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February 13, 2007



Okay, here is a stupid comment by McCaskill (are you listening BeProudAmerica). The woman died, of course it is a "once-in-a-lifetime chance" to speak at her funeral.

Was this in a PR, because me thinks, someone needs a good talking to.

If not leading the Senate filibuster on funding for the war on Iraq, she needs to help move it along. Anybody know what she's doing in DC?

Confused Kansas City

Want to know more about Claire's view of the KC Mayor's Race:

I am glad that Claire remembers her roots...

Confused, you got me twice now. Found nothing on McCaskill. What's up with that?


I concur with Senator McCaskills decision. I remember meeting Harriet Woods years ago in Jefferson City and admired her greatly. There will be other trips to Iraq since it appears we will be there for some time.


I also agree with Claire's decision. She is doing the right thing, just because it is the right thing to do. Well done Claire.

Claire remembers her much for that news report of her receiving 75 percent of her money since being elected from former Talent supporters.


Why is this even news? Yep, she is not going on a trip to Iraq so she can attend a Missouri politician's funeral.

That's nice, 'slap on the back' for doing a great job worthy, probably not.

(My point is if this is the things that we are going to congratulate her on, we are in for a long 6 years)

John Evans

We need to be bringing people out of Iraq. If the Oil industry wants to take their oil then they need to hire Blackwater and get to taking it. We need to reconstruct our own country. We cannot let our Military continue to be a security force for Exxon and by proxy a cash cow for Haliburton. The hearings have started and the Bush Crime Family will be exposed to the public to the point that we will demand that they be held accountable for their crimes.


jenniferem, still laughing about your comment good catch, who really cares if she goes to one or the other we can see it on tv. It may have been right it may have been wrong, but Iraq would have been better coverage for her, so maybe it was difficult choice. She must have kept same pr person though....once in a lifetime lol

by the way I missed you all, I have been taking a much needed respite from life..but watch out, as they say I'm back lol

A Reasonable Kansan

Whats all this crying about Iraq?

AS the Kansas Citizens for Science will tell you, the fit survive, the weak perish.

Just teach evolution to all the kids, and all will be well, even if their dads are laid off and the kid can't do math.

Evolution dammit.

Just learn it and your problems will be solved.

Otherwise, Liz Craig, their media rep, will portray you as a FOOL and an IGNORAMUS.

And you don't want THAT do you?


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