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February 14, 2007


Screeching Monkey

I am a bit pleasantly surprised by the success of Funkhouser thus far. He seems to resonate with younger audiences - which is odd considering he is an auditor espousing fiscal responsibility.

I think there is a libertarian streak that runs through the younger generation. Libertarians are the "rebels" that liberals in the 60s were. Liberal ideas that were fought for in the 60s have become more mainstream now and its become anti-establishment to be against some of those liberal ideas. I think Funkhouser is tapping into that a bit. Is it enough to win a primary face-off against an establishment candidate like Brooks or Nace? Not sure about that.

Check our Becky Nace going door to door

Becky Nace going door to door


Thanks, Mr. Never Heard of You Kansas Republican, for your brilliant insights. Why would Kraske even post this??

look at this:


Harry Truman had tremendous success running against the "do nothing" congress... I don't see why running against the "do nothing" council should not be just as profitable.

DKC: The problem is Becky is part of this so-called "do-nothing" council. So, big deal, as mayor she still only has one vote and she's used to voting by herself, so she'll be a "do-nothing" mayor. You have to have the ability to bring other votes along with you - to persuade the others that you are right. Becky hasn't been able to bring other votes along before, what makes anyone think she can do it now?


Actually.... I agree with you.


i don't think we've ever had a field of candidates so large and qualified. also, people are still fed up and fired up from the november elections.

Screech, the Gen Nexters are hot and they text.

Most everything in this life worth anything is risky at times.

Right now is no time for cowards to be running for mayor. We are in a precarious position financially--tho you wouldn't know it with the $$$ rupture at city hall. Don't forget that five of the candidates are complicit in getting us to the place where we are today.


I would be most happy with the candidate who seems the least likely to be bought off. Take a look at all twelve of them and look at their record/resume. Funkhouser is the clear choice for me as far as that goes.

When I line it all up, I think Funkhouser is the right mix of job experience, common sense, honesty, integrity, and know-how. There are other good candidates, but as a whole, I truly believe he's what the city needs right now.


I didn't realize what a great support group for Funkhouser there is out south until we had our monthly meeting tonight. It had been cancelled due to bad weather in January, so this is really the first time we were all together since he started sharing his platform.

Brooks was there, but Eddy didn't show. There were several council candidates. Someone brought Mr. Funkhouser's literature and campaign buttons and put it out on the table. In visiting afterwards I think the general consensus is that he will be the most responsive to our needs here in the Hickman area.


I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in Albert Riederer and the new website that is up today with the photos of several of the candidates. Obviously they are in order of how he preceives them as his competitors. The photo of Nace is unconscionable, but I understand that in some circles you put up the most unflattering or distorted view you can. This may be in part due to the belief that she is responsible for a mailing that was against him?? who knows??

What this has done to me, as a supporter of another candidate, is to eliminate him even if my candidate should not get past next Tues., Albert might have been a consideration if he was one of the final two. NOT NOW!! He's in the Nace category now since he has gone so negative. I want to know more about his solutions and what he would do as mayor, not given what he wants us to believe are "facts" about the other candidates. I went depth and breadth about him from his website and mailings. But maybe this DOES tell me what I need to know about him!

What is amazing is that most of the candidates don't think about the fact that there is a second round that could change the dynamics of their supporters. Why burn any bridges at this point??

I've been told that even the handlers are finding this race different than they have met up with in the past...I'm sure Jim Talent's manager is wondering what hit them, and why...well the same phenomenon is happening now. The rules don't matter. In fact, given some real odd circumstances next Tues...we could end up with DiCapo in the finals.


Mr. Reiderer has finally lost all my respect with a mailing that he put out today. I did not believe that any of the talk was true about him prior to this today.

I am a senior, a member of the church here in his neighborhood, and I wish I could have supported him. I have known Mr. Funkhouser for years through our work at city hall, and I am quite familiar with his response to the questionnaire about care for the indigent and all. I have thoroughly researched and visited with him on these issues. I do not believe that he is disserting me, the other seniors or the poor.

I was hoping that between the two gentlemen that on their responses to questions and how they acted in the last week would help me make up my mind. Today I made my decision and it will be for Mr. Funkhouser. He has not put out any mean or untrue postcards about anyone else. He only talks about what he will do for everyone.


The entire indigent care issue can be resolved in everyone's mind if they will simply go to the source of the information and get the truth. At Mark's website.

...and from there go to his blog entries. There you will find answers to most all of your questions regarding his stand on the issues. Please do not leave your vote up to these mailings of the type I have been receiving since the illegal anonymous one was mailed and launched this trend over a week ago.

Personally I am disappointed in both Nace and Riederer...and find it reprehensible that both have done some of the things that their manager's have chosen to put their names on. This is coming out to be a fight between their two camps and the desire to annihilate Mark's candidacy in the process. Usually this doesn't occur in a field so large and is saved to the final round. Right now these front running candidates are the tools of a couple of very ambitious operators. Funkhouser's volunteers aren't so blood thirsty--they are simply smart, hard working and honest.

It's all right there for you to read and figure out for yourself.


Everyone is attacking Funk. Why because he is running number two and they do not have the gall to try attacking Alvin as that would be putting a gun to their head.

These are acts of desperate men and women and should been seen as such. But if the "eat their own" and lower their standards of good taste, truth and fairness values here what will they do for the "common people" of this city?

By common people I mean the average working American in KC; people to whom the earnings tax makes a difference between, hot dogs or hamburger helper on the table at dinner time. The people that need to work two jobs just to stay current on their bills and not go in debt.

I only wish I could magically drive all of these common people to the poles with a conviction to end control by an elite class in this city.

To stop people who care little for those who cannot afford to shop Zona Rosa.

To stop people that think designer grocery stores in downtown are what people need. Or those casinos should be exempt from laws

To stop people who take money from both sides (the good guys and the bad guys) a claim no foul. While it could be argued this is "fair and balanced", it could also been seen as "the ends justifies the means".

The people who in private business have taken advantage of the little guy running him/her out of business cause they were taking profits from the their own company and not paying bills.

To stop people pointing fingers at other candidates not realizing that three more are pointing at them and their past deeds.

To stop people in the middle of a crime taking place and not speaking out in spite of the fact they are an "officer of the court", then pleading I am a victim. (to the common person this would mean being an accessory after the fact).

That leaves one non-elected, two elected and two business based candidates.

However, in the end we get the elected officials we deserve. Please everyone take a crash course find out the facts and turn out on Tuesday.

If we can get a huge turn out to vote on Tuesday, that in and of itself will send a message that will resonate so deeply the tide will turn.

One candidate has said they project that 8,000 votes will get them in the primary. If 100,000 turn out this will shock and awe the political elite and quite possibly get elected officials that will help not hinder the common people.


Way to go Steph. You say it very passionately and with much thought and truth behind these statements.

We are at a turning point and we can either think about who is best for the future, or set ourselves back through neglect and cover up of the existing problems that keep our community divided.

We need someone who will bring our citizens together to solve the issues that are hurting all of us.

I have been to most of the forums and after listening carefully and reading the websites and now these mailings, I have come to believe that Mark Funkhouser represents you and me best, and can handle the job.

You don't know who puts out the negative postcards and flyers and phone calls. Don't assume anyone including Funkhouser is innocent.


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