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January 12, 2007


Alright! Cleaver rocks!!


I like Cleaver and like his politics but think he has not been a strong representative as of yet.


And that cat box is humongous!

Regional whips are the messengers of the party caucus. It is a stretch to say that this makes Cleaver part of the leadership.


Cleaver is a good man and all but to call him House leadership is a very far stretch.

That's like calling the bagger at your local Price Chopper a part of management.


Let's see. He's been selected as one of two from 40-50 reps from his region. And he's one of 22 from the Dems 231 seats. I think it's noteworthy and probably a good thing for the district.
As a freshman in the minority party, I didn't expect he could produce much last term. This selection bodes well for the coming Congress.

I think it is a good thing to have Cleaver in leadership for our district. Just because he is new to the house doesn't mean anything...the majority is new. I just pray that he uses that leadership role to boost KC

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