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February 13, 2007



I cannot imagine a better description of John Calvert than "someone who thinks he knows something, but really doesn't."


R.I.P. scientific method

There's a lot of wisdom in that statement. I don't know the source (Calvert), but the statement itself is true. I've encountered more and more people in my lengthening life who don't have a healthy respect for what they don't know, and it shows. A valid search for knowledge begins with humility: recognizing that there are some things we just don't know. Fake certainty is the same as wishful thinking. Calling a theory "fact" doesn't make it one. You actually have to prove it.

Peace Marcher

There is also a theory of electricity. Why don't you go stick a fork in an electric socket and prove it for us?


"Peace" Marcher,

Kind of a hateful statement from a peace lover. Almost like telling a fib.

Ah a new name. ...the Fiberals! Now that works for me.


You Fiberals crack me up. You get creationism out of science standards and yet still protest as if you're losing.

Why is that? ....don't you feel comfortable with your victory?

yeah so far.... we're just waiting for another round with you luddites...


12:38 a.m.,

Well if the luddites do rear their head again, you be sure and hire a good barrister to defend your man, Chuckie.

We've retained Free State Guy.

Rest assured there will be 'no more rounds' as there simply is no debate on this issue. At some point in the future the fairy tale of creation will reside where it belongs; in the same class with all other mythology. The myth of creation is dying much as the myth of the Earth being the center of the universe died despite Copernicus being convicted by the Vatican of heresy. I believe today or yesterday was actually the anniversary of that event.

Over time, science always trumps outmoded superstition, parables, legends and folk tales.

Peace Marcher

Didn't mean to be hateful jeetz. Just trying to point out that R.I.P. doesn't seem to understand what 'theory' means.


Kanas Citizens for Science is a front for an atheist group.

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