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January 23, 2007


Gentle Ben

This suit was a joke from the very beginning filed simply to embarrass Kline. Whether through county grievance procedures, or state processes, these folks don't have the proverbial snowball's chance in hell of getting their jobs back. They are simply the Idiot Eight, useful idiots for the Democrat Party in its war against Kline.

I assume the eight fired employees had the reasonable expectation that they would be treated fairly according to existing county procedures. Anyone in city/local/state government employment with exemplary evaluations shares that expectation. As things stand now, even after Kline's tenure, they will not be able to return to county employment. Thus, not only their current employment is lost, but future employment opportunities are affected.

It may be a joke to you, Ungentle Ben, but rest assured that that multiple families are affected, and no one is laughing.

Don't you just love idelogues who insult the character of strangers?


Paul Morrison violated county policies many times during his tenure as DA. He hired ADA's without advertising open positions and fired people with no notice and no cause. No one called him to task for any of those violations of county policies. One has to wonder why? Morrison has been granted complete immunity for everything he's done to include flip flopping between parties not once but twice. Don't believe me; just check the facts.

Gentle Ben,Gentle Ben,Gentle how you tire me. I am sick and tired of your references to the talented eight as idiots. You couldn't be further from the truth. I have repeatedly told you time and time again, that this is not necessarily about any of the talented eight getting their jobs back, it has more to do with the guidelines set forth by the County to which Kline and his "talented" crew have failed to adhere too. What is so difficult about all of this that you seem to be missing the boat on? The manner in which the individuals were terminated has now given them no recourse to get any job within the county because they were t-e-r-m-i-n-a-t-e-d. Had they been let go in good standing, and released of their duties occurding to the procedure...SET FORTH BY THE COUNTY...AND POLICIES IN WHICH THE DA HAD OPTED TO FOLLOW...we would not be following any lawsuits, nor would we have to read the frivolous banter that you continue to relay in these blogs. How many times do we have to challenge you (Dave Helling you too were challenged) to follow up on not only the procedures of the County, but the procedures to which some of the staff within the DA's office have decided to abolish for their own benefit. really are boring me. Enough already.

EXCLUSIVE: D.A. Kline Answers His Critics

Peace Marcher

That interview was on Jan 9. Not exactly live. late-breaking and investigative.

Peace Marcher did you see the Kline interview? It is still an exclusive interview which most people haven't seen. It is a good thing to hear from the man himself and to not listen to all the hearsay. The full interview was best to watch--although you have to click on the picture a couple of times to get it to play. John Holt asked him about every question he could think of regarding the firings.

Peace Marcher

Yes I saw it on Jan 9.

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