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January 11, 2007


Ed Friedemann

The Zionists, Bush, Rice, and the Neocons are using extremely bad judgement, which borders on mental illness.

There is no sane way to justify the millions of deaths they're causing or the megalomania they're pursuing.

At best their reasoning is flimsy and the world knows it, the American People know it and nothing they're doing will result in a peaceful solution.

Using the killing power of the American military is not justified.

Our troops should disengage immediately and allow the Iraqi People to sort out the damage we've done.

This has gone away passed politics and good judgement.

It needs to stop.

The only way to make it stop is to cut-off the money supply.

All of it.

Ed Friedemann

From the Arabs:

"The West is not motivated by any desire to democratize Iraq. They are there reimposing imperialism on the Muslim Middle East, masking their naked aggression with lies about “moral obligation toward the Iraqi people.” In the process, they have prostituted words such as “liberation” and “democracy” to get their own people to support their actions. Those Iraqis who have lived through the horror the invaders have brought them know the truth of that “liberation” and “democratization.” It is for the Iraqis themselves, not for others, to develop a system that works for them. Who knows Iraq better than Iraqis themselves?"

Gentle Ben

Ed, you're not one of those folks that doesn't think the Holocaust happened are you? Your continual bashing at "Zionists" is a bit scary.

Ed Friedemann

The scariest thing about you Zionists is the truth about yourselves. Your whole act has been built on a pack of lies. You brutalize the Palestinians then have the nerve to call them terrorists, when they fight back.

You let good Jewish kids go to bed hungry while you Zionists eat high on the hog { so to speak }.

You use the deaths of good Jews to collect money, when you could have spent a little money to help migrate them away from Hitler's grasp.

And your greed puts the good Jews of Israel in grave danger, instead of accepting the peace and security the Arab League has offered you time and time again.

You are disgustingly rotten to the core.

Gentle Ben

"you Zionists"? I'm a Zionist now? Oy!

Ed Friedemann

You're so protective of Zionists when they should disgust you. Instead you covet them. You don't bash or even dislike evil? When the light is switched on, oh my, my, my, how you do scurry to try to convince everybody that you are still the 'victim'... and of course deserve more money.


Since when did his opinion matter ?

Mike Shaw

More of the same, Dennis?

I don't believe that to be the case. An escalation in troops is a new and necessary strategy. Thank God 'W' doesn't take a page out of the Moore playbook and simply follow public opinion. If the voters of the 3rd touted overwhelming support for the plan tomorrow, Dennis would be right there with 'em.



Michael Savage is correct in his observation that iberal/Socialists like you are afflicted with a Mental Disease of Insanity.

When the Islamic Facists explode their nuclear / biological device in this country in the not too distant future, you have no one ot blame but yourself for the deaths of your loved ones.

Our Military is fighting for the freedom of fools like you !!


oh my goodness! you people are listening to talk radio? is that where you get your news and information? that is so one sided, one dimensional. i am glad that moore rejects the presidents 15% raise in troops. what he is doing is tragic.

"An escalation in troops is a new and necessary strategy."

Too funny.

"If the voters of the 3rd touted overwhelming support for the plan tomorrow, Dennis would be right there with 'em."

You mean Dennis might actually represent the views of his constituents? That is good, isn't it? What exactly was your point?

Ed Friedemann

Notice how the Zionist shows such disdain for the American People "follow public opinion"

Mr. Zionist, "public opinion" is what America is all about. It's called a Democracy. Not like your crap that runs Israel into the ground.


Mike Shaw

"You mean Dennis might actually represent the views of his constituents? That is good, isn't it? What exactly was your point?"

No, that's not good. That's not good because Dennis doesn't lead. He's a no-name member of Congress after 8 years for a reason and it's because he refuses to take any kind of issues based stand. His voting strategy is simple, though, I'll give him that. Rather than analyzing the impact a bill would have on our country or the world, all he has to do is stick a slightly dampened finger up in the air.

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