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February 14, 2007



So DiCapo couldn’t compete with street vendors because of their low overhead? His business had many advantages over theirs: climate controlled building, dining tables, seating, beer license. I don’t see how he can seriously expect to be considered a “small business advocate” when he tried to drive away his small business competition because his restaraunt was a failure. His attacks on city employees was completely asinine. He pissed off his client base every time he wrote a letter to the editor. This guys candidacy is going to fail faster than his crappy restaraunt.


albert, oops alvin brooks. what a joke. albert brooks is quite good with jokes...alvin just is one.

When you profile Shields, the header should read: Krime, Korruption and Kronyism: Kueen Katheryn's KC Kalendar

Drew Murphy

Honestly - why did DiCapo even get mentioned at all?

Mod Dem

I love the sign on Ward Parkway "ANYONE BUT CHUCK EDDY"


Do You even know why he sign is there on wardparkway?? I doubt it.. it's because a relative of a bar employee doesn't like the CLEAN AIR Ordinance that Chuck Eddy introduced to the city council. Eddy seems to take everyones crap for the wrong reasons. He is the only one on the council that has stayed true to their responsibilites and not hid behind wanting to become the next mayor.(Brooks and who ever else supports the ordinance but is too chicken to speak up and have a cheap banner put up in THEIR Name ) Chuck is still the stronger candidate and needs to be recognized for standing up for what is good for the majority. check out his web site for more deatils, Please!!

How come no ones brought up Cathy Jolly has been investigated twice for fraud? No wonder FREEDOM INC, has endorsed her.

How come no ones brought up Cathy Jolly has been investigated twice for fraud? No wonder FREEDOM INC, has endorsed her.

HOw come no ones brought up that Cathy Jolly has been investigated twice for fraud?

True dat on the DiCappo comment. His problems would have been solved if he would have served good food.


It is going to be Funkhouser vs Brooks for the final two.

It will be interesting between those two.


cathy jolly is a babe, that's why.

Naces profile Underworld Republican

Drew Murphy

Jim Glover is the best candidate, in my opinion.


You have got to be kidding! The reason Eddy takes crap is because he offers crap. I am in agreement with the smoking ban - FOR EVERYONE -. But what does he do? He tries to pass an ordinance that bans smoking through out the city - BUT WAIT - except at casinos. What a phony!
All of the reasons the ban has been suggested make sense. So Chuck, pass an ordinance that bans smoking-period, or don't pass one at all!

What a phony!

You figure it out. Crap in crap out

Fairfield for Dog Catcher!


I'd like to see Janice Ellis actually answer a question, one. Just answer it. Two, when answering a question, can she do so in less than 400 words? Apparently a PhD in communication arts is really the same as a PhD in bullshitting.

The reason Janice Ellis doesn't ever answer any questions is that she doesn't have any answers. She's totally clueless. That's why her solution to every problem is setting up a friggin' task force. Because then there would be somebody to tell her what's actually going on in this city

Bubba Lowmaigne

Mark Funkhouse for Mayor.

Screeching Monkey

"Today: Stan Glazer: Glazer runs as 'visionary' with entrepreneurial spirit"

There's a word for people that have "visions" - nutcases.


As for your comment about Glazer, Mr. Screeching Monkey, I think a more appropriate way to phrase his approach, after you scrape the polish off and get to the turd, is this:

Today: Stan Glazer: Glazer runs like a fool with other people's money.

This was taken from John Burnett's Newsletter

City Council Choices

We will be sending out more emails with details and links on our City Council picks but for now here they are:

District One Deb Hermann - At Large, Bill Skaggs - In District

District Two Ed Ford - At Large, Aaron Knight - In District

Melba Curls District Three - At Large

District Four - In District - Ezekiel Amador, At Large - Deth Im

District Five - In District Terry Riley, At Large - Cindy Circo

District Six - In District John Sharp, At Large - Cathy Jolly

Mayor - Mark Funkhouser


wont be supporting Burnett anymore.

Screeching Monkey

Who is John Burnett??

Who cares who John Burnett is?

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