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February 05, 2007


Do you really want to know?? I'm beginning to wonder if you really are concerned about the mayoral race or if you are more into manipulating the facts and public opinion than you are of reporting what WE the citizens are trying to tell you. The Star and some of the reporters want to create a buzz and try to steer our thinking.

So, the question really is..."what's up" with YOU.

Regarding what's going on with Mr. Glorioso as asked in another comment recently--word has it that he is trying to hook up with one of the candidates, but to no avail.

Why are seven men running for mayor in Raytown this year? The position doesn't even entitle the occupant to a seat in a sports complex box!

"WE the citizens are trying to tell you."

So what's your opinion of the mayoral race? You didn't say and we're still waiting to read it.

Looks like the Funk is in and Nace is out there is not enough conseratives for them both. Bye Bye Becky.

You think Funk is a conservative??

Glorioso trying to hook up? Glorioso is working with several candidates. He's deperate to keep his city hall power and his city hall girlfriend a job!


Do any of the mayoral candidates have a serious plan to deal with the sewers? Am I right that this is literally a billion dollar program that gets worse with each passing year? Isn't it incredibly irresponsible not to get an answer from someone about what to do about this?

Fairfield for dog catcher!

It's a 2-3 billion dollar problem.

The KC Water Dept., its consultants and a citizen's wet weather program committee are currently working to come up with cost estimates and funding sources.

But things move slowly. We can only hope that the EPA doesn't drop the hammer on us and want it done by a date specific that we will not be able to meet.

These are combined sewers which means that raw sewage during rain storms gets by-passed into the river, as well as often backed up into homes.

We have some very critical issues that need addressed that go beyond doom and gloom, or fear tactics. They are very real and need addressed ASAP.

Drew Murphy

I heard on local radio today, that while the stadium improvement money isn't being used, it earns interest, and that any interest goes back into the repair fund. Is this true? What a joke. That is another reason why I will support the new arena more and the Crown Royals and the Chefs even less.

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