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January 31, 2007


Rest in peace, Molly.
Maybe the Star will reprint some of her columns. She knew what creeps the Bush family members were and was never afraid to say it...

Peace Marcher

Such a great loss. Rest in peace, Molly. We will keep the battle going in your memory.


Yes, reprint some of her columns, I need some more liner for my parakeet cage.


Molly who?

Old Drum

I had the good fortune of seeing Molly at William Jewell several years ago.

We have lost an important voice that could laugh at the folly of our politics, but find great sympathy for working Americans.

Peace Marcher

"Yes, reprint some of her columns, I need some more liner for my parakeet cage."

I figured the haters on the right wouldn't let Molly rest long before their attacks started.

God bless Molly Ivins.

KC Cicero

Molly Ivins & Ann Richards -- God bless those yellow roses.
A pity they could not have held on until 1/21/09 -- but they will be with us in spirit.


There sure has been an awful lot of leftists dying lately.


Americans Nick, Americans. Sorry about your boy Pinochet also.


I loved her quote about Southern Baptists, "They don't hold them under water long enough" I hope she isn't in the lake of fire now!

RWC: only a classless sub-human would post a comment such as yours on this blog. With that kind of attitude, which I am certain permeates your life, what will people say about you on your passing?

God Bless you Molly. Rest in peace. Please, watch over us all, even the misguided fool RWC.


All I'm saying is Molly mocked and despised bible believers like most liberals, I hope for her sake the Bible is not true or she changed her views in her final hours.


If this Molly was right about the whole God and soul thing, then she just went POOF! And is no more, so who cares?

If we are right and she was wrong…then that whole lake of fire thing just might be happening.

Either way, I’m good.

But, really, I would prefer to think of her, and Ann Richards, ‘enjoying’ the viewing of every speech that George W Bush ever gave. For all eternity.


I think only a cruel God would sent Molly to Heaven, with all those Born again fundie Jerry Falwell types there. She clearly would be miserable for all eternity.


"with all those Born again fundie Jerry Falwell types there"---there is no way this type of person is in heaven, no way. Goes against everything that Jesus taught.

There is something really sad and disgusting about someone who would post comments about whether or not someone has gone to heaven or hell. I guess it is just something we have to learn to accept from the GOP.


She went out of her way to be negative. Some thought her funny. I did not. I always thought she was the plu-perfect partisan screed.

Interesting how the Repubs talk so much about "family values" and "morals" and yet rejoice in the death of someone they dislike and are gleeful at the thought of them suffering eternal damnation.

Family values and morals my ass.


Who said anything about the GOP?? Its born again Christians only in heavan, read the Bible! All Others would hate heaven, just like they hate Fox News!


Its born again Christians only in heavan, read the Bible!---You clearly have issues of which a blog cannot help. I do question why you feel the need to post your comments on a thread dealing with the death of a WRITER. Again, what would Jesus do?


WWJD, I thought libs believed in Free speech, I hate it when libs start asking WWJD.


Rest in peace, Molly, with your good friend Ann Richards and the angels. Once in a while, I'm sure you and Ann will look downward over the railing and in charity and good spirit offer some ice chips to Tom Delay, Dick Cheney and the entire Bush family.


James, don't you believe in Free Speech, too? I thought as Americans we all have Free Speech. So is that it James, your hatred of "libs" makes you a Christian? Is liberal and conservative and Democrat and Republican referenced in the Bible somewhere? "libs" can't ask what Jesus would do, why do you hate that? Seems like you have an awful lot of hate in you--I think you need to go and read that Bible you profess to know. Because if their is a test at some point in your future you will fail miserably.

You have the right to post whatever your feel (you know, that Free Speech idea), I just think its sad and disgusting that is what you choose to do.


WWJD, I don't hate anyone. If you want to see real hate, go to the Huffington Post and read posts from libs, especially when it comes to Christianity. I thought they had more love in thier heart than anyone.


Despite my ambivolence about concepts of the afterlife (I'm a lapsed
agnostic; I'm not sure what it is I don't believe in), I still entertain a
fantasy that when we die we somehow learn all the answers that escaped us in

We'll know where Jimmy Hoffa's buried. Who killed JFK. The appeal of "For
Better or For Worse" on the funny pages. And, if pressed, St. Peter will
explain to us how George WMD Bush's presidency somehow fits into God's
eternal plan. That last question is what I'm counting on since I'm sure the
logic will take billions of years to explain until I'm cast into the Lake of

Or maybe it's not like the cartoonish Pearly Gates. Maybe, just perhaps, at
that moment we shed this mortal coil, all the secrets of this life will come
into focus.

If that's the case, tonight Molly Ivins knows.

She'll learn the facts behind Divine when Katharine
Hepburn and Barbra Streisand tied for the Best Actress Oscar, or when the
Mets won the '69 World Series, or how the creme filling gets inside Hostess

But, knowing Molly, she'll ask tougher questions: About George HW Bush's
participation in the guns-for-hostages-for-cocaine Iran/Contra deal. About
Shrub's real activites during his National Guard years. About Halliburton
(nee, Kellogg-Root) and its manipulation of government (and
extra-government) policies to bestow power and fortune to those so greedy to
sell out any and every American ideal.

Molly will finally get that interview Ken Lay escaped. (They belong to
eternity now, he can't hold out forever).

She'll sip boubon and branch water with Mencken and Twain and they'll laugh
and cry about all they knew but no one believed back in the days when they
were able to express some logic and common sense to the people they lived
with. Molly will introduce H.L. and Mark to fellow Texans Ann Richards and
Barbara Jordan and there will be more laughs and wisdom than any has ever

And, I suspect, Molly won't be surprised in the least.

Because Molly Ivins knew.

And she reported what she knew.

And she knew what she knew would be rejected by the
sheeple-corporate-conservative-Republican-moron coalition who run the world
she lived it.

And they hated her.

But tonight Molly knows she was right all along.

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