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January 31, 2007



I attended the event on Sunday and had not made up my mind about who were the best candidates. Deth was articulate, engaging and knowledgeable. It appears the majority of people attending concur.
I think Deth will do a good job, the 4th in district seat is a toss up for me.

Gothstein get the worst Gold Cup.


Date definately earned votes Sunday.
4th in district boils down to:
Mel is an architect and with that he will save the city - NOT.
Jan a well put together non-profit type who can speak for two minutes and say nothing you haven't already heard. (Same problems + same solutions = same problems)
Zeke has his heart in the right place but needs to articulate ideas better to get my support.
Forsythe is a smart guy who thinks outside the box and isn't afriad to say what he means - but honesty turns some people off.

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If the 4th in-district is a tossup for you then you weren't at the same forum I was. I won't say who I thought was the best or worse, but there were some obvious differences.

Those were not four equal candidates by anyone's standards.


I agree there were vast differences in presentation, content and approach to forum on last Sunday. I know all the 4th in district candidates to be well intentioned honest people and that is the conflict.

I can't believe Gottstein wasn't worst in every category! That run-off should be between Im and Gamble if the best candidates win, but my mantra is A-B-G (Anybody But Gottstein).

As for in-district, I wish Solomon didn't come off like such an ass. He has good ideas and wouldn't be afraid to speak his mind in council meetings. Marcason comes off like an empty box to me and I can't help but feel like she brings nothing to the table. Amador and Forsythe both seem like smart, qualified candidates. My bets are for a Marcasun/Forsythe run-off.

Let's all not forget about Marcason's undesirable union support. The firefighters won't give you support unless they know you are going to give them the raises they want when they want them. Steer clear of any 4th district candidates that are owned by the unions.

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Steer clear of ALL candidates backed by a lot of union money. One of the candidates on Sunday, I can't remember which one talked about how a councilperson is expected to vote on union contracts so no candidate should accept money from those unions because it's a conflict of interest. Sounds pretty reasonable to me. It's like having an attorney represent you that is on retainer with the person you are facing in court!

Beth Gottstein needs to back out now before the mud comes on her , And its coming .

What's the dirt on Gottstein?

Surely there is no dirt on Ms. Gottstein. She has no life. All she does is politics, and piddles in jobs.

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Who cares about mud. Have you heard her speak? She doesn't even know what's going on in city government. She thought the smoking ban had been put in place! I would think someone who doesn't even work would have time to pick up a newspaper or watch the news. Gott"stein"? More like Gott"no clue".

The only reason she wasn't last in every category was the number of her supporters in the audience filling out surveys.

You know, Gottstein has all the regular politico supporters. They expect her to win.


Was at the Urban Society forum last night at the downtown library and it was more of the same. This is a format that Deth certainly excels at, while the others seem to just flounder. Would be nice if candidates showed up on time and didn't talk down to the audience in their responses.
Anyway, the more I see Deth, the more impressed I am by his passion, grasp of the issues and his ability to connect with people. He will make a great 4th District At-Large Councilman.

Looks like Rita is about as good a candidate as he she was in raising her petulant potty mouth blogger-son Tony.

perhaps she can pull some parenting tips off Wikipedia.

Real Blogs Give Props -
It was Forsythe who brought of the conflict of interest issues re: council candidates accepting contributions (bribes?) from unions. Another conflict of interest that he didn't mention are candidates accepting contributions from real estate developers (and their attorneys) who will later as them to vote on tax incentive packages for their(plaza/downtown)development projects. The Star should cover these conflicts of interest in the council races (not just the mayoral race) and bring these GROSS conflicts of interest to the attention of the voters.

It is time for a change of council members for sure.

After watching channel 2's coverage of the Planning and Zoning session yesterday (video available on city website) it quickly became evident that the members, including the mayor, need to move on. The rudeness, the sophomoric whispering and chuckling was unconscionable. Ms. Cooper was terse beyond civility. I wish all of those sitting at the table listening to the Crossroad's testimony could have seen themselves. Embarrassing.

Whenever a citizen, a taxpayer, stands in front of the body, they are to be given respect! Not the members of the panel slouching in their seats, Cooper on the verge of pulling out her hair and rubbing her face and saying it's too late over and over again. "This train has left the station" was one of the ugly comments made by another. RUDE, RUDE, RUDE..not a professional way to do business.

I am sure that the subject matter, TIF's, had much to do with the reactions of the council/mayor. Three of the five are from the northland and are very sensitive to all of the criticism on TIF's.

Is it typical that the mayor be a member of these council committees? I don't recall any other mayor, in my 40 years in following city government, their ever sitting on a committee.

Mark Forsythe


You're not the first to notice this type of behavior. Our elected officials need to lead by example and right now the example they are setting is poor.

Months ago I was extremely angered during a business committee meeting at the behavior I witnessed. While an assistant City Manager gave a presentation on an important topic involving "basic city services" that everyone likes to talk about, some councilpeople left the room to talk on cell phones or chat with people in the hall while others slid their chairs together to have side conversations. It was appalling. A City employee friend of mine leaned over to me and said "don't you dare behave like that if you are elected to the council."

This is why there is a divide between the council and the city employees who actually do the real work. If you can't behave like a grownup for one hour and give someone's testimony your undivided attention, you need to be in another line of work.

AUGUST BODY. These are words that I hear regularly from the mouths of one or another of the council members. Esteemed goal for anyone who serves the citizens. Yet as the previous posts elude to, our council members are guilty of behavior that even school children are not allowed to display. They visit, they leave the room during serious testimony that has great impact on our community and our lives. This is serious, very serious business. Most all are guilty at one time or another of being cavalier in doing the citizens' business.


wondering if rita is actually willing to support all of the 4 district or just the hispanics

Rita's bio says she was a single mom of three. All different names? Vote for Rita, she's easy?


Definitely agree with the above regarding Deth Im. If we don't elect him we're making a huge mistake.

In that race, Deth is a breed apart. It's immediately clear when you hear him talk. His grasp of the issues is both deep and broad, and he articulates his ideas in a very clear and engaging way. We need him (and about 11 more like him) on city council now.

If I were the Citizen's Association I would recind my endorsement of Beth "i have no clue whatsoever" Gottstein.

ritas not going to represent the 4th in brookside are just the west side. who ever thinks she will be good needs to listen to her platform if she has one yyet. she was evidently too busy to fill out some questions for the fourth district but every one else found the time. if you want someone to represent you that is just for the hispanics then vote for her

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