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January 16, 2007


Joe Barone

Hey, I could be happy with either one!

Peace Marcher

By Scot Lehigh, Globe Columnist | January 16, 2007

THE PRESIDENTIAL primary campaign is now underway, and though neither has yet declared, the Democratic main event is already being framed as a contest between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Each, however, comes with sizable drawbacks.

Although Clinton has proved herself a highly capable senator, worries abound about her electability. And then there's the recurring query that worried Democrats whisper to each another: Is Bill behaving?

Obama certainly qualifies as the next new thing, and as his December visit to New Hampshire demonstrated, he has generated real excitement at the grass roots. And yet, in the age of terrorism, it will be a tall test for a first-term senator with no real Washington accomplishments to convince the country that he's ready to be commander in chief.

That dynamic of doubt is sparking renewed interested in Al Gore.

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Obviously only HIllary has the necessary experience if it comes down to a choice of the two of them.

Old Drum

Obama was against the resolution that gave Bush the power to start this disasterous war in Iraq. Hillary voted for it.

I would suggest that shows you don't need a lot of Washington experience to recognize foreign disasters and a lot of Washington experience doesn't guarantee you avoid such disasters.

Always the point is raised that Barack doesn't have enough experience. It's not like the president acts as a lone individual. As a LEADER, Barack would utilize the best and brightest in making decisions - the "best and brightest" would be eager to stand to contribute to him and the office BECAUSE he IS a LEADER.

I would have hung up on him too

John Fairfield for Mayor!

I would vote for John Fairfield over Hillary.

OK, then John Fairfield for President!


Its really Obama vs Edwards. Hilliary is going to have to run the race of a lifetime to beat those two in primary states like South Carolina and Iowa


As for me, after reading his book and looking at his record in the Ill State Senate and U.S. Senate, I'm excited to roll with Obama.

Old Drum

Compared to the announced Republican candidates, the Democrats look very, very strong.

Assuming there is not much blood-letting (and I don't think there will be), any Democrat now will defeat any announced Republican.

McCain will have NO appeal to independents.

Guilliani and Romney have to explain why positions they took 5-10 years ago were wrong.

Brownback will have no appeal to independents.


I like Barack, but he is too conservative for the Democratic base. He has a better chance at winning the general election than he does the Democrat nomination, while Hillary is the opposite, she has a better chance at winning the nomination, but no chance at winning the general election.

The Jesse Jackson's and the Al Sharpton's of the world would not like the nomination of Barack, he preaches personal and community responsibility, not 'the blame someone else' preachings of Jackson and Sharpton.

Edwards could slip through with the nomination and then have Hillary or Barack as VP.


What makes you think that Barack is too conservative? Something he has done in his short two year tenure as a Senator? I can't seem to find much that he has done, only what he has said.

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