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February 09, 2007


Seems like the rumor mill has it that convicted organized crime members fundraising for Nace.

If this is true, she definately needs to address that. I guess having mob ties is one way to distinguish yourself from the pack...

Anyone heard anything else about this?

The Public Has A Right To Know

I've been begging for the Star to do some actual investigative journalism for weeks. I really don't understand why they don't. They've got one of the region's best political investigative jounalists on staff in Dave Helling (remember those TruthWatch bits he used to do for Channel 5?)

When is the mainstream media going to start reporting on some of the pervasive stories we keep hearing about candidates for council and mayor:

That Janice Ellis ran Partnership for Children into the ground. I’ve tried to research this issue but their tax returns haven’t been filed since their ’04 report. The way I understand it, even with extensions, the latest the ’05 report should have been available was 11/06. What is Ellis trying to hide?

Did Becky Nace really leave her 2nd husband to marry the dogcatcher? As funny as that sounds a city council member having an affair with a subordinate department head is pretty seedy. If she was a man, the press would be all over her for that.

And is she "mobbed up"? Is she Tom Pendergast's long lost daughter?

What’s the true story of Doug Gamble and the TIF conflict of interest? Holy cow that’s a big question that needs to be answered impartially (I know Gamble has shared his story but it doesn’t quite ring true to me)

What’s with all the airfare expenditures on Mel Solomon’s MEC reports. Does he know this is an in-district city council race? Where the heck is he flying that it’s a legitimate campaign expense?

I keep seeing very unpleasant allegations about John Fairfield in the blogosphere. Is there a police report?

What’s the deal with Alvin Brooks collecting nearly $100k per year from Move Up and not reporting it for years on his ethics reports? And who gets paid that much money by a non-profit for going to funerals and crime scenes anyway???

What’s going on with the audit report? If the acting city auditor is playing politics with this report, it should be exposed. If Fairfield and/or Eddy is playing politics by concealing this report, it should be exposed. I would like to know the true schedule by which this report was supposed to be released (was it July ’07 as claimed or is it really being stalled?)

For crying out loud – please report thoroughly on the legal backgrounds of Carol Coe, Saundra McFadden Weaver, Kathryn Shields, and anyone else who’s been arrested, indicted, sued, etc. Are these really the people we want leading our city???

These issues need to be brought to light so the public can make informed decisions in the voting booth and we rely on the media to do it.


Wow Becky and Rowe are really trying to clean things up for our city. Forget about it and read this about her latest fundraising with mob ties:

I need a shower

I didn't think Nace could roll around in anything dirtier then the right wing wacko's but she out does herself again

Check this website out. You can see every legal issue with whoever, candidates included. Look at Stan Glazers 3 pages.

I agree with the previous comment - I want some real investigative reporting on the candidates - all of them. Simply repeating what a candidate says about themselves is not news. Is there some work ethic issues at the Star?

The Public---you just cut and pasted your post from a week ago. Its old and tired. Try something new.

Fairfield for Dog Catcher!

'The Public' for conspiracy king/queen


Why doesn't somebody investigate the Country Club Kay's entire staff breaking the law by working for campaigns when their supposed to be doing work for us! We pay their salaries.

Becky Nace for public education
Becky Nace for vouchers
Becky Nace for unions
Becky Nace for "right to work"
Becky Nace for fiscal responsibility
Becky Nace for TIF at will.
Becky Nace for Latino Community
Becky Nace for Anti-Latino Comments
Becky Nace for morality
Becky Nace for Stip Club Owners.
Becky Nace for Womens Rights
Becky Nace for Anti-Greater Kansas City Womens Political Caucus Comments.

I don't blame The Public from posting his same post. After all, has the Star answered ANY of those questions? Just puff piece after puff piece on our mayoral candidates.

The Public Has A Right To Know

Yes, and I'll keep posting it until the questions are answered. Come on Star - get your hands dirty and do some work.

The Public for conspiracy champion

Fairfield for Dog Catcher!

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