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January 18, 2007


Ed Friedemann

With 35% hard core crackpots in the United States, perhaps we Americans don't deserve America. 35% of the population is either too stupid of corrupt to honor what the founders gave us is very telling.

It is reprehensible that Charlie Shield out of ST Joe questioned Erdman about his support or non support of Matt Bartle. Do we have to pledge allegiance to the Baathist party? The Missouri GOP is the scorpion eating it's own tail. Fun to watch, but sets a bad precedent for future State business. If the republicans out there are too afraid to raise their voice against their party's ring leaders, this Democrat will.


I agree with calling out the GOP bullies. On all levels of our government.

So Matt Bartle is opposing Erdman out of spite? When will Eastern Jack wake up and send this guy packing -- it's all about him, his ego and his own personal agenda. He'd sell off Eastern Jack for an old sandwich if it got him something he personally wanted.

David Buie

As a Republican State Committee member, I've known Warren Erdman as one of the "go to" guys in the Missouri Republican Party for blue ribbon panel assignments for a nearly a generation. As a UMKC Law School alum and local community college trustee for nearly 27 years, I cannot imagine a better appointment for a more crucial time, the beginnings of an MU presidential search. Senator Bartle is turning into Senator Stem Cell which is more of a sophomoric niche than a genuine partisan issue. If Warren were running for the state senate against Matt I'd pick Warren as the better Republican nominee in a heartbeat.

Ed Friedemann

The NYT was the first to have mistranslated { Farsi to English } President Ahmadinejad of Iran's “the regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time” into "Israel must be wiped off the Map"

"The fake “translation” has been used by Zionist supremacists to drag America closer yet to another war for Israel. House Reps. Steve Rothman (D-N.J.) and Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) have initiated a “resolution” sponsored by 22 congress members that says Ahmadinejad is guilty of violating the 1948 Convention on Genocide. Since the Convention “prohibits ‘direct and public incitement to commit genocide. Rothman is experienced in these kinds of weasel tactics. In 2005 a similar “resolution” helped engineer the prosecution of a Lithuanian paper for questioning Zionism. Zionist supremacists are very fond of “criminalizing” speech they don’t like; not only is the Bill of Rights one of their victims, but soon unknown numbers of US youth driven into a war on Iran may be as well."

{ Israel violated the Geneva Conventions daily }

Ed Friedemann

Should be:
"{ Israel violates the Geneva Conventions daily }"


With people like you out there I can see why Jews and their supporters would be paranoid about any speech that treatens their existince.

BTW, there is really no difference in the intent of the two quotes. Could it be that Farsi, like many languages does not translate word for word leading to different ways to say the same thing.

Ed Friedemann

The speech does not threaten their existence, it only threatens the rotten things which they do. You know, the rotten things which you support so much.

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