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February 02, 2007


The public has a right to know

When is the mainstream media going to start reporting on some of the pervasive stories we keep hearing about candidates for council and mayor:

That Janice Ellis ran Partnership for Children into the ground. I’ve tried to research this issue but their tax returns haven’t been filed since their ’04 report. The way I understand it, even with extensions, the latest the ’05 report should have been available was 11/06. What is Ellis trying to hide?

Did Becky Nace really leave her 2nd husband to marry the dogcatcher? As funny as that sounds a city council member having an affair with a subordinate department head is pretty seedy. If she was a man, the press would be all over her for that.

What’s the true story of Doug Gamble and the TIF conflict of interest? Holy cow that’s a big question that needs to be answered impartially (I know Gamble has shared his story but it doesn’t quite ring true to me)

What’s with all the airfare expenditures on Mel Solomon’s MEC reports. Does he know this is an in-district city council race? Where the heck is he flying that it’s a legitimate campaign expense?

I keep seeing very unpleasant allegations about John Fairfield in the blogosphere. Is there a police report?

What’s the deal with Alvin Brooks collecting nearly $100k per year from Move Up and not reporting it for years on his ethics reports? And who gets paid that much money by a non-profit for going to funerals and crime scenes anyway???

What’s going on with the audit report? If the acting city auditor is playing politics with this report, it should be exposed. If Fairfield and/or Eddy is playing politics by concealing this report, it should be exposed. I would like to know the true schedule by which this report was supposed to be released (was it July ’07 as claimed or is it really being stalled?)

For crying out loud – please report thoroughly on the legal backgrounds of Carol Coe, Saundra McFadden Weaver, Kathryn Shields, and anyone else who’s been arrested, indicted, sued, etc. Are these really the people we want leading our city???

These issues need to be brought to light so the public can make informed decisions in the voting booth and we rely on the media to do it.


Since this blog has Sam Brownback on the mind, thought I would post The Daily Show from this week. Sam' talking embryos made another appearance. It was actually a continuing discussion on the Cheney/Blitzer interview:

"Let's say Strom Thurmond, who advocated for segregation, let's say he ended up having a black daughter. Would it not point out the rank hypocrisy of his political positions and the cowardice in not fighting for the human rights for your own flesh and blood?"

John Fairfield for Mayor!


It's February 2nd.

If Dubya comes out of the oval office and sees his shadow... we invade Iran?

With all this TIF talk going on, I would suggest that you pick up a copy of the Pitch and read about the "shell game" that went on to get a so called public parking garage in the River Market area. It isn't there for the public to use!

The article does help you understand better how the powers that be can manipulate anything they want to appease developers et al. Interesting statement in there by Mr. TIF himself, Fairfield.


Maybe I missed something, but is anyone talking about the Penguins NOT coming to Kansas City..?

I was against the AEG Sprint Center from the beginning... I think it is a frivilous waste of tax dollars, and anyone with common sense shouldn't have gotten their hopes up about the Penguins..

That said, now that we're building the arena, I want to see it be successful, otherwise, it will be more of my hard earned dollars out the window to keep it running..

The real reason I posted this topic is because I'm wondering when Kansas City voters are going to wake up.. I live in Jackson county, and we passed a needless sales tax last year because the Chiefs were threatening to leave us.. The citizens of Pittsburgh just went through the same situation with their Penguins..

A sports franchise doesn't leave simply because they can't get the citizens of their hometown to part with tax dollars for upgrades, they leave because they can't sell enough tickets or television ad time..

It's even more blatantly obvious watching it play out in Pittsburgh, since we're not directly affected, but it would just be nice if the average voter who doesn't even earn a six figure income would be more frugal about giving away their money to millionaires..


I second the questions raised by Public has a right. Whether it's true or not, someone ought to be able to figure it out. Let's dispel the lies and make people answer for the other stuff.

I agree with the post at 1:09. What has happened to the aggressive investigative reporting that was once provided by our local news media. In spite of the level of technology, the availability of information...there just does not seem to be the same "heart" in finding the core of a news story.

It seems that more and more are trying to create the news or simply do a drive-by type of reporting. There is no doggedness that forces accountability. I think many of us have knowledge of these, and more, types of moral issues with certain of the candidates. We do not have the platform to expose them that the media has. There will never be change until there is exposure and resulting shame and/or justice. Certainly not becoming leaders in our community.

This will take growing a backbone on the part of some of these media organizations. I believe that The Star has the opportunity to do this best. Unfortunately, it appears they are turning a blind eye to much of this current Mayor's mis-steps.


what exactly do you need to know that was not addressed in Gamble's post? What exactly 'doesn't quite ring true'? It seems clear to me but please, what is being hid?

In answer to 3:35 PM: start here and work your way down.

John Burnett invited voters to his house last nite for his prosecutor run.

Fairfield has this on his website as an Upcoming Event. It seems like when you give that kind of money to a candidate you want something in return. I wish a regular citizen who didn't have at least $250 to be a friend of John's had a voice in this election too.

You are cordially invited to a
Cocktail Reception Honoring
Councilman John Fairfield
Candidate for Mayor
Thursday, February 8th
5:30 – 7:30
The White House
aka the Stilt House
1745 Jefferson, Kansas City, MO 64111
Hosted by:
The Wilson Group
George Birt Pat Daniels
Gib Kerr John Anderson
Dave Matthews Ray Braswell
Platinum $3000 Gold $1500
Silver $750 Bronze $500
Friend of Fairfield $250
Please RSVP to 816.333.3932
Campaign contributions are limited to $3000
per person/per business

John Fairfield for Dog Catcher!

Farfield should have stayed in his council seat he had them fooled now they are awake . Farfield will run 10 in this field

10 percent. No way and I will tell you why I think that.

You have 3 City Council seats in North Kansas City.

Skaggs, Herman,and now Ford.

None of these 3 seats have a contested election in them!

I contend that because of that fact, the turnout in the Northland
will be horrible. Fairfield, if he even had a base in the Northland,
will never be able to get those voters to the polls just for a mayor's

Have never met the man-may be a great guy, but politically he is dead
in the election.


Hey Steve, I think you forgot to mention that this polling group only serves conservative's no wonder Blunt's approval ratings appear to have gone up by more than ten points. I'll stick with the polling data that uses a less biased sample.

"Last week, Missouri Republicans were trumpeting a new poll (by a GOP firm) that showed Gov. Matt Blunt with far better job approval numbers than what’s been determined by another survey firm.

American Viewpoint had Blunt at 46 percent approve, 44 percent disapprove.

Republicans say it’s time to set the record straight. They’re tired of all the attention being paid to unreliable polls.

Democrats, though, aren’t buying it. They say Blunt remains in the tank." - On politics, Sun., Feb 4 2007; Kraske

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