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February 14, 2007



wish Ingrid would focus on the schools and quit posting her husband's endorsements.

Larry Tate

Lee Judge is right, John Fairfield is Darren Stevens boss on Bewitched.

lamar mickens

Glover has a plan...

glover has a plan?
what plan?
Glover has an idea.
an idea that doe not include the eastern / urban core! Predominately where underserved minorities and non minorities live!

Let's recap what was said...

He has put together a platform called “Citizens First” that “puts the city’s top priority on improving neighborhoods and basic services.”

Let’s look at this: In putting together Citizens First, does this include citizen groups from the eastern / Urban core? Is there a voice for African Americans? For underserved minorities and non minorities?

He claims his top priorities are improving neighborhoods. What about neighborhoods east of Troost / Corridor and other eastern corridors beyond Troost extending to Vanbrunt? Is there a mega plan to help them? Or does it simply serve the affluent?

What about improving basic services for communities; the most blighted and in need of service communities that are found in the eastern side of the Third and Fifth districts.

Districts that have suffered since 1968; almost forty years; Mr. Glover! What about them? Under your leadership are you going to put them first? Or second, or third, or…..

His main issues also claims the following:

It is filled with ideas he favors: adding more city property code inspectors, spending more on tree trimming, maintaining parks better.

His most ambitious idea is establishing what he calls a “street utility fund,” which would take a percentage of the city’s tax revenues and dedicate those funds exclusively to street-related spending, from repaving to trimming trees.

First mistake.. His first line:

“it is filled with ideas he favors“.

Rebuttal: The difference between what is favored and what is needed is the difference between an idea and a plan…

Just like Kaye, he’s goes off on the stupid point. She had “rain gardens and rolling roofs,” he wants trimming trees! Home Depot has openings in its garden centers; try your luck there! You have a city/ murder / homicide rate that tops more than 3,000 people in the last forty years! You have more than a 5 mile radius (more than 1,500 city blocks) of blight and devastation that has decimated people, communities and futures by impoverished conditions-that are continually on the raise and eroding the infrastructures within your city.

A strain that is fueled by poverty, racism and classicism; causing increased / negative / social and cultural relations between cultures and classes that is reaching a “critical point of instability” due to poor and misguided leadership that fails or is incapable of precise / prioritized action and accountability; to expertly deliver a logical remedy to the socioeconomic problems of communities and the city at large!

Homelessness, drugs, violence, crime, illiteracy and unemployment all contribute to blight and costs that ensues an ever increasing mandatory budget that contributes to tax paying dollars going out the window on stupid agendas-(not concrete plans) attributing to our local / failing economy as the issues, conditions and concerns skyrocket! AND ON YOUR FIRST TERM IN OFFICE AS MAYOR, YOU WANT TO TRIM TREES! Moving right along….

Stupid idea #2:

Adding more city property code inspectors:


Exactly how well thought our was that plan? You spend more money on code inspectors; you haul more people and businesses up on fines-(fleecing) you now simply tie up more legal processing time spent on fining and possibly imprisoning people that are less likely to commit violent crimes.

How about assessing if they can renovate the property? Instead of punishing them? How about putting the EDC-(Economic Development Corporate) to work in ascertaining if these properties can be rehab? Or just torn down? Or partnering with nonprofits to get tax breaks and possible economic development incentives including funding; coupled with entrepreneurial programs to start or expand new / emerging and existing businesses?

You can even go a bit farther and contact GSA-(General Services Administration) about procurement opportunities to see if they require space for storage or require a job opportunity that the government needs filled-(Uncle Sam is always hiring and contracting) that the space could be used for to create more jobs and other community and economic development incentives that will move the ranks of empty and dangerous buildings off the city’s roster and back onto productivity!

Hell, you can even plant some trees for trimming! Create jobs, economic development, possible tourism and new city revenues in the forms of taxes, income revenues, tourim / growth etc.. enough said…Moving on….

