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January 16, 2007


What an embarassment to Johonson County in how they have handled this entire process. Ugh.


hopefully the lawsuit doesn't get aborted

mod dem

I don't like Phill Kline, but I certainly think he has the right to hire whomever he wants.


did he really think that he could fire several lawyers without proper notice and not get sued?


Kansasdog: Having never worked as a real lawyer, Klein doesn't understand how that works.


Kansasdog: Having never worked as a real lawyer, Klein doesn't understand how that works.


Enlighten us, K-Dog and Jmart how this should have worked. How many days notice are required in Kansas employment law? Are the dismissed employees not receiving severance according the employment policies.

Most private employers are able to bypass the notice period if they believe that the employee is in position where they could cause disruption during the notice period. This would not affect their pay during the required notice period or their severance if any.


Kline: Sued today...Facing the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission tomorrow - his week sucks!

Gentle Ben

Amazing, liberals are such parasites. All these clowns are is useful idiots for the Democrat Party, that's why Kline correctly fired them. We need to change the employment policies for all government agencies and make them so it's completely employment at will.

I'm betting however that they've done somejudge shopping and that they've picked a corrupt liberal judge to hear the case.

Bottom line,the libs don't give a damn about justice in Johnson County they're just in it for themselves.


The only thing I see going on here is Kline reaping what he has sewn over the past several years. You cannot keep using and abusing people for your own personal and political gain and not eventually feel the repercussions.

Gentle Ben

Take off the blinders, honey, the view is much broader than what you're seeing.

Gentle Ben

What's interesting is that Steve Howe has showed his true colors. Given his claims to being a conservative, he could have gone separately with a good conservative sponsor to make his case. Instead he joined with these other left-wing jackals and their big bucks Morrison donor to sue Phill. Thanks Steve. I guess we made the right choice when we turned you down.

"How many days notice are required in Kansas employment law? Are the dismissed employees not receiving severance according the employment policies."

There are county guidelines and they apply, since these staff members worked for the county. Someone posted them here last week. Kline did not follow the guidelines.

And sure he can hire anyone he wants but he fired these people with FOUR hours notice. Even if that didn't violate policy, it's still pretty sh*tty, don't you think?

It is interesting that none of the people Morrison fired in the Topeka AG office have filed suit or even complained. Gee, could that be because Morrison followed the rules and gave adequate notice?

Ben, you need to chill. We all know you despise Morrison and think Kline is the greatest thing since sliced bread. We get it already, okay?
And all of you crowing on about employment at will surely realize that a good employer who treats employees well runs a better business than one who treats his workers poorly.

Gentle Ben

First of all, the reason the state employees aren't filing suit is that they are employed at will. They have no rights at law, and quite frankly, government employees shouldn't. It takes over four years to fire a federal employee, even if you have cause.

Secondly, Morrison was no kinder than Kline. So spare me the hypocrisy. Indeed, Kline is providing severance pay out of his own budget. Morrison gave not one dime of severance pay to anyone. He also fired a secretary who had all of 2 months to go til retirement. What a sleaze.

Finally, I don't care what you get. As long as you come on here to defend these parasites and back stabbers with your half-truths and glaring omissions of fact, I'll come on and defend Kline. Now why don't you go chill if you can't stand to read anything that doesn't fit your narrow minded view of the world.


Kline "offered" severance pay after being notified of the grievance proceeding. If he was offering it out of a charitable heart, or because he felt it was the good and decent thing to do, it would have been included in the terse letter of dismissal. It wasn't. Instead, he asked the county to provide it after being notified of the grievance. He didn't want to provide it and once he stepped in it by refusing to follow county policy he backtracked.

Nice leadership.

If he was right all along, as you claim GB, then a true leader would stick to his guns. Instead, all evidence suggests that he is offering two weeks severance belatedly in an effort to cover up a poorly handled ministerial decision.

I could respect your position if you could just admit he blew his first administrative decision and go on from there. You claim some crazy liberal conspiracy and then stubbornly refuse to take off your Kline-glasses and acknowledge that he had the power to avoid this from the start.

He screwed up. Plain and siimple. It was either just plain dumb, spiteful, or both. Who knows? I hope for the sake of the community the distraction is minimal and he gets his feet under him, but it doesn't look good from early signs.

In any event, your blanket apologist-pandering for all things Kline doesn't change the truth.


RWC to Phill: We want our "l" back so we can give it to Brownback, making him either Saml Brownback or Sam Brownblack- we aren't sure until the choices are thoroughly tested and approved by Karll Rove.

(RWC- that's Republican Wingnut Campaign Committee, but they gave the extra "c" to MccCain.)

Who did Kline hire to represent him?




That was pun


I'll finally admit that logic doesn't work in a system that has conflicting statutes, local level bargaining, but not state level bargaining, and further muddle it with an elected state level office (DA) at the local level.

I will now support muddled logic. I think it means to give an agreeing nod to everything that is said. So from now on...

...I'll use KC & the Sunshine Band logic.

Uh-huh, Uh-huh, I like it, I like it.


Ben: I'll forgive the "Honey" remark. As for not seeing the broader view of things....Let me ask you this...Have you personally worked side by side with Phill Kline on a daily basis???

I agree with doofus. Ben, job well done. Now go collect your check from Phill, with the knowledge that you have adequately defended him here on this blog. You should be proud.

Gentle Ben

The reason why I don't go with the administrative foul-up theory is that you assume he screwed up by not following county policy. He contends that he does not have to follow county policy because he is a state office. Following a different legal theory than you want him to follow does not make him wrong.

Indeed, he has stuck Morrison on the horns of the proverbial dilemma. Morrison is now Kline's attorney faced off against a former campaign donor and 8 former employees. If you can't appreciate the irony in that, you just have no soul. Indeed, if Morrison even touches this case, I'm thinking the ethics complaints against him would be flying. Dontcha just love it?

I will agree with you on one issue, if your facts are correct. If the severance was an after thought he shouldn't have paid it. If he wants to do a good deed, he should not do it with public money. If he's right, they should just be gone. If he's wrong, the court will probably not give him credit for severance paid.


Ah, the civil side comes into play for the criminal prosecutor. Doofus, I told you two months ago that he better brush up on the civil side of things. Remember?


Maybe a little Celine Dion will help?

"It's all coming back to me now."

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