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January 17, 2007


calling gentle ben and jeetzwillar, here is another post for you. if it wasn't for the star constantly posting kline stories where oh where could you go and bash the star and morrison.

do you guys have an opinion on any other topic? No? didn't think so.


For the second time in the space of about a month, Phill Kline’s legal position has been smacked down by a judge. Not an “activist” judge in either case; just a person who is everything Phill Kline is not: a legal professional who knows the law, understands the law, and applies it properly.

And this points out the greatest insult that the selection of Kline as Johnson County District Attorney represents. It isn’t the arrogance. It isn’t the unconstitutional crusade to interfere with a woman’s legal right to choose. It isn’t the focus on politics over prosecutions.

No, the biggest insult is that Phill Kline simply cannot lawyer his way out of a paper bag.

The decisions on the charges against Dr. George Tiller, and on Kline’s unjust and illegal political firings, lay bare the truth: That Phill Kline is not a real lawyer, but a third-tier radio talk show host and political hack who happens to have a law degree. He is under the ignorant impression that graduating from law school makes you a lawyer.

No, Phill. (The two Ls stand for “lapsed license.”) A lawyer is a person who embraces, and immerses himself, in the legal profession. A person who understands that practicing law means taking responsibility for the individual legal rights that are our sacred trust as Americans, and for supporting and maintaining a legal system that is the envy of the world, and which plays a vital role in elevating our system of government above that of every two-bit banana republic around the globe. It is not just another way to pull a government paycheck while playing politics.

Phill, you are no lawyer.

Phill’s right-wing allies love to point to his one-day appearance before the U.S. Supreme Court as “proof” of his bona fides as a lawyer. Nonsense. He had a slam-dunk case to argue, was supported by a team of real lawyers, and was prepped and coached and rehearsed at great length for that one, specific case. It was political theater, not law practice, and Phill Kline is Johnson County’s Potemkin Prosecutor.

Every Republican ward-heeler who played a role in putting Phill Kline in the DA’s office shares responsibility for this travesty, and must be held accountable for it.

Please, allow me.

Blah blah blah, Braying like jackasses, blah blah blah, Democrat campaign, blah blah blah, Bigots, blah blah blah, Idiot 8. Blah. Blah blah blah, religious bigots, blah blah blah...

I'm sure were in for the same ol' stuff. Go to it, Benny.


how can you call kline's actions in seeking medical records unconstitutional when the kansas supreme court said it wasn't?

Mod Dem

Will he ever have time to prosecute cases for Johnson County if he keeps having to appear at grievances, ethics committees, etc??


I thought the more interesting point of the post was the Sebelious was fined for the same thing. Does that mean she already had her hearing or just paid the fine rather than bother. Either was, the only reason for the noise os that the name Kline is in the piece.

Aren't you a little ahead of yourself JMart. The judge has not ruled that anything was "illegal" only that Kline must participate. Beyond that, he put in all on hold while he referred it to another judge hwo could rule differently.

Why don't you save the flamethrower tell something really happens.

Gentle Ben

thank you to non-entity for describing the situation to a T. My time here has not been wasted. As a matter of fact, would you simply do a cut and paste now and again as this lynch mob unfolds. it'll save me an enormous amount of time. Thanks again.

Gentle Ben

I note that Morrison was down in Wichita posing for the cameras instead of being in his office in Topeka running the show. If he wasn't prepared to manage the office, and wants to be a courtroom prosecutor why did he waste our time running for AG? This is what happens when you put a low level bureaucrat in charge of the office.

Uh, Ben, I thought you wanted him to investigate Tiller. Wouldn't he need to spend some time in Wichita to do that?

Give up on Ben. He's just another one of the trolls who will never ackowledge anything positive that Morrison does from here on.

Gentle Ben

He's not down there investigating Tiller, unless he's having supper with him, he's down there trying to play prosecutor and hog the publicity on a murder case where they already have a prosecutor.

I suspect he's a good prosecutor, and it seems to be what he does well. My complaint is that he's selective in what and who he prosecutes, and is not a manager, something the AG is supposed to be.

He's just clearly not qualified to be the AG.


These blogging commercials brought to you by the sound bite generation. Ben I think we are being asked to leave the sandbox. We aren't playing fair.

Gives new meaning to "flipping the Byrds?"

Love it.

Gentle Ben

I don't recall seeing that request from anyone capable of formulating a cogent argument, and I don't pander to either children or fools.


Ben -- I don't disagree with you. Morrison is playing the very game Kline was accused of playing.

As for your other comment, it is pretty obvious that people feel they didn't get to play politics the last six years and now they feel it is "their turn to play."

You're not going to change the Star. But decisions coming down the road might cause them to adjust. So I'll wait for those.

The KC Buzz Blog is a microcosm of the KC Star. Makes you wonder if all the reporters simply came online. Probably did. I thought it would be something that welcomed varying views, but it shouts down anything not "Star."

KS Meadowlark

Ethics panel: Kline did not improperly use state computer

Why can't this story be found on the Star's web site or Buzz Blog?

Bryan Brown

OH, I don't know....maybe because it would mortally wound the editors to say anyhthing positive about PK? I do know this, had it gone the other way is would be bannered across page one tomorrow.


Let's cut to the chase. John Hanna files an AP story that says Kline didn't improperly use computers. The Star didn't follow up.

Can you say Bobby Knight? if any one knows what I mean.


I am not even certain that you know what you mean most posts.


Go read the news. It's non news.

Guarantued the Star won't print it.


You're sound bite central honey. One sentence and out.

Gentle Ben

Do you ever wonder what Kansas City would be like if it had an honest newspaper?

Kansas, as bigoted as you think it is.

Gentle Ben

"Please, allow me.

Blah blah blah, Braying like jackasses, blah blah blah, Democrat campaign, blah blah blah, Bigots, blah blah blah, Idiot 8. Blah. Blah blah blah, religious bigots, blah blah blah..."



Gentle One,
Get your obnoxious grizzly ass over to the Kline play zone and demonstrate that "I always answer what is asked" credo you have been sporting.


Didn't the Governor get her butt in a pickle last year for ethics violations (campaign?) and have to pay a fine? I looked for it, but couldn't find it anywhere in the Star.


Was there ever an article saying that Kline was going before the ethics board? I never saw one, although I do realize I could have just missed it. I only saw that information on this blog page, never in the actual newspaper. If that's truly the case, and it never appeared, then it would not surprise me that a follow-up article wouldn't be written.

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