Stupid idea #3

“His most ambitious idea is establishing what he calls a “street utility fund,” which would take a percentage of the city’s tax revenues and dedicate those funds exclusively to street-related spending, from repaving to trimming trees“ .

Street Utility Fund…


Another program, another fund; just don’t get it do you? Still want to trim those trees huh? Real hard on for wood? No wonder! The one thing that all candidates have for political office is connection; rather the lack there of.

When you live comfortable and your bills are paid and your neighbor has a job and the entire city block has jobs; anything outside that realm isn’t worth knowing about until you try and become poor or a mayor. That’s what’s happened to all mayors.

Kansas City has a real "hard on" for two things; wasting tax dollars on whims and capital improvements. Seems like we’re doing capital improvements.

Someone’s always proposing capital improvement… Always fixing a street here, curb there, sidewalk there… Jim, (can I call you Jim?) seems to me what’s needed is a “catalyst project” instead of another program. A project large enough to purport mass redevelopment and provisional services for employment, subsidies-(procurement) that will encompass and encourage growth, stability and independence for economic recovery within underserved areas while lessening the criminal element; blight and impoverished conditions within these “unstable areas” that eventually costs the city, citizens and businesses in our city-which eventual translates to higher cost to the tax payers.

A vision or project that would potentially foster and draw support for economic recovery in low income / disadvantaged areas-from local and or national sectors-that could and would eventually attract various sector / interest (sounds familiar) on a city, county, state and federal level. Drawing upon other cities and states to adopt a vision plan or proposal… Can you say “Epicenter” ? I’m sure you can…

Stupid idea #4

He also thinks that fund would substantially reduce the city’s worsening backlog of street maintenance work.


Paving, aggregates, black top, resurfacing; whatever!

Try looking into why we have to keep repaving and resurfacing so much. Get a computerized system to enter (through P&Z) the streets and sidewalks; that way we can track the resurfacing / progression and analyze the areas in rotation as to what needs to be fixed and when.

Then get some scientists-(Geologist and Chemists) to determine if the grade / mixture of what’s being put down-(resurfacing) is exact ally the quality of goods we are paying for. If the mixture is right; then go slightly more expensive and do it right. That way we don’t have to keep paying out the wazoo for capital improvement every time the seasons change… Just a thought; just a thought.

Stupid idea#5

“Friends, I work to restore Kansas City neighborhoods,” Glover told a gathering of Northeast residents.


Really, how many gatherings have you had in the eastern-( I did say eastern) parts of the Third and Fifth Districts of the Urban Core-talking to minorities. Have you yet addressed any major Black crowds Jim, (can I call you Jim, Jim?).

Do you have an all encompassing plan? Will it bring the black community (no tree trimming please) economic growth and prosperity? Jim? Is it an idea, Vision, plan or proposal?

Does it (if it exists) have anything to do with more police? Or more (if any) economic development?

Quick wrap up: Experience and Support

He has no experience with poverty, crime nor minorities in great numbers; at least participating and or dealing with core (eastern /Urban Core) issues. He is evasive-(Epicenter) and I believe will as others have done in the past, “pass on” the Urban Core issues of the Third and Fifth Districts.

I want to see an Urban core proposal, Vision or plan that doesn’t involve policing underserved communities that lends towards “strong economic development” for improving the equality and quality for life for the underserved…

lamar mickens

Glazer the Blazer

I’m on a roll today!

Stan the “Blazer / Glazer”

I personally met Stan at his campaign headquarters on his last run…
Here’s how Stan the Man stacks up….

He’s a visionary-(he said so) he’s a risk taker; he’s a business owner with a stake in his community and city. What he does to us he does to himself…

He has been broke-( a big plus with me) when you’ve been broke and lost and then get back up and continue- denotes and demonstrates courage, character, commitment and a willingness to correct your mistakes and still take on a good fight; regardless of the odds-(never give up never surrender).

Radio talk show host; means he’s in touch in part, with the people-the common working and non working class people. I assume that he’d been planning to run again as soon as he lost the last time-(denotes he is strong willed and independently minded) not a yes man!!!

