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January 31, 2007


Gentle Ben

That's embarrassing. It's bad enough Cleaver is associated with this area, but as sleazy as he is, he's an even bigger embarrassment to decent Christians everywhere.


No doubt Gently Ben Dover follows those REAL christians like inbred Fred Phelps, certifiable whack-job Pat Robertson, segregationist Jerry Falwell and suspected pedophile enabler and animal abuser James Dobson.

Gentle Ben

Let's see, 1 out of 4 right and you've libeled 3 decent men, actually 4, but I could care less about Phelps. Cleaver's baggage is all a matter of public record, as is your obvious religious bigotry. Actually, you and Phelps have much in common. Who else do you hate?

Peace Marcher

LOL You call Cleaver a sleeze and then you have the nerve to accuse someone of hate??

Ben, you prefer the christofascists of the right?


All I want to know is, is he bringing that 40K clarinet? We've been trying to repo that son of a bitch for 10 years now, and that greasey little bastard keeps slipping away!

Gentle Ben

Is this idiot what people call a troll? No name, no argument, just a coward that tries to strike out against his intellectual superiors.
Ben, you prefer the christofascists of the right?

Posted by: | January 31, 2007 at 09:15 PM


No Ben, that is called a Flame Baiter. Trolling would be what I did above, concerning the 40K clairnet. Basically, finding a fish to bite. Public Figures and Politicians are fair game in trolling, unless they are active participants in the discussion.

The Flame Baiter uses a directed personal attacks and is generally among the lowest forms of life, bringing instant bans on serious discussion boards. It has been the cause of death and great bodily harm, usually to the flame baiter. (See Road Rage)

Hope this helps.

Gentle Ben

Thanks, Nick.

Nick and Ben need to get a room. Of course, that would mean they are......

Something tells me they are going to respond by calling me names and say really mean things to me. Gosh, I might not care.

Wait, look at the times of their posts, maybe they already have a room.


I think the proper way to deal with trolls and flame baiters is to ignore them. Eventually they grow bored and wander away from the computer.

That frees them up to return to molesting little boys and putting kittens in the microwave.

Maybe its a threesome.


"Let's see, 1 out of 4 right and you've libeled 3 decent men, actually 4, but I could care less about Phelps."

Poor Gently Ben Dover is apparently out of touch.

1. "certifiable whack-job Pat Robertson" - What better way to describe someone who claims God talks to him and tells him all sorts of info that somehow never comes to pass?

2. "segregationist Jerry Falwell" - Falwell's career began as a segregationist preacher. Ironically, some of his early published sermons attacked preachers who got involved in politics (Martin Luther King Jr., among them) to fight segregation and Jim Crow laws.

3. "suspected pedophile enabler and animal abuser James Dobson" - Dobson has promoted the idea that little boys should shower with their fathers so they can see daddy's penis and understand the notion of 'manliness.' Additionally, in his book Dare to Discipline, he relates that he savagely beat the family dog for acting defiant of him.

No libel there. Just Gently Ben Dover trying to defend religious bigots by trying to paint others with his own brush.

Apparently Gently Ben Dover's Bible doesn't include the passages about not judging others lest ye be judged.

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