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February 14, 2007


Looks like Sam's starting out with a tactical error, believing it's the "social conservatives" he must court. They just lost the evolution battle in his state.

Ed Friedemann

Reading between the lines, Bush's daddy { GHWB } seems very upset being smart enough to understand where his son is taking America. Little Bush's comments about his dad 'watching too much news' is a strong indicator that Sr. is trying to talk some sense into his rouge son.

It also indicates how closed minded Jr. is being { the disconnect between his fantasies and the realities of the real world }.

Jr. must be stopped before we reach an all-out war and those 'signing statements' so carefully crafted give him the power to invoke Martial law, thus suspending elections.

That may seem a bit far fetched, but given the circumstances up until now, I wouldn't be all surprised.

On immigration:

This is important. Please pass it on.

working girl

I feel like a stepchild over here on this "old" blog site. C'est la vie.

Anyway, in response to the Riederer topics all over the new site, I have some observations.

I have felt from the beginning that Riederer was re-directed to enter this race for a couple (or more) reasons. Probably the main one being that the mayor wants to scuttle Funkhouser at any expense.
I find it very troublesome that Mrs. Riederer, the judge, is made note of. Whether or not that plays into the minds of the legal community in KC is questionable in my mind. I hope to heck NOT. But there is no denying that she is a heavy hammer in Albert's court, so to speak.

I personally believe that the current administration at city hall, not to mention the 5 council candidates, want to see Funkhouser beat. I believe that they believe that Mr. Riederer is the strongest candidate to do that. I do not believe that they necessarily want Riederer to be the mayor, but are hoping that he will take Funkhouser out in the process. Naturally that would then leave the field clear for Al or Chuck who would continue business as usual at city hall, in other words, Cauthen would continue to lead the city.

In looking at some of Riederer's biggest contributors, there are the old standby state contributions from local people. I hope that with Albert's state connections that we wouldn't be turning KC into a city run out of the capitol. But some may not be threatened by a state controlled city.


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