Main issues

Way out concepts-(look who’s talking)

$1 billion dollar infrastructure plan; wants to spend a $100 million dollars on a 50 story observation wheel-(better than $1 million dollars on sculptures atop Bartle Hall).

Included Troost area 3rd District wants to devote more time to inner city development-(my answer to the Urban Core and my vote there); inclusion of the underserved minority and non minority sectors within the community-(I know I'm one of them).

He supports large and small scale economic development; which now makes me wonder what he would think about the Epicenter project?

If he supports potentially creating 260,000 new jobs, then I say, Glazer is truly a Blazer!

Chuck is still the stronger candidate and needs to be recognized for standing up for what is good for the majority. check out his web site for more deatils, Please!!

Posted by: Marman | February 07, 2007 at 01:03 PM


The poor man who can't make it on 56K a year as a councilperson (so he has to keeps his day job)"standing up for what is good for the majority"?

Next you will be touting the advantages of bush's exit strategy of Iraq through Iran

Chuck is still the stronger candidate and needs to be recognized for standing up for what is good for the majority. check out his web site for more deatils, Please!!

Posted by: Marman | February 07, 2007 at 01:03 PM


The poor man who can't make it on 56K a year as a councilperson (so he has to keeps his day job)"standing up for what is good for the majority"?

Next you will be touting the advantages of bush's exit strategy of Iraq through Iran


just need to get your facts straight... that reference was to that salary and being a Full time council person, That if someone was to do this full time that mybe all coucil members should be compensated accordingly for the amount of time and effort that council members give to their positions., you're like every other blogger out there with too much time to waste and take every thing out of context to make some one look bad instead of finding someone doing good, like Eddy

Marman- I stand corrected Eddy does not make 56K as a councilperson:


In-district councilmember is elected by voters of respective district
At-large councilmember is elected by all voters of the city
Term of office is four years beginning May 1 following municipal regular election
Starting annual salary is $54,735
(See City Charter, Section 201 and Section 206)

that $1300 he would probably never notice or miss {and that $1300 lower than 56K is the "starting salary"}.

Of "The majority" you claim he [eddy] stands up for, many of those people that [1300] is what they and possibly their household makes in a month. [unless you mean as majority say north of the river, south plaza and brookside]

It also may be the type of money a casino would lose in generated income on a weekend if the glorious "anti-smoking" law included them.

I used to deliver to the casinos and the parking lots were full of the types of cars that someone making 1300 a month drove. If you were in the employee lot anyway.

Marman must be a relative of Chuck Eddy's. After reading the comment that Chuck stands up for what is good for the majority, I had to look at his website to see what I had missed. I couldn't find anything. A couple of things did stand out, though. Chuck wants to make city hall a friendly place. That must mean his aide will be looking for a new job. Last on his priority list is 'continuing development efforts in both the Northland and the Southland. I think all of us are aware of what's going on in the Northland, but what development efforts is he referring to in his own district? Golddiggers? Oh, maybe it's the spray fountain when everyone thought we would be getting an acquatic center.
Marman didn't really explain the comment about Chuck standing up for what is best for the majority; but that must mean whatever Chuck believes is best and not what that majority actually wants. Remember Richards-Gebaur? Maybe majority has something do with those who have money and not actual constituents.

lamar mickens

Here’s my take on Funkhouser:

I don’t know enough on him to comment because reading his candidate profile he doesn’t say much. So I will:

Dedication, commitment, courage, ingenuity and sincerity are the quintessential fine points-of leadership; not “thresholds”.

Thresholds are marginal lines of thinking and guessing; thinking what people want to hear and guessing if what you said will win an election.

That’s the political process and that’s the cornerstone-(basis) of politics which has been practiced within American society for the last 200 years.

I hope Mr. Funkhouser you can do something that only two men of this country has ever done. Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr., said he had a dream… But he also had a plan…
And at the nucleus of that plan was an ideology; brother and sisterhood; peace and goodwill between men and women.

