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February 13, 2007



And you wonder why people are skeptical about the media. You preach bipartisanship, yet when it actually happens you mock it. Way to show your bias, DeAnn.

Richard Martin

Exactly. Kudos to Governor Blunt. Why is the KC Star mocking an attempt at bi-partisanship? Why dont they try and be part of the solution, not the problem. Life is not always Hannity v Colmes. Some of us have lives and want to respect both sides. Shame on you DeAnn.


If this is the same Richard Martin that ran Senator McCaskill's campaign, congrats on your position with Blackwell Sanders and thanks for agreeing with me...we know the difference between campaign season and governing, and I don't think the media can recognize there's a difference. It always has to be right vs. left, Republican vs. Democratic with the papers. They seem to forget that campaigns are fought to do the service of the people. The bipartisan SmartPort will do a lot for economic development in the KC Region.


missouriright I completely agree with you and was wondering the same about Richard. You may or may not have read one of my many, many posts ranting about how the media and our 'leaders' do such a wonderful job of dividing us and then manipulating that division to their advantage (selling papers and airtime advertising or getting re-elected on wedge issues).

We need more of this...hopefully bi-partisan rhetoric will lead to bi-partisan dialogue and then bi-partisan action. It's all about common ground and believe it or not there is a LOT of that out there!


You're right, Pro, that the "wedge issues" are used against us to make news. The truth is (IMHO) that the majority of voters have similar opinions on most things, but have one or two issues that really drive them. These are the issues that turn out the votes, but after the election most people just want the government to work the most efficiently and effectively for all of the citizens. But that doesn't bring headlines, so bipartisan "government operations" is no fun for reporters like DeAnn.

John Evans

From what I understand this is part of the North American Trade Union which The New World Order is busy putting together behind the scenes and is not in our best interests.

JE, I imagine it will be built on the hard work, hope, and dreams of the people everybody loves to hate, the Mexican (in this case) immigrant.

Lowell Ewalt

What If US Attorney's Investigated Missouri Corruption In This One
Article Highlight: "As all American citizens needs to be aware how crime by certain entities and organized individuals goes un-prosecuted due to their massive wealth and political contributions."

Branson, MO. 04/16/07 - This public announcement by Corporate Resolution is by a majority vote of the share holders of Villas at Lantern Bay, Inc. a duly registered Missouri Corporation. It is so resolved that our President place public request in the press to gain assistance in our corporate situation in Missouri and Federal and State crimes we find ourselves victim of and to. The impact of these crimes is millions of dollars of miss directed funds, properties and securities, allowing the perpetrators from escaping federal prosecution would be travesty to America. It is wishes of all share holders in unison that this action precedes as soon as possible with resolution to hire a corporate attorney, if one can be identified not in a conflict, or tarnished by activity of political officials. It is clear that the company has gathered a strong enough evidentiary trail to file RICCO complaint against major political contributors and politicians already in the national news. This was pointed out to us in a Lawyer’s email letter to an investigator sent to us 04/01/07 It is so resolved by the share holders in special meeting held at corporate offices April 12th, 2007.

To: Law Enforcement Agencies in Missouri, Iowa, Florida, Arkansas, Texas, and Arizona. all Federal law enforcement agencies: to include FBI, Us Postal Inspection Service, Homeland Security. U.S. Department of Justice.

Re: Multiple crimes committed against citizens, children, securities holders and tax payers. Including suspected violent crimes, and terrorist acts intending physical harm.

This public request is made by the shareholders of Villas at Lantern Bay Inc. a Missouri Corporation on and behalf and for the citizens of Missouri and the United States.

As all American citizens needs to be aware how crime by certain entities and organized individuals goes un-prosecuted due to their massive wealth and political contributions. So other Americans do not fall prey to their schemes of obstruction of justice.

As the State of Missouri has recognized the facts and all filings in our company have been corrected and posted publicly By Secretary of State of Missouri. The 2007 registration is filed and correct and posted publicly on Secretary of States web site name of entity is Villas At Lantern Bay, Inc.

All transactions of real estate sales, leases, licenses, tax filings, securities transfers, and all other transactions, not to exclude fraud on the courts have been committed in last four years by imposters of our corporate officers. Unlawful interference to normal rights of our corporation share holders before 2002 was purely criminal. This unlawful activity was allowed by local authorities for lack explanation due to previous false filings, ("they did not know") may or may not used as possible and partial legitimate excuse at some point. This group has even resulted to moving assets from an unregistered companies the tax implications and federal mail frauds across state lines is major crime by all knowingly participating.

