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January 30, 2007



One thing she has in common with Kline: Neither one of them is a lawyer.

Good guy

jmart, that's not true.

Dedicated Republican

At the precinct meeting where they elected Kline they were passing out bumper stickers that said "The Star The Sun Biased Bigoted Bought Off" Despite the fact that all of The Star's staff received one, not one of them reported on it. This is a typical Finn Bullers hatchet job on a conservative. Bullers is the quintessential Star religious bigot.

I don't think religion enters into it in the least. Kline's got about as much business being our county's chief prosecutor as the average houseplant. He's an underachiever, a resumé padder and a grandstander. And those are his best qualities.

Peace Marcher

That bumper sticker doesn't make any sense! No wonder The Star didn't report it.

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