Malcolm X's dream was to bring people up from poverty adn despairty; giving them a sense of hope and self worth. At the nucleus of his dream was education; knowledge is power. Something we all possess.

I copied these words Mr. Funkhouser from your quote from the Star’s profiling of the 12 mayoral candidates. You said:

“I know how the system works, and I know how to make it work better,” he said.

He’s my problem with that statement:

The system doesn’t work; not equally and entirely. A sytem deisgned and implemented by highly educated people who were probably not minority nor underprivileged.

Which also leades me to ask "why" in every major city, rural area or small town is there poverty? Crime? Unemployment? Drus? Racism? Illiteracy? Classicism and Violence-especially amongst minorities and the underserved?

Nearly 60% percent or more of the national / minority population-(especially African Americans) live in poverty and areas that are impoverished…

Is this by (a) fate, (b) design, (c ) racism or (d) classicism? Let’s see…

Think I will go with B, C and D.

Mr. Funkhouser what I want to know is are you going to be a leader or a politician?

A leader will proactively create or reactively support a plan that is inclusive to the needs of all people regardless of race, creed, color, social standing or ethnicity.

So far, what sets you apart from the others-(exclusion) is the fact that you have not held a political office to my knowledge.

The second and third thing that sets you apart from others running is your intricate and extensive knowledge and experience of city workings; in relation to our economic position and infrastructure-(you know where the money is and where it has gone).

The city scrambles to look for money when the private sectors of this city has tons of cash; (check out the non profits) they seem to “create it out of thin air” .

How about creating a plan bewteen city government and teh private sector?

a plan to create or support economic development (especially within ubderserved / urban core areas) that would spark employment, tourism and growth-for stability nad self reliance; while simultaneously attacking situations and conditions such as unemployment, crime, blight and violence. I just happen to have such a proposed measure.

In the meantime, let’s get back to my favorite issue; the eastern / Urban Core. What are you proposing Mr. Funkhouser, in relation to the impoverished conditions that have plagued the Urban Core for nearly 40 years?

Please don't say more police and more laws for offenders. That's simply a prelude to a cop-out!

I also need you to answer another question for me plain and simple; is there corruption in our city government? If so, can and will you identify this corruption and the people and people / grousp responsible or directly connected to its source? The eastern / Urban Core Mr. Funkhouser; the eastern / Urban Core….

lamar mickens

My take on Fairfield:

Damn, he started lying right from the start.

Time to dig in that ass!!!

Mr. Fairfield; I just read your insert in the Star’s Profiling; this is what you had the nerve to say:

am open-minded and will listen to all sides, but I am not afraid to make hard choices that may disappoint someone,” he said.

What? Well Disappoint me!

Where’s the letter I asked you for back in June of 2006 responding ( in support or opposition) to a proposed initiative (project) to create an estimated 260,000 new jobs-(Epicenter) in the black community-specifically the eastern / Urban Core’s Third and Fifth District-(Prospect / Midtown).

You didn’t have the nerve then to give me a written response just as you don’t now! Did you vote yes on giving nearly (if not already) nearly $1 billion dollars to the KC Live (formerly known as Power and Light District) project?

Although designated blighted-(the downtown area in question) were you aware of the blighted and impoverished conditions that exists within the eastern / Urban Core?

Are you aware that these conditions, situations and circumstances have been in existence for nearly forty years-while the 1st 2nd and fourth districts have probably in excess of $5 billion dollars in economic development that supports affluent communities and their social classes?

While murder, homelessness, unemployment, violence and crime run amuck in the underserved / 3rd and 5th Districts?

Will you be afraid to make the choice in realizing that the underserved and predominate minority communities go on suffering while city government builds its “Tower of Babylon” ?

Hail Nimrods!

Fairfield said his first priority would be to continue economic growth and create jobs. He especially advocates keeping momentum in the downtown renaissance.

What about the Urban Core? Where’s our jobs? Where's our renaissance?

