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January 31, 2007


Good questions:

(1) What does this mean for future borrowers?

(2) What's the real opportunity cost? There's no way this is a true Pareto Optimal situation...what's the catch?

Great Questions! I've been listening to the Governors team and other state republican officials talking about how this will help schools.

I find it interesting that the only school they focus on is MU.

Fact is that it won't benefit future students and it won't benefit other schools.

Missouri again failing it's students and teachers. No surprise there.


Does this mean I don't have to pay back my loans ?



Sorry man, this means your Loans will have a much larger interest rate and you will have a greater chance of getting sued by salymae if you fall behind.

Brady Jenkins

This is a rotten deal for students. Why not use the money to help reduce loan interest rates or forgive more loans? That is the purpose of MOHELA, after all.

Hopefully, Rep. Zweifel can help put the breaks on this plan. If it does pass, we should remember who proposed (Blunt) and ultimately passed (the Republican legislature) and hold them accountable next election.

Keep up the good fight, Clint.

Patrick Pierce

Brady Jenkins is right. Remember that Blunt proposed this horrible legislation and (even worse) the Republican controlled legislation including local leaders Rep. Pratt, Rep. Yates, Rep. Silvey, etc.. and Sen. Bartle (he's term-limited, but he will seek AG or other higher office - so remember that) among others.

'08 is quickly closing in on us and these Jeff City Jokers must be held accountable @ the ballot box. I pity our future generations of college students if Rep. Zweifel fails.

Patrick Pierce

....among others allowed this tragic situation rear its ugly head.


You people are idiots and sycophants to the Democrat controled media. The only loans being sold are from people who have NEVER lived in the state of Missouri OR attended a Missouri school. The out of state loans that are sold will be guaranteed to have the same rates and terms, just like when you get a home loan at a bank which is then sold to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Does your local bank change your 30 year loan to a 7 year adjustable rate mortgage? The answer is no.

MOHELA already has $200 million in a bank account from selling loans from these out of state students. Not a single student has been effected. Let Zweifel and the democrat apologists on this blog try to explain that.

The $335 million that will be spent on new facilities effects every single public institution in the state, not just MU.

Patrick Pierce

Democratic-controlled media? Last I checked....FOX news - controlled by Republican supporter Rupert Murdoch.....Rush...O'Reilly...Hannityon the radio....all Republican bastions.....NBC - Universal/GE...utility company that far spends its bucks for the right....

Idiots? Capitol Connections must be one as well if he/she believes that media these controlled by the Right Wing.

Being forced to give up source(s) name(s)??? That's unheard of. It's wrong...but why is it in play???

You guessed it....the Big $$$ Media. That's certainly not a liberal bias at all. The truth isn't being told and the truth tends to be aligned w/ liberal media.

Capitol Connections must also believe that we never landed on the moon, George W. Bush is a smart man, and we're winning the war in Iraq.

Anyone w/ common sense knows all of the aforementioned list is far from 100% accurate.

Therefore...I must openly question Matt Blunt's MoHela plan b/c....has Gov. Blunt been completely honest w/ us about his administration???

I don't think so.....

Patrick Pierce

Look...I'm an MU alum, but even I must question whether selling the future of Missouri's public universities is truly the best thing for our students???? To this point...I'm not convinced.

Pardon me if I am hesitant to trust someone who gets his money from his day who gets his money from a crook like Tom DeLay.

Fool me once.....shame on you.
Fool me twice Capitol Connections.....well...I'm sure that saying applies here in the Show-Me State as well.

Patrick Pierce from his daddy who gets his money from a crook like Tom DeLay. **My apologies for the incorrect spelling**


If it only effects out of state students, and doesn't effect the interest rates or terms on even those students, then what is the rationale for opposing this.

It has been studied by the independent group Liscarnan. Plus it has been studied by the 3 major independent rating agencies - Moody's, S & P, etc. They said it will not effect MOHELA's bond rating.

No one opposed to this deal has ever put forward any facts to support their claims. Prove me wrong.

That's because no one can get the real facts. Come on, Liscarnan has everything to gain from the sale of MOHELA assets - their interests can buy them and increase their own profits!

Just because students come from other states doesn't mean we should screw them and feed them to the dogs!

I bet capitol connections makes a lot of friends by just calling everyone "idiots".

Get real, this is a terrible plan. No one can offer the negatives because of the Gov's stranglehold on MOHELA information.

Leftist media - do you read the news? Its anything but left. Even CNN openly criticizes Democrats for making mistakes. You know Bill ORielly even had a difficult time talking about Mark Foley - and that's just shameless.

Funny, there are a lot of negatives being offered without one bit of evidence to disprove the independent Liscarnan analysis. Liscarnan will make no money from the sale of any MOHELA assets. The analysis is out there on line. Disprove the analysis. Any information you want is available from MOHELA just by asking. In the off chance they won't give it to you, do a sunshine request, that is if any of you are really interested in the facts.

Bottom line is that this is a bad deal for the opposition because it is a Matt Blunt idea. No proof it is a bad deal for anyone. No evidence that it is a bad deal for anyone. Just blowing smoke because it is Blunt's idea. That is the current day democrat party. No ideas. No substance. Just rattle sabres and mislead people.


Download Absentee Ballot & Voter Registration PDF for Missouri Primary


Download Absentee Ballot & Voter Registration PDF for Missouri Primary


Download Absentee Ballot & Voter Registration PDF for Missouri Primary

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