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January 19, 2007



Great idea, but I'm sure the ACLU will have a field day with this one.


And who is going to enforce this ? If you cant get the sex offenders to sign up ,how will they get the crank heads to sign up .?Any way are they not allready signed up at the local penitentary .After 30 years in prison what are they gonna do sign up at the old folks home .And turn away a 70 year old junky that cant hold his/her bladder .

Wouldn't this just be a list of places where you could score some meth? This idea might need to be fleshed out a bit more ...


"After 30 years in prison "
You don't get 30 years for making meth.


well the meth users will have addresses and we might know who we are renting too..but have to agree how to keep them registering. A billboard with their names is good idea though, one conviction and you are posted...but then how about posting murderers?

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