Fairfield defended the recent TIF tax breaks for a hotel and office complex in Briarcliff because it would mean additional private investment and jobs. It could not be done without incentives, he said.

What about the tax breaks for the Urban Core? Black folks want tax breaks to build hotels and office complexes in our community too? (It must be apparent to many readers by now that I’m African American).

Fairfield said the city should consider reallocating some of its limited capital dollars toward strategic neighborhood projects and deferred maintenance, but it had to do it more efficiently. He said years long delays in some projects would, in private industry, result in people being fired.

How much in reallocation of this limited capital? What strategic neighborhood projects? Are they in the Prospect and or Troost Midtown area? Isn’t differed maintenance another way of saying “capital improvements programs” or PIAC for short? Just a thought. Just a thought…

Years long delay-in relation to projects. How about the Urban Core-(nearly forty years) that’s a delay long overdue! Vague talk; vague answers, vague solutions! Sounds vaguely familiar!


Fairfield has served as a prosecutor and a municipal judge for Platte Woods. He is a past president of the Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce.
Fairfield served on Kansas City’s Public Improvements Advisory Committee. He says he had the lead role, as a councilman, in negotiations with American Airlines to retain the overhaul base and its jobs at Kansas City International Airport.
Fairfield also takes credit for splitting the Northland into two council districts, increasing that area’s clout at City Hall.

Served as a judge? How long? How many convictions? What type? What type of citywide experience do you have? Are you a leader or politician?

Where is Platte Woods? Is it near City Hall? Where is the Urban Core? A: A lot closer to City Hall! As President of the Northland Chamber of Commerce-have you ever proposed to its members the use of their resources to aid the inner city of Kansas City in an economic recovery effort through economic development? Of course not?

Is American Airlines in the black? Or in the red? Increasing the area’s clout for the Northlands at City Hall. Let’s see what you do when you come face to face with reality and the Urban Core! See how much “splitting you do then” !

PIAC another way of saying wasting more money by creating more redundant, unnecessary / duplicative projects that benefit no one but the affluent! What the point of having a sidewalk if the house is dilapidated? What the point of having a house if the area around it is blighted, impoverished and crime infested? What’s the point of paving the streets over if people are afraid to travel in the community or neighborhood? The answer is simple; nothing! There is no need, because there is no community! Try rebuilding some underserved communities for a change!

How’s KCI doing? About roughly 10 million people a year? No wonder we have to keep “robbing Peter to pay Paul” . no plan, no vision and no people are willing to come to Kansas City, unless Kansas city is willing to invest in its underserved communities and citizens!

In a sort of uniquely strange sort of way Mr. Fairfield I hope you do win….

Because then I can hold your personally accountable in part for the continuing impoverished conditions that will continue throughout the Urban Core throughout your reign… I mean tenure. I hope that someone from the Star or someone reading this blog will contact you and ask you about “the letter” or the “Epicenter project” the look on your face as your gasp to answer would be both profound and just. Keep at what you’re good at dodging the real issues. Oh, I almost forgot to mention… To the readers of this blog-I did get a response from Troy Nash-(where the project would be primarily located); Terry Riley and Becky Nace… I hear Nace is running for Mayor too. I’ll bet both the readers and voters would love to know what those letters said…

You better hope no one calls or emails me about those letters. I would be more than overjoyed to send them to them. See you in the general….

lamar mickens

Ellis has publicly signed an ambitious “covenant with Kansas City.” She said that maintaining and improving attention to basic services is the “minimum performance requirement” for the next mayor.

Among her priorities are the need to extend the downtown renaissance into the neighborhoods or else risk squandering that investment. She would emphasize programs to combat blight and work to put the city’s housing program in order.

“If we think we can build downtown as an island in a sea of poverty and expect suburbia to come, I think we’re whistling Dixie,” she said.
Ellis wants to encourage regional cooperation by creating a “roundtable” for discussion of mutual interests.

