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January 19, 2007



What a refreshing change of pace. My vote for a replacement promotion... hand lotion for every time Mike Sweeney is inserted at first base and makes an error.


Mike Sweeney's problem is Not Ability , but the LACK OF AVAILABILTY. He is deadweight on this team... Hopefully, Dayton Moore will not waste payroll on such an unproductive employee. In the real world, Sweeney would not be employed !


Sweeney stinks, he needs to hang it up.


Ok, then how about this promotion...

...buck night on the following home date every time John Buck goes 0 for anything.


Or maybe a free...

...forget it, too costly. I was trying to think of something free every time Berroa strikes out on a curve ball away.


Trying to thwart an certain trashing. Here's a positive one.

Free parking...

...every time the Royals draw six or more free passes (walks) in a game.

Had Enough

As a 30 year season ticket holder I found the Krispy Kreme "dozen for a dozen hits" much less than what was promised. By way of examply on three different dates late season and after the Royals got the qualifing 12 hits, Krispy Kreme in Independence didn't have "any" donuts available on the date of the qualification.

On the third date I advised the Royals front office of Krispy Kreme's noncompliance. The Royals staff claimed it was the best promotion the Club offered.

I live 45 minutes from the closest Krispy Kreme so what would be the point in driving out of my way just to get the promotion item when it wasn't offered on a weekday qualification date?

My response is if the promotion was the best the Royals had to offer then no wonder the Royals also put out a "poor quality" baseball product. The front office couldn't tell a doughboy from a bad ball player!!

This season we have a "clean sweep", the head of a poorly preforming front office and a "I'm not ready to serve you" sponsor. To be frank--glad they are both gone.


John Buck talked about the "pressure" of batting when the twelfth hit is needed? If that isn't an indication of how far these guys are from being in any meaningful games (forget playoffs and World Series games) nothing does!!!

Gary Oldman

The promo was a joke.

I went to turn in a 12-hit game ticket that had been printed at home after the first such game of the season. Counter person told me they weren't accepting internet tickets because it might be a copy. Nice planning, promo people. That probable never would have happened when Rush Limbaugh worked in their sales/promo department!

Another time, I was told at the drive thru I could only get one dozen. Asked if that was per day; told me no, per visit. Asked them to help me save a natural resource and cut down on greenhouse gasses; would they just make two receipts? Nope. Drove around the building and ordered again.

Mike Molde

I've been an extremely loyal Royals fan ever since my family moved to Warrensburg in 1980, and there's no question that Mike Sweeney is grossly overpaid for the production he's been able to give the team the last couple years. But what's with all this apparent hatred for the guy? Geez. Mike Sweeney is one of the nicest, most decent human beings in the game of baseball, and if nothing else, he's a tremendous asset to the team and a valued role model in the clubhouse for the younger players in the organization. Trust me, even if he's not regularly in the lineup, Mike Sweeney is good for this team, and those who treat him as if he's TRIED to get injured and is just a slacker collecting big paychecks, are wrong. He deserves our support, not boos and unkind words...


that was the only reason i went to the games.


After each Royals game, the Royals PA announced that internet tickets had to be exchanged for a voucher.


Lay off Sweeney folks, he didn't see it coming. A couple years ago he played most of a season with a bad Achilles that made him barely able to run.

He plays whenever he can swing a bat (and he's still fairly good at that), and anyone who is critical should know very well he was paid that amount because they were under pressure to keep _somebody_ good and not just let them go somewhere else.

Dustin Rider

I am only 25 years old, but I remember when we had a team that didn't need that kinda promotion(Krispy Kreme). When my dad took me to games to see sports heroes like Brett, Jackson, and others. I was just a wide eyed kid and those guys were heroes. Where did that type of team and organization go? I have been and always will be a Royals fan, but its hard to be when you have players whining over the pressure to get a run when donuts are on the line. PLEASE, bring back the heroes and the real game to Kansas City. Being the joke of the league is getting old.


I feel ya Dustin...

Those teams with those heroes lost money. Mr K was a truly special sports owner and was OK with that. But I do not expect any business owner to lose money.

Steinbrenner and the like need to go all the way with revenue sharing, and both Misters Glass need to use what they do get on players. The upside is that it looks like that is starting to come to pass.

Even if the transactions they have made don't have immediate dividends, I can't fault them for putting forth the effort.

As for promotions, if they get the butts in the seats, I'll let the game take it from there.

Sweeney is to busy telling people how to vote to worry about baseball...


The baseball collective bargaining agreement, (renewed in December with out fuss) makes each team put a minimum of 34% of their revenue into the MLB central fund to be used to help small markets.

The big markets aren't holding back on revenue sharing, the players union is fighting it. Big salaries pull up the bottom salaries.


According to the new player agreement that runs through 2011, "minimum wage" is $380,000 for 2007 and has escalators through 2011. But the poor players only get a COLA increase in the last year. Anyway, that is something like a $50,000 increase from 2006.

You think the players want full revenue sharing? Which would probably lead to a salary cap?


People are brainwashed with sports, it's JUST a game. The economic impact is not as positive as they calim it to be for the entire city. Sure it makes bars, concessions and David Glass a ton of money. Royals games were fun when I was a kid but the modern day athlete is nothing but greedy and the "heroes" comment, please, these guys are not heroes. They are just players, over paid whiners. bakc in the day you didn;t have this whining problem these premadonna players have now. $380,000 for playing an intramural sport? Come on.


I'm brainwashed with baseball. I rinse with it too. Love that game.

And just a game? Dem' are fightin' words. Players (some) may be overpaid and picked on, but that's what makes the good times worthwhile when they happen. I hope the Royals do great this year. Maybe some young player will have a break-out season or maybe Sweeney will stay healthy (and away from 1st base) and hit 40 homers and have 140 ribbies. You just don't know. What if they are in the hunt in late July? Possible. Looking forward to the possibilities is what makes it fun.

Field of Dreams analogy? Yeah, probably.

Finally, I may not have the dreamy hero worship of a kid, but I won't take it away from him either. Been there.

Xero Pascal

I think what best sums up Mike Sweeney's previous few years with the Royals is what happened at fan appreciation night. For those of you who are not familiar with the situation, let me explain. As per Royals policy, the team decided to embarass the fans on a day when they were allegedy showing us appreciation. I believe we were down by ten runs after 2 or 3 innings. When Sweeeney's slot in the lineup came back up, they pinch hit Paul Phillips.

Now, I understand in a blow out situation at the end of the season when your playoff hopes have long since been vanquished that it is protocol to pull your everyday players and get at bats to the bench warmers, but I think Sweeney coming out of the game was disgraceful. Seriously, I don't think he had 100 at bats this season and he was sat. I understand it probably wasn't his decision, as this is usually a decision made by the manager, but if he really is the player we are supposed to be idolizing, he should have gone to Buddy and insisted that he actually play a full game for the fans.

Sweeney is a china doll - most people cut him a break because he's Mr. Nice Guy - "goody goody", who would rather have milk/cookies instead of a nice shot of Cuervo. What if he wasn't Mr. Religious -- instead, slept around with every single chick in KC, Ala Tommy Morrison or Derrick Thomas ?? Would everyone excuse his lack of availability and ongoing lack of ability ?? You know the answer to that one !!


"Where did that type of team and organization go?"

Into the grave with Mr. Kauffman, sadly....


Low fat donuts have finally been invented and they are damn good!

less than 4 grams of fat for a large boston cream donut just rocks! really check it out!


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