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February 13, 2007


Hold me back. The F(l)unk is sooo cool. Maybe his show can feature stupid pet tricks, like cramming your dog's mouth full of peanut butter so you can make it (not) look like it's talking.


Where are your parents? This is no place for highschoolers. You ridicule the dog ad yet it brought thousands of viewers to the website. Many of whom are keeping open minds and not working for another candidate. It doesn't bother me that you dislike the ad or ridicule it-I doubt you are old enough to vote.

State Representative John Burnett's full endorsements as his newsletter states

City Council Choices

We will be sending out more emails with details and links on our City Council picks but for now here they are:

District One Deb Hermann - At Large, Bill Skaggs - In District

District Two Ed Ford - At Large, Aaron Knight - In District

Melba Curls District Three - At Large

District Four - In District - Ezekiel Amador, At Large - Deth Im

District Five - In District Terry Riley, At Large - Cindy Circo

District Six - In District John Sharp, At Large - Cathy Jolly

Mayor - Mark Funkhouser

I ridicule the F(l)unk's lame web video, and you ridicule me? Want to talk about "highschoolers." You kool aid drinking F(l)unk lovers are really turning off a lot of people. Give it a rest already.

I think the weekly town hall meeting with call-in questions is biting off more than he can chew. If he is really working as hard as he's promising to work - I don't see how he will have time for the production of this meeting every week. I am filing this under "believe it when I see it."

Go Funk-meister!

John Burnett going against the Building Trades and Senator Callahan candidate Becky Nace. Her house is crumbling from the inside out . Go Funk

sounds like a great idea!


You're darn right I ridiculed you and I'm going to do it again and again until you can take an actual issue with Funkhouser and debate it. And than I'll ridicule you again for being wrong. And how could you possibly know who is turned on and off by reading this blog. According to latest polls, and word around town a lot of people are turned ON to Funkhouser's message. I just like to make sure you other campaign peoples aren't getting too out of hand.


How about "Funky's Town"


I like "One City Under Funk"

Who is Burnett?

What a minute Nace is supported by the Mob Jeff Roe and Callahan oh she will do great in south Kansas City . NOT


The final two are going to be Funk and Brooks.

Well why not, the Star is already running his campaign. Just as well make a contest out of this too.

Callahan that its voting for Funkhouser you just lost my vote Becky ,Victor Callahan is a known republican also.

State Representative John Burnett's Academy Award Endorsements as his newsletter states

Best Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio

Best Actress: Meryl Streep

Best Director: Martin Scorsese

Best Picture: "Babel"

I agree with the above blogger he is a actor double crossing Nace and Callahan. Since John didnt get Prosecutor I guess Funkhouser is there punishment. Go Funk

"The O'Funky Factor"

"Live with Dr. Funk"




'Funky Minutes'

Boy Funk he thinks he is going to win. We need a serious person for mayor not someone who thinks the he is cute and cleaver. With his ideas this city will be hurting for sure. Wake up Kansas City before it is too late!


8:52 are you serious? surely you can't be. anybody who knows anything knows that Funkhouser is serious. too serious for many-you would know this had you been paying any attention-because Funk has been criticized for being just that-too serious. get a clue pal.


Here's the winner:

"Bring da noise, bring da funk!"

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