Ellis also emphasizes the need for educational reform, to the extent she contemplates seeking state legislation to give the mayor more say in school district affairs.
She said she has been intimately involved in the district through her role as CEO of Partnership for Children, a bi-state youth advocacy group that has issued annual report cards on the area’s progress. She left that position last year to run for mayor.

Ellis said she would use her office to sustain a conversation among parents, teachers and the business community. She would convene an education commission to be staffed by an education officer in the mayor’s office.

Ellis points to other cities in which municipal leaders have sought greater accountability over the quality of education, which she said is directly related to economic growth and crime.

“The mayor must own this issue,” Ellis said.

My take on Ellis:

She said it; you decide…

she is better versed than most of the potential / male / less than qualified candidates running!

lamar mickens

Although not the highest-profile member of the council, Eddy has been at the heart of Kansas City’s development boom as chairman of the Finance and Audit Committee. He also has steered the expansion of the Bartle Hall convention center and renovation of the Music Hall.

My take:

Here’s a true example of a “politician” and the “political process” they serve-if ever witnessed. Pretend to “undertake and accomplish a great feat” that actually requires very little effort; publicize it and then be praised for it; while doing “little to next to nothing” for those truly in need; shifting both the blame and true / focus of a problem to a lesser endeavor.

Another way to put it:

“Your profile reads” that you have been a “boom” as the chairman of the Finance and Audit Committee” while being a “bust” for underserved / Urban Core communities through your diligent efforts to increase the standings of the social / elite; while at the same time “deserting” the lesser / deserving ranks and file of the “misfortunate and unfortunate”.

Breaking down Eddy’s Main issues

Eddy thinks it is essential to ask voters this year to renew the 1-cent sales tax that fuels city spending on capital needs and deferred maintenance. He would like to explore whether the tax’s sunset clause could be lengthened or eliminated to allow better long-range planning.


How much does Eddy’s proposed / 1-cent sales tax expect to generate? How many times and how long is he proposing this 1-cent sales tax? What will be the total revenue generated from this sales tax? What capital needs does he feel this money should address? Where are these areas located in relation to political districts.

“We have to pay as much attention and resources as we can to our infrastructure,” Eddy said. “We need to finish these downtown projects and concentrate on the neighborhoods. … We need to keep the progress going.”


Just exactly what is the long term/ final plan for downtown? How much more commitment is it going to take and at what cost in terms of dollars? As far as to the purported outcomes of these projects-that’s simple; the affluent are now surrounded by a downtown urban core that is vibrant, decadent, self reliant and self contained… a virtual gateway-(via connecting highways and interstates) welcoming the Kansas city and Greater Metropolitan area / residents as it bypasses the central / urban core.

When you say Eddy that you want to “concentrate on the neighborhoods” you were very vague as to specifying exactly what neighborhoods? Do you mean the existing / decaying underserved / neighborhoods that are just minutes away from the doorsteps of downtown?

Are the already / new emerging Platte / Northlands style of new residential units that exists in downtown, Northlands / Platte areas such as luxury loft / apartments and condos that concentrate on the affluent lifestyles of the privilege? Let’s be real…Let’s be serious…

You nor your successors have no intentions of ever seriously committing any form of major project / program to correct the ills of underserved communities because you don’t, haven’t conceived nor endorse a solvent / solution in solving the problems of the urban core. How can you save a people when you don’t even know how to go about understanding the situations and plight of a people? When you aren’t willing to even represent or champion a people?

Eddy supports rebuilding the city budget reserve.

Another stupid political answer that is far again from solving the simple-(now made complex) problem of solving the ills of our city. A direct sign and indication of non conformists / political thinking. Don’t solve the problem; continue supporting the political plan of expediency and selfish / course of action that sacrifices the weak for the strong; the affluent for the underserved; the have against the have nots.

In order To create a budgetary reserve you would have to sacrifice someone rather than something. Sacrifice spending again for the airport? No…capital improvement on streets, highways and bridges? No…. Sacrifice the various redundant programs and service? No… Sacrifice the poor as their communities continually erode and suffer? Yes! Definitely yes!

