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February 12, 2007



I'm sure Congressman Moore will be happy to ship these jobs to MO, just as he did with the IRS.


Disclaimer: I don't know squat about the FDA lab in Lenexa or the circumstances around the potential closing.

We need to look at what's the best thing to make the system work more efficiently/better. Keeping government offices open just because it's 50 jobs in your district is part of the huge federal government problem. If we're going to complain about how inefficient the federal government is, we can't complain every time they want to eliminate a job in our hometown.


Did anyone follow the links to see what our great Senator McCaskill had to say? This is great.

Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri did not sign because Lenexa “apparently isn’t all that close to Missouri … and we didn’t think it had an effect on our constituency,” said her spokeswoman Adrianne Marsh.


What don't we have any McCaskill backers here!!! She is the new bright and brilliant leader that Missouri needs, correct.

The Dems and the liberals are avoiding this like they avoid taking action on their promise to keep Bush in line about the war. (yes I am talking about the we don't like what you are doing bill that is ridiculous is even taking up our taxpayer money).


Still sore about the November election?
Get over it youse guys lost


Not sore at all.

Just trying to figure out why no one is defending her?

Goes to show how out of touch she is. Just talking points and rhetoric is what we have in Claire.

I. Walter Jones

Here you go again(JC) bashing. McCaskill will serve Metro KC well. Those of you who don't get it. We live in Metro Kansas City. Regardless if it Kansas or Missouri. Both sides of the Stateline benefit from both Republicans and Democrates elected to Washington. Wake up people!!

Stop being so small minded. "Great minds discuss ideals while small minds bash people."



I Walter Jones - Did you even bother to read the story. McCaskill has no clue where Lenexa is, it isn't close enough to the KC metro to effect her constituency.

She once represented Brookside in the MO House of Represenatives. If she lived in Brookside and has no idea where Lenexa is, she has a problem. You would think that she across it once or twice as Jackson county prosecuter.

I Walter Jones - You need to read, she is not benifiting Kansas City, she doesn't feel a FDA lab in Lenexa is close enough to Missouri for her.

Jones, you are that needs to read up instead of accusing someone of being small minded without knowing the facts.


BeProud, for the record McCaskill didn't say it, her spokesperson did. Still doesn't past the "smells bad" comment test, but in all fairness, McCaskill didn't say it. Now you could argue that since her spokesperson said it therefore McCaskill said it, but then I would just counter with Tony Snow says what George Bush thinks too.

Not defending the stupid remark, but I'm just saying....


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