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January 24, 2007



Lawyers hauling other lawyers into court and lawyers charging other lawyers exhorbitant fees.


They're actually charging you the fees, if you are a Kansas taxpayer. Did you think Kline is paying for this defense out of his personal funds?

Gentle Ben

What's obscene is allowing Kathryn Vratil to sit on this case. Getting a fair trial from an impartial jurist is virtually impossible in Kansas all the way from the Supreme Court to the lowest magistrate.

No matter where you try and file a case, if it has political implications one of these left-wing kooks like Vratil hops on the case and, in this case, a lynch mob would be more objective.

Damned shysters.


Vratil can decide that 1st and 14th Amendment rights have been violated. Just my "opinion," but she should throw out 1st amendment right from the getgo. Non-issue. 14th is sketchy and that should toss it too.

Now you're left with a federal court looking at a local hiring policy. Can you say, whaaat?

Can you say, send it back to Johnson County? Oops, all the JoCo judges recused themselves, right?

Can you say arbitrator? Retired Judge Lively back in the picture? Can you say binding arbitration that no one wants in Kansas?

Can you say what a mess? Vratil is going to earn her pay on this one.


Drifters? Darlin' save the last dance for me...


Hi GB!

Just checking in with you. Always entertaining.

Let me get this straight: From the magistrate court (presumably you mean federal) all the way to the Kansas Supreme Court (state), all liberals? Watching you mix judicial systems just reinforces my belief that you are simply misguided. Nothing an eighth grade civics course can't fix.

Since you are naming Judges, why don't you throw out a couple you consider impartial. Bueller?... Bueller?

And, are you claiming Vratil gets to choose her cases? You really don't get how any of this works, do you?

Always interested in seeing how your wheels are turning. You are full of vitriolic vigor, light on balance, truth, or legal insight, but high on vigor.


Gentle Ben

I wish I could throw out a couple of names I think are impartial. And you're absolutely correct, for a moment I forgot that Vratil was on the federal bench.

I'm aware as to how these judges allegedly get their cases, but I also know enough about the laws of probability to know that what they claim is the case and what actually is the case are tow different issues. I am however open to a civics lesson from such a learned counselor as yourself. Teach away.

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