Earmarking monies and designating them for destinations such as budget reserve increases; new projects in lieu of legislative manipulation and or other acts are just a few of the political and savvy moves by city government. A practice that continues to support redirecting revenues away from underserved areas (the problem) are just a few of the clever methods of authoritarian and legislative manipulation through political steering are the tools of trade utilized by politicians which has magnified a problem that was once small and innocuous-to a problem that has grown enormous and very visible.

That’s what’s been done for nearly the past four decades now. Shifting priorities and responsibilities that allow the rich to get richer and the poor to become poorer. How much is enough-(greed)? Where and when does the political corruption and systemic manipulation end? It ends here and now!

He-(Eddy) also would push for neighborhood and community improvements. He favors tax-increment financing “when it is used correctly” as a tool for projects that cannot go forward without it. He defends the Briarcliff Super TIF — for a $91 million hotel and office building complex—on that basis.

I briefly scanned an article on the Briar Cliff and the proposed use of Super TIF to get that project pushed through. While in office did he realize that just last year there were more than 100 homicides in the eastern / urban core? Although the eastern / urban core’s third district is not his district, it is still apart of the city. A city he now wants to run?

Eddy said he “will lead the council to seek creative funding possibilities” to meet the city’s pressing need to upgrade its combined storm and flood water sewer system.

Murders, homelessness, unemployment, illiteracy, crime and violence. But he wants to tackle sewers! Money that can be obtained on a state and federal level if coupled with a large scale development project. Like the one he heard last year to create an estimated 260,000 new jobs within the underserved communities-to benefit all communities.

As mayor, will he lead the council in seeking creative funding possibilities to meet the city’s need and responsibility to its underserved urban core. Will he support a master plan to create a mega solution to a mega problem? Or will he simply push the issue aide or respond with a no comment?

Here’s a response I want from you and people like you Mr. Eddy running for office; the Epicenter…Are you ready to comment now, later or not at all? The days of people like you running for mayor are over…

Get that through your head!

Rain gardens…
Tree trimming….

That is the type of leadership we have had for nearly four decades!

lamar mickens

John David DiCapo

I like to see an underdog run:

Here’s my take on John D.


Mr. DiCapo:

I hope that you realize that there is more at stake here than just small businesses. The scope and realm of an arena in which you entangle yourself is complex and diverse…this city does need to pay attention to small business; however there are even more grave and pressing matters that have to be resolved. The matter of equality and fairness-that far outweighs small business needs.

The solution to small business is simple:

Offer tax breaks to the “little guy” as you said. Also explore partnering measures and initiatives between philanthropic foundations and nonprofit organization’s / entrepreneurial programs-(include higher learning institutes also) with small businesses. The “marriage” possibly may generate lucrative and creative avenues for small businesses-such as free staff help-(from colleges); funding-for operations-( from philanthropic) and expanding these interest locally and or possibly abroad by extending the partnering program through other cities utilizing the network of small businesses that participate. Long story short; small business crisis solved.

Let’s move on..

What about unemployment? How do you fell you can combat or solve the rising drug use, homicides, crimes, violence and impoverished conditions of the underserved and the communities sin which they exists? What about big business? Where do you stand?

I support and believe in individuals who have the drive and spirit and no political experience in running for positions in city government. However, I caution you when pursuing these avenues. The complexity and manner in which you align yourself with people and groups may prove to be significant or catastrophic...

Enough said…

Run your race John D.

Travel Guy

What ever ended up happening with those American Airlines negotiations?

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Xenon HID

Nice post.Jim Glover is the best candidate, in my opinion.

Xenon HID

Excellent!Naces profile Underworld Republican.


Good profiles.I like it.


Don't Trust any Mayor Candidates. Odessa, MO hired a new mayor April 6th 2010 and before he was even in office 14 days. He was violating Local, State and International Codes. Check the link be;ow for more information.The worse part is the council has known for months and refuses to even respond to the issue, little alone address it

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