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January 31, 2007


"starting his campaign from scratch."

In Kansas we call that shutting the barn doors after the cows have left.

He should have done that in January of 2005. Lynn Jenkins has a much better opportunity to take that seat back.

But since Kobach has taken over the reigns of the KS Rep Party I suspect they will implode like they did last election. The republican moderates are going to be leaving the party in drove this year as Kobach gets going.

Ks has been held hostage for far too long to the ultra-right wing of the republican party. Although Jenkins is semi-moderate and will attract many votes I suspect the area is still to gun shy to vote for a republican in 08. At least let's hope so.


It bothers me when people do not have the courtesy to make up a name. First person, you should go by Farmer Ted. Second person, you're McSmartyPants.


Jim Ryun needs to go away. He didn't do anything as a Congressman and lost because of it.

Jenkins would make a great Congresswoman. Go Lynn!

run ryun again

Ryun was a good congressman who took care of the district's military bases and capital improvements. He wasn't much of a grandstander on what he did right, but he did his job as congressman. He didn't run the best campaigns in the world, but I think he deserves another shot. It will be interesting to see if Boyda is up to the job or not.


run ryun again - are you nuts!?! After learning of his ties to Abramoff, DeLay, & Foley? After lying to the press about knowing Foley? He can't beat Boyda. He is done! I don't know Jenkins, but she sounds like the Republicans only hope to take that one back.

Peace Marcher

Ryun lost because he didn't serve his constituents. He had how many years to do this? Now he wants do-overs. Yeah, sure Jim.

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