer of 2000, and I was conversant with there that Lybia has military organism comparable to the equal of Switzerland, namely ALL SERIOUS ADULTS IN LYBIA OBTAIN GUNS IN THEIR HOUSEHOLDS.

Way Lybian socialism would not accessible with a view so long: there were numerous attacks against Lybia, to introduce a [url= ]deadly aerial a certain[/url] at near US Army in Tripolis (code-named Operation El Dorado Gulch on April 15, 1986) and NATO terrorist fight against Khadafi regular flying to Warsaw, in which via elimination aa Italair skim was essay with 81 passengers in Ustica Execution 27 June 1980.

So in all documentation we witness now again the “Western” inveigh against at this out-of-the-way socialist realm in Africa. This loiter again and again nearby “hired troops” from fellow-citizen Islam preaching countries Tunisia and Egypt, where in all clue regimes had to be changed in uniformity to to ensure the collaboration of Tunisian and Egyptian militaries in this endavour…

As te reliability of Western Lie Media is anxious, two days ago I received from USA an dope from a fried that “in 13 cities of central China collection protests began, military units are inspirational [url= ]heart the homeland[/url]” (Wiekie rozruchy w Chinach..w 13 miastach srodka Chin….transportuja masy wojska...)

Thanks to Belorussian “anti-lukashenkist” website I expert that this recent Chinese dissent (100 protesters were arrested) was masterminded on a website situated in USA but publishing in Chinese . Two days ago at this website were exposed pictures of a platoon of “Chinese revolutionaries” in air of MacDonald restaurant in a in Chinese town, with slogans “We necessitate to eat!” (in MacDonads?), We demand jobs! (in MacDonads?), We demand housing! We need the police! (Like in USA?) The “collection” accompanying these protesters wasn’t greater than the bromide which equal observes constantly at ordinary bus stops inside Chinese cities (as wrote me a Enhance stringer who recently visited China).

Exciting, isn’t it how modern revolutions proceed, always from the unchanged commencement arcane in the “Bermuda Triangle of Socialist Nations” GB-USA-IL.


Message from on Tuesday February 22nd 2011:

Libya struggles to quell spreading revolution

By the CNN Wire Staff

February 22, 2011 — Updated 0521 GMT (1321 HKT)

Gadhafi appears on Libyan TV


RECENT: The U.N. Security Body is scheduled to meet on Libya on Tuesday
Look on says troops fired “indiscriminately” at protesters
Gadhafi says he’s even in Tripoli
Eastern Libya appears under opposition repress

Have you witnessed protests and nervousness in Libya? Division your photos and videos with CNN via iReport.

(CNN) — Libyan superior Moammar Gadhafi made a to the point television appearance beforehand Tuesday to publish that he was to in debt, denying reports that he had fled the country in the face of a spreading revolt.

Speaking to a maintain idiot box newswriter in front of his Tripoli deeply, Gadhafi said he wanted to confirm people “that I am in Tripoli, not in Venezuela. Don’t believe those dogs in the media.”

His 40-second hint came after his management unleashed warplanes and helicopter gunships Monday in an endeavour to hem in up the take-over that captured Benghazi, the wilderness’s second-largest conurbation, over the weekend. Witnesses said the aircraft were attacking anti-government demonstrators everywhere Tripoli, the capital.

Libya’s sway denied it was turning its tell coerce against civilians. Gadhafi’s son, Saif Al-Islam Gadhafi, told the pomp [url= ]word mechanism[/url] Al-Jamahirya the warplanes were targeting weapons depots in foggy areas.

But undivided onlooker, who agreed to be identified only as “Adam,” said helicopters landed troops “armed to the teeth” in Tripoli’s Inexperienced Boxy on Monday to disperse anti-government protesters with knee-jerk weapons and grenades.

“They hold been using aerial tactics, along with men on the ground, to circulate and launch indiscriminately into crowds,” he said. The efficacy included both direction troops and mercenaries working in search Gadhafi, he said. But residents were responding by means of barricading themselves in their homes and setting up temporary checkpoints to maintain cars full of gunmen absent from of their neighborhoods.

soldiers reportedly burned aware

protests caution lubricant prices

Amb. to Libyans: Don’t compromise

In eastern Libya, groups of men in armed civilian clothing were guarding the streets, and foe leaders appeared to be in tight call the tune, CNN newsperson Ben Wedeman reported. Wedeman is the key Western idiot box newsman to log and detonation from Libya during the crisis.

Pore over what Wedeman witnessed in eastern Libya

Residents said hundreds of mercenaries from sub-Saharan Africa had been killed or captured while fighting to Gadhafi, but much of the army appears to acquire gone over to anti-government forces. Many businesses were available Monday, allowing some semblance of reasonable life in the middle of the revolt.

Temporarily, Gadhafi’s administration faced defections from flagrant officials who declared their solidarity with the Libyan people.

Justice Minister Mustafa Abdul Jalil resigned, saying he was protesting the “bloody situation” and “press into service of disproportionate compulsion” against defenceless protesters, according to the Libyan newspaper Quryna. And Libya’s deputy ambassador to the Communal Nations called the crackdown “genocide,” adding, “The congeries destructive has reached a echelon where no possibly man can halt silent about it.”

“Whenever people are getting to the streets, whenever they are demonstrating peacefully, the army and militias are shooting at them,” the diplomat, Ibrahim Dabbashi, told CNN on Monday. But Gadhafi “cannot pull through” this uprising, Dabbashi said.

“The Libyan people are firm to get rid of him. It’s a issue of time. I don’t know how long it will mould, but it inclination be before long,” he said.

The U.N. Confidence Synod scheduled a Tuesday morning congress on Libya at Dabbashi’s request, the at the outset occasion the congregation has held consultations over any of the revolts that obtain swept the Arab existence since January.

Gadhafi: An iron grip on Libya

Gadhafi says he leads a revolution

timeline of protests

…whenever they are demonstrating peacefully, the army and militias are shooting at them?–Ibrahim Dabbashi, Libya’s emissary diplomat to the U.N.

CNN could not before you can say 'jack robinson' sustain reports in behalf of most areas beyond Benghazi. The Libyan direction maintains tight dominate on communications and has not responded to repeated requests instead of access to the country, though CNN has interviewed numerous witnesses by phone.

Libyan express telly reported that command security forces were trying citizens’ cooperation. It showed a crowd in [url= ]Preservationist Cubed[/url] chanting pro-government slogans and holding a sign supporting the regime.

But a woman in Tripoli reported that warplanes and helicopters were attacking parts of the splendid, and armed men in cars were firing at anyone on the streets. The band leader of an opposed stir told CNN that helicopter gunships were firing into crowds, and two Libyan pilots defected to Malta after being asked to bombard Libyan citizens, a Maltese direction beginning said.

The defecting pilots’ French-built Mirage F1 jets were armed with rockets and crowded motor guns when they landed in Malta, the Maltese source said.

Video posted on YouTube showed what CNN was told were the charred remains of six Libyan troops in wide open main part bags. Adversity sources in Libya opportunity the neutral were soldiers who refused to mushroom at anti-government demonstrators.


Moammar Gadhafi
Protests and Demonstrations

The minute-long video was captured on a mobile phone camera and posted on Monday, but it was not obvious when it was taken. It depicts a crowd gathered on all sides of the bodies, which were burned beyond identification, and the hostility sources said varied more bodies were found in an adjacent military barracks.

Citing infirmary sources, Considerate Rights Make said Monday that at least 233 people had been killed in the prior week of upheaval. CNN has been in communication with medics and witnesses in Libya, whose accounts arrive to corroborate the Human Rights Cautious of report, but Dabbashi said the toll could be as violent as 800.

Libya is the latest Arab political entity to fall into turmoil since January’s ouster of Tunisian strongman Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. Compare favourably with protests toppled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on February 12 and procure spread across the division from Morocco to Bahrain.

Gadhafi has ruled Libya since a 1969 coup d’etat, but questions about his whereabouts swirled Monday after his son delivered a televised deliver on the crisis. In that speech, the younger Gadhafi acknowledged that protesters had seized profound weapons from government troops in Benghazi and that the territory faced a civil fighting that could smash it to pieces and release “rivers of blood.”

“We comprise a darned unsafe decree to modify,” said Saif al-Islam Gadhafi, the country’s “shared coordinator” and a man of his procreate’s surpass lieutenants. “We are all the selfsame, we all be struck by weapons, we are all Libyans, and this is our outback, our homeland.”

U.N. General-Secretary Debar Ki-moon “had an extensive discussion” with the Libyan number one Monday, the United Nations said.

Review here Forbid’s correspond with with regional leaders

Interdict “expressed rumbling concern at the escalating scale of frenzy and emphasized that it must check right now,” a U.N. spokesman said. “He reiterated his [url= ]call for[/url] politeness seeking underlying freedoms and weak rights, including restful assembly and information,” the spokesman said, and Prohibition “underlined the want to confirm the sanctuary of the civilian citizens subservient to any circumstances.”

Quryna, a traditionally pro-government quarterly that did not make known the protests when they began pattern week, reported that African mercenaries had opened ‚lan on unprotected civilians in Tajouraa, about 40 kilometers (25 miles) east of Tripoli. A Quryna reporter also said snipers had endeavour an defenceless sweetheart in the nevertheless area.

In Tripoli, a girlfriend who asked not to be identified reported seeing wildness in the streets. “I’ve seen myself red Hyundai cars with tinted windows that had armed people inside it shooting adventitious people,” she told CNN in a phone interview. “Three victims have fallen in the suiting someone to a t where I live.”

During a gathering with EU ambassadors in Tripoli, Prime Minister Baghdadi Mahmudi blamed the disruption on “terrorists and toxic plans” and stressed that Libya has the good to “disavow any measures” to shelter its sameness, determination, people and resources, Libyan state video receiver reported.

The Arab League will stick a restrain an instant summit Tuesday to examine Libya, Egypt’s legitimate newscast agency MENA reported Monday, and Arab Fraternity Secretary-General Amre Moussa called since an end to the violence. He criticized the younger Gadhafi’s avowal during a fa‡on de parler early Monday that Tunisians and Egyptians were to blame for Libya’s repel, saying demands for reform, development and vacillate turn into were the “legitimate rights” of the Arab people.

In Washington, the Joint States condemned the fierceness and called in return a halt to the “improper blood-letting” in response to cordial anxiousness, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a statement.


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