As we are not their only pet project the size of their development schemes is in the billions. The funds that Stiffel, Nicolas & Co, bring to the party (the are major fund manager’s Like MML Series Investment Fund and one of America’s, largest publicly traded investment banking firms) with clients like Bank of America. Bank of America is institution who they used to commit Bank fraud against us with our stolen corporate persona. Who would question one of their banks biggest third party investment fund mangers senior Vice President.

These professional people had to align them selves in the cover-up as one of their clients sold us a company they all committed unlawful acts under. This was just plain unlawful and legal opinions say criminal tortuous interference. Several of lawyers entered the scheme as they had represented both sides intentionally so they could create public illusions either way needed at the time.

Then the perpetrators got caught by the most damaging piece of evidence anyone could have; stolen mail. They were then caught after the fact, as they submitted it as instrument to steal our corporate persona, our corporate voice, identity and assets, submitting it to public record. All while our Stock holders were represented by then Secretary of State the now Governor he was investigating the previous exact crime. Not only odd it happened again during investigation. The proof was undeniable to Secretary of States office of criminal acts and the records were corrected immediately.

So corrections were filed and action to prosecute under the statute listed on form as law concerning false filing requested. The conflict is to take action on our behalf would mean investigating the Governor, States Offices and employees, no one would really want to do this, but without we cannot recover share holders assets, accounts, securities, property or our purchased development located in Branson Missouri.

No one seems to want to take responsibility under their oath. To do that would open a Missouri scandal at minimum and possibly litigation KAOS from hundreds of property owners. So it is okay not to prosecute already proven crime. It goes un-prosecuted because who it would cause possible damage politically or career wise for anyone who tried.

People like these invest enough in both sides as not to fail but this time they are caught and they all know it, let’s just ask the simple question, is it alright to steal the mail? It is easy to identify the perpetrators as they signed it, being we had a locking mail box someone from post office must of assisted in the theft. A very bad string of events to happen anywhere, this was to well planned, not to be organized. The implications of what else they might have done while organized is un-fathomable.

We the share holders, US citizens, witnesses, securities investors, request without prejudices resolution and prosecution of all wrong doers, no matter what their financial status or political affiliations. The magnitude of the diverted shareholder assets and clouded title real estate from this scheme is millions of dollars. We request immediate assistance as further damage to all concerned could cause catastrophic monetary damages to all vested securities owners, property purchasers, tax payers and un-suspecting consumers who won't find out till later they are affected by these actions.

Excerpt from recent letter to one of our investigators from a Lawyer who met with us and viewed evidentiary trail.

-----Original Message-----
Subject: Lowell's situation


Sam and I met with Lowell on Friday. His evidence it is what he says it is, this would catch about one hundred Missouri development entities, some Branson city council men their bond and insurers, their banks and former AG's Ashcroft and Gonzales, not to mention keep Gov. Blunt’s 7.5 million re-election campaign fund from succeeding. Some of these are our defendants and we have suffered from the obstruction of justice scheme in Missouri. Many of the hundred defendants would have to settle immediately because real estate and corporate filings have the, who what where and when required for RICO fraud. Of course notifying up all the institutions the way Bill Choate does would shut down all the money water faucets for the bad guys in Branson.”

Surprisingly, Lowell had no business plan to develop and use his billion dollars of evidence. He and another victim visiting with us couldn’t think of anyone who would immediately benefit from replacing Blunt as governor. We figure it would cost about $20,000.00 a month to replace Blunt’s reality with Lowell's. Lowell was confident everyone would settle immediately but reluctant to invest anything for what he saw was litigation (Sam and I saw it as a sales and marketing problem, believing the only way to win anything is outside of court). Lowell didn’t think it was practical as a sustainable effort. Instead he plans to get a complaint written and filed by him and is confident lawyers will then help him.

Lowell should be able to interest the new public corruption unit of the FBI here in Kansas City; they have really started to help David on the corruption used against us.


This request for action is made under the laws of the United States, as to live under the thumb of organized criminals in your own country is definitely terrorizing and the violence they can get by with is limitless. These actions with no assistance from the lawful authorities to protect you from their tactics, including threat of life and limb even to children is just immoral in any country. Also supposedly why the Patriot Act was written, to protect us from terrorism I think anyone who reads this should look up the definition of the word.

