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February 13, 2007


So what's the truth here? Did Sam ever support abortion rights?


Sam the Sham most definitely associated himself with Nancy Landon Kassebaum when he was running for Congress in 1994. The important thing to remember is he only brought up Kassebaum's name when he was giving a non-answer answer to people who asked him about the abortion rights issue.

After he was elected to the Gingrich Congress, Brownback came out more overtly on the abortion-abolitionist side of the issue. Part of Gingrich's success in the 1990s was his realization that evangelical conservatives provided the margin of victory for the Republic Party.

Let's not even get into Sam's denouncing the Methodist church and converting -- due to the influence of inside-the-beltway people like Bob Novak -- to Opus Dei Catholicism.

The irony is that Sambo just might have run away from his personal beliefs in 1994, implying that he wasn't an abortion-abolitionist when he thought it would suit his election prospects, but embraced the anti-choice movement as soon as polling indicated it would work for him in the Republic Party.

What we're seeing vis a vis Mitt Romney is just how low so-called religious-based Republics will go to attack others. Romney's a teed-up target of traditional evangelical conservatives; they *hate* Mormons.

The mud-slinging's just beginning.

Thanks, Monkey Hawk. The bright young man who thinks he can swing either way.
Opus Dei is all I need to know.
Appreciate your time.


I like Sam he's the man. I certianly don't want Rudy or Johnny

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