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January 28, 2007



Sebelius would be an excellent VP fit, especially if a white male wins the nomination. Whether she could carry Kansas probably depends on whether JoCo (and the rest of metro KC) continues to march away from the Republicans.

the Daily Kos is more than just a blog. It's an online community, with thousands, if not tens of thousands, of members that post.

Anyday you can find a post about anyone saying anything.

This shouldn't be noteworthy Buzzblog, beyond it feeds a narrative you all seem partial to.

And I say this an a big fan of Sebelius.


Sure she would joe. Now all you have to do is rely on that myth that someone is marching away from the republican party (47% of all Kansans are registered Republicans) and then ask yourself, what has Sebelius actually done that would garner such attention?
Lets examine her accomplishments. Vetoed campaign reform.
Got caught soliciting illegal contributions. Bought buildings from insurance companies they couldn't unload. Put Mad Magie Phelps in charge of inmate reintegration. Gave illegal aliens the rights to a college education for a price American citizens can't have. Promised state law enforcement officers she'd clean up the KDOC and instead expanded the slave labor rental program. This list could go on for hours...

She's a real peach, just ask State Farm, Koch Industries or AT&T.


This was posted on Daily Kos by a so-called "front pager," one of a few bloggers chosen by founder Markos to provide the blog's main commentary. So it was not posted by just "anyone" and yes, it is noteworthy, given that the front page of Daily Kos is so widely read.


If I'm correct, the VP doesn't have any measure of actual accountability in terms of what they do or don't accomplish on an individual level. Yea, Kathleen would probably be pretty good at that job...

"the VP doesn't have any measure of actual accountability in terms of what they do or don't accomplish on an individual level."

Dick Cheney?


The daily kos?

You mean that bastion of moderate discussion tolerant attitudes?

For example:

1)Man, I've missed 3 days of news--what's going on--
Bush impeached yet? Universal healthcare? 32 hour work week? by RequestedUsername


2)Jesus: A Happy Little Ball of Hate
by mwchicago04


3)And the wingnuts wonder why the Iraqis aren't grateful?
by DarkSyde


4)wingnuts? You mean Nutzis.

by borkitekt


5)Redneck @ssholes

It's frustrating to me that for political reasons we have to stick with the mantra "support the troops" as we focus our outrage only at Bush and his top advisors. ~Seems clear to me that when you see things like this, add it in with Abu Ghraib and so on, that in fact many of the "troops on the ground" do deserve blame and disapprobation.~

Oh yeah.

Those are the people Gov. Seblius wants for an endorsement.

GAWD. I need a shower!!

"Gave illegal aliens the rights to a college education for a price American citizens can't have."

Do your homework. The state legislature did that, not the governor.

They also are NOT aliens, they are the children of undocumented workers. They have graduated from a high school in Kansas, have met all college entrance requirements and have applied for citizenship. Their parents file tax returns and pay income taxes in Kansas. They pay sales taxes in KANSAS.

But you think "American citizens" who are not Kansas residents should get in-state tuition rates? Just because they are US citizens? Kids from families who have never paid income tax or sales tax in Kansas should get a better rate on tuition than kids from families who actually LIVE in Kansas and are Kansas taxpayers?


They are Illegal Immigrants and Criminals do you understand that ? don't pay state or federal taxes either, opps almost forgot breaking their law being here !!!
Deport these Criminals , speak english and secure the border and get rid of there anchor babies too.


Well, she has presided over the accumulation of the largest debt load in Kansas history ($4 billion and counting) according to the Kansas Democratic house leader.


KC Buzz Blog is "left leaning." Daily Kos is extreme left.


Here's a nice summary of one's attempt read right wing blogs:

I guess you can get banned on some right wing sites by:

For insisting that it is indecent to call 9/11 widows whores and whiners
For arguing that there were no WMDs found.
For quoting passages out of the Bible and insisting that if you are to take it literally, then an adulterer like Henry Hyde should be stoned to death.


Jenniferm, I think you meant "right leaning" blogs.

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