What would you tell your children who have watched this unfold, its okay kids? We request a US prosecutor take this case and prosecute it. The crimes are already proven and that is what has put us at risk to certain individuals and entities of major political and financial power. Proof includes who, what, when, and why to prove Ricco Fraud, with real estate, securities, and taxes all too much paper to hide.

We tried twice, once in 2002 and a new US Attorney, now connected to these same contributors was appointed under new patriot act. The act was written by one of this state’s, most political powerful individuals and connected in person as boss to some in same special interest group contributors. The second time I contacted US Attorney’s was September 2006. We had proof finally as our own investigation and legal representation, had un-covered and then took action to correct the name Identity theft crime of false filing, it was used to assume a false corporate persona. Allowing them to obstruct justice by diverting any possible investigation of their development Cartel, they had registered themselves as corporate officers of our company.

All may have gone un-noticed except for a lawyer’s slip of the tongue when he got mad at being questioned by our investigators. The filing correction completed and posted 9/07/06 and Annual meeting held in January 2007, majority shareholder’s voted and elected new officers and provided me with this resolution to proceed to prosecute any criminal activity associated with their investments.

We have proof that now Governor had knowledge of the crime while he was secretary of state of Missouri. His dutiful actions to proceed would have cut off major campaign dollars to his and the states republican funds totaling millions. So he took no action and allowed major crime to continue hoping the poor busted stock holders would never last to get voice, or legal representation. Which we admit was hard as most every firm has some conflict or other to purse the political powers and bankers. We even ended up in the office of Lathrup & Gage noted as Attorneys for Governor personally, without us knowing of the connection. In quote in earlier news releases by fired US attorney Bud Cummins in Arkansas. He said Lathrup & Gage’s Attorney from Dallas contacted him to see if the Governor was target of investigation. He told them as quoted earlier in Washington Post Article, "lawyer to lawyer not to his knowledge", the firm never disclosed their conflict. And we were lucky I did not sign a waiver and never went back, thank God as we would have hired a possible opponent’s attorney again. Preventing again me from taking any actions them towards justice or civil litigation, unethical at best.

With in a week I was picked up by gentleman that took us to Lathrup & Gage, I was told if we signed controlling interest of our company to him and partners, we would then get the assets back. They were connected I was told also if I did not do it we would never see them again. I filed an immediate police report as to the extortion attempt at Branson police department with witness present. Which at the time of this writing has been requested but not furnished?

We now have filed Complaint with Missouri ethics commission as both are our original attorney now a Circuit Court Judge and Governor hold positions as political and judicial officers of the state Missouri. Their relationship from another organizations board of directors, has allowed opportunity for the highest political position in the State to use a judicial position to keep criminal acts from being judicially resolved in a court of law. The same lawyer defrauding court was then elected Judge in same court before case was disposed of. Then he was identified participating in closed door extortion attempt caught on tape to end the same case. The case file we have obtained shows he defrauded his clients and the courts to hide facts to obstruct any further attempts at any resolution through that action. Our county legal system and police group is one of smallest in the State, and as Circuit Court Judge he thought we guess, he could virtually protect him and perpetrators who worked in concert with him and minimize our complaints or put doubt to them anyway.

Their other colluding parties who got caught stealing mail have let them all down, they are caught. Now we need the people of this country to voice their dislike with their local congressman. Where ever they are in America if people can steal your mail and your identity and you can do nothing about it. Then anyone can be ruined and there would be no stopping it. How would anyone like it if someone could slip their name on their Mortgage after they paid for their house and could prove the incident but could get no resolution civilly or criminally, all would shout if was them. We are small American business people but that does not mean we do not deserve the same right to justice as any other.

Only you the public can stand up against corruption and poor public officials and it will stop them just by more of you knowing. So pass this around speak about it what would you do as small company if it was happening to you. Speak out we will all turn around American Justice System if we rise our voices together. We are not supporting either political party as company or as group we just make this request for equal justice under the laws of the United States of America and the State of Missouri.

Any response to this corporate resolution request for public support, law enforcement, non-conflicted law firm, any other assistances, or intervention’s should be directed to

So resolved and to be posted and published and released to the press with and by the unanimous vote of the Board of Directors of Lantern Bay Inc. a duly registered Missouri Corporation.


© 2007 Press Release 365. All